Thursday, March 29, 2007

these two days...

well well well... yesterday, it was my parents' turn to be hares for KBH4... but since my dad hafta work.. only me , mom n one auntie go labi der make trail la...
things to bring in..(actually there's more than this.. huhu)

n went in d forest for arnd 3 hours... n by d tym we came out it was owedi timed so all d hashers masuk liaw la... n my mom rushed in for d second tym to find my dad inside la... then me this.. quickly drive back!!
me n my trusty drink, 100 plus!!
huhu... i was really sooo sure tat d trail was really good!!!! specially lotsa tissue ppr rolls n extremely lots of shredded a4 pprs on d floor... which was kinda a mess cuz a4 pprs r not degradable...but then... d worse thing happen... my parents called me n said one angmo lost jungle....

d jungle with a bit visible moon at d top of d sky!

nobody knew when d headmaster saw one key left uncollected n he was teasing n making fun of d key for eg, stomping on d key n threw into d bucket of water n threw into d muddy soil.... until!! when he checked d list.. n realised there was actually one person haven mark himself out.. then they quickly go find him la... but cudn find til my parents n sum oder ppl hafta stay back til arnd 4.30am.. haiya... ksian them..... but in between sum hashers rajin go tau pau food for those staying la...

d view on ma way back...

during midnight.. they even light up fire crackers due to superstition to ward off d evil spirits arnd d angmo.... then cuz it was midnight... n the hashers were sitting near d roadside.. n some.. even lied on d road.... d cars tat passed them.. terus zoom! cuz well... its quite scary to see ppl at d roadside waaaa... hahaha.... nywayz... d angmo finally came out arnd 8am la... heard tat he slept inside a swamp whole nyt.. cuz too dark n too much bruises la n too tired oso.... sigh... luckily he is alryt....

well... today.. brought anna for her interview n went shopping for awhile in soon lee.... then went to ogdc to meet up wit wani, sinah, joanna, lai, lina n her syg.... cuz too long no see them.. uhhhuuuhu.. so ate n walked arnd d park n took pix under d sun at arnd noon!! goshh.. crazy we...!!!

miniature smsa... haha we miss smsa... not!!

haha fooling arnd under d tree... soo hot laa.. n err.. me showing my fatty belly..!!! n joanna.. i duno wat she doing!!

mini ogdc!!! duno y so hyper bout it!!

then since we hav nuthin to do... we went to visit d exhibition hall... tho i heard there gona b new exhibits in may.. but nvm.. boredom waa... but it does cost cheap la... its $5 per 'adult'!!! sad... we hav turned adults...?!?!? ah wellz... then we each took one lucky candy o sumthin.. then there were four questions inside wit a candy... but mine no candy!!! sad.... but i cudn find d answers so i gave up.. but d others rajin la... dun care them... wahahahaaa

cudn solve d puzzle so ended up playing wit d wooden stakes..!!

err.. dun get us wrong... its one of d puzzle oso la... huuuhu

earthquake!!!! but still sempat posing for d camera!! hehe

goshhhh a real gem!!!!!! its mine!!!!!! =P

so we took pix, pix n more pix... n got to play d human bla bla.. o wateva it is.. it was fun!! but i was sooo speechless... duno wat to say.... n wani tried it... n she stopped halfway..... she was screaming la.. haha... but d others.. dun dare to play even..!! but everybody dared to get on d bed of nails!!! haha.... tat was nice oso.....

me n ma double chin... haha stress building up within me!!!

hahaha wani!!! played til she wana emergency stop!!!

n the winner of d photography contest is.... sinah!!! her priceless reaction on d bed of nails!!!

well.. then send anna back ..then balik ogdc n d rest went home la except wani n lina .. so tok wit wani for lyk i duno how looong.... cuz we were lyk thinking of hosting a farewell party n tok til lyk arnd 3.30.. haha.. we were soo excited tokin bout it!! but... sighh. duno if jadi o not.. so didn get our hopes too high la.... well.. lyk tat sajalaaa... til next tym!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

hanging out~~

heyo... its been a long time since i last updated my 'personal' blog... sigh... im a procrastinator.... yess.... one of my bad habits....

well.... on sat nyt, 24.03... was d smsa prom nyt.. n d invitation card had six colours-> blue, green, yellow, orange, pink n purple... n of ALL colours they had to gimme pink... sigh.. but i lyk d ribbon thingy..huhu....

n oh it was d final prom.. n it was B.O.R.I.N.G. yes.. one word says it al... but towards d end was not bad... we danced n danced.. til lyk midnyt jun jun.. they switched on d lights... n yes... agn its a spoiler.. stu!!!! ppl danced sooooooo syok.. n they jus had to spoil our fun...!!! arggghhhhh..... nywayz... luckily sharon they ol were early n got to book a table for us..-> Sinah, joanna, sharon, phel, jasmine n her syg, razan, shahizwan n me... sposedly wani n lina shud b der.. but due to sum circumstances .... they cudn make it to d second level of d swiss was sooo sygg... i miss u ppl.... n yes for pratima oso... sighh.... well nuthin much.... i heard lotsa ppl complain lor.. lyk i fixed my hair for lyk**bucks n it doesnt worth my tym n al those craps... hahhh.... n d food oso.. they went to swiss hotel's cafe o wateva u call it n order food there agn.... haizzz... no ideaa....

oh.. not really a nice pic.. cuz yea.. we were soo not looking ready...!! but d pics were limited cuz didn really take pics wa. soo syg....

n yes.. i know... i freaked out bout my make-up... its sooooooo white!! not even suiting my skin colour... gosh.. i was so embarrased.. tat i rushed from toppy to my mom's car n terus balik... n avoid my fren outside agn tat... haha its really bad... sigh.. or myb im not used to it?? ah wells... soo i wore sumthin lyk this la to the prom...

so yea.. tats about it.... n yesterday went to miri to pick my sis up then jln jln... n i was sooo seriously disappointed with mcdonald's sundae chocolate!!! d ice cream wasn smooth!! it was lyk too much water n they froze it too long tat i hafta to grind thru d ice o sumthin... n d chocolate wasnt even tat creamy.... fine.. i prefer d sundae in bandar... sighh..... n it was also rachel m.'s bday.... so to make it up.... today we celebrate her bday in excapade.... -> azlina, rachel, razan, cy, shahizwan n me

der was even a cake for her! n d candles... well. cy took d candles n poked it into d sushi's' n yea i was lyk.. u hav no respect for food!! (in a sarcastic manner laa) huhu n d pix below is d result n yes.. his hand can be seen in d pix...!!!

it was nice....wahahaha... tho we had a great tym razan n azlina were late for their work... hahah ksian them eh.... plus razan lanja us... thanx dearie!!! n well.. long last i got my leaving cert n testi..!!! but poor shahizwan gotta fill d form n find tchers but most tchers were lyk teaching in class... so he hafta go d smsa agn.... sigh... smsa.... i duwan to gooo agn lor... hehe ah wellz... tats about it la... baaa

Saturday, March 17, 2007


sighh... yes.. im doing d bad habit of actually updating my frenster blod instead of updating it HERE!!!! haiyaaa.. me idiot.... well.. i malas to post here liaw.... but i give d link to terus go my frenster blog to read.... hopefully.. in d future i will update here instead of there...... hopefully!!!!!!!! arrggghhhh

so.. those who is interested in ma life... shud b rajin enough to like... copy n paste d link above to a new windows o tabs o wateva browser u ppl use k??? hhehehee... n yeaa pls leave comments.. so tat i know wo eva.. actually... read it!!... =P


Thursday, March 15, 2007


waaaahhh im frust.... frust frust frust!!!... i updated my frenster blog but not here!! cuz i cant!! argh... i need some time.. ppl.. sowi ahhhh... :'( duno wats wrong wit it... grrrrr

Saturday, March 3, 2007

my cny 2007!

Dsc_6338_1Ahhh cny gona end 2mrw..! well.. this 14 days… banyak enjoy!!! But then!! Less angpau…~~~ sob sob…!! Ah wells… my grandparents came over to Brunei n celebrate cny wit us(grandsons n daughters) for d first tym….

Den d usual thing.. go ppl house open house.. for two days… then the thirs day.. stayed at home only cuz papa gota go work liaw… left me sis grandparents n mama at home… so end up me sis n grandpa gamble ’13 cards’ n ‘rummy’.. n me n grandpa won lots from ma sis!! Wahahaha ksian her…

On wed evening… wani n lina went to my place to pai nien.. then prat came,… n we seriously waited for razan over an hour!! Wahahhaa we waited lyk wat.. nywayz.. went to siew chee place pai nien.. then to hong kit n mr chan’s place.. its was…fun! Hahha sasat they ol…. But lab dem!

On thurs.. went out wit shir Rachel A. n Alicia!!!!! Finally get to hang out wit dem….. first we go ham cha together in kb…then go Rachel place… n watch movie..’lovewretched’ (dun blame me is spelling is wrong..:P) really gila movie!! Hehe my place la. N watched a bit of this movie in hbo I guess?? It was kinda scary…. Then went over to Alicia place…. Watched a bit of ‘dreaamgirls’ but didn abis watchin cuz gotta rush balik cuz ray gotta go miri n Alicia to her appointment n shir to church… haiyaaa.. but worth it laa tho it’s a short while.. but but… miss Felicia!!!!! She wasn’t there liawwwww…balik nz liaw… waaaahhhhh so sad~~ but at nyt tym…went over to Sharon place pai nien..n play rummy wit alicia n sharon la.. haha long tym no play…soo itss syok laaarr…

Then on fri.. its national day in Brunei…! In d afternoon meet up wit razan wani lina prat azlina n pai nien at Rachel M. place …ate lotsaa cakes der…n d ‘wasabi chips’ kinda addictive!! Then we over to tommy’s place with chong(I hav no idea who he is btw… but razan’s fren…:D) next was linna loh place!! Wasehhhh eat a lot der oso la… meet lalitha oso!!! Then wani n lina gotta go.. so we went to Riviera to drink then to Amanda’s place..( rachel’s fren) but she was very ‘normal’! lyk d rest of us!! Haha… well.. I tink this way..cuz I tot most Chinese very d ‘high class’ which make them so ambong o sombong o wateva –bong haiyaa… which makes me feeling intimidated when among ‘the’ Chinese… tho Im Chinese… huhuhu ah well its was good…

Then on sat afternoon… went to Sharon place agn.. to play rummy n mahjong wit Alicia n sharon’s frens… waseh I didn know julian was there.. so yeaaa played big two oso.. haiyaaa had a great tym la.. cuz got mahjong… wahhahaahhaahaaa then at nyt.. got open house in kuala balai.. n I saw my long lost fren, fam!! Haha tok a bit la.. but mostly eattt saja.. got Chinese vegetarian Indian n malay food.. wahliuuuu… then on sun… no pai nien at all!!!! Cuz gotta make trail for labi hash… haiyaa soo hot tat day,…. N d trail,.. soo looong we made… lotsa ‘bayak’ n ‘torns’… made my papa chop so banyak… but its kinda scary…cuz its lyk we chop sumthin which is not ‘ours’ ah wells… !! most ppl was satisfied wit d trail tho… but actually I tink they didn really lyk it cuz too long.. but cudn tell us directly..wahaaha but really tiring…

On mon.. went to smsa to collect my leaving cert n testi… BUT!! It seems they lost mine!!! Waahhhhh of all ppl…!!! But lil ol me!!! N I gotta go all d trouble to go admin n finding my tutor to find for d certss…. But at last.. they said…’sorry but I cudn find it’…. Wadda heck!!! D registrar said.. ill call u when I find d certs…. Oderwise u hafta fill in d form an… haiyaa sooo mafan la…. If go fill in agn. Gotta ask for signatures here n der agn… sigh.. nywayzz went to sugarbun for brunch wit Joanna Dsc01069_1 wani n miz… then went back to school agn… spose to go eileen’s place!! But tak jadi la.. sooo we got d ‘mood’ to go picnic…. Soo went to soon lee buy sum stuffs then gooo tmn jubilee n chit chat bla bla… til we go jln jln n play in d playgrnd!!! Wahahaa soo syok..but scary!!! Cuz d 2 crazy gals buli me!!! We play at d see saw… n they made my butt leave d soo dangerous!! Wahahaa n snap pics here n der… then send miz back.. n me back la..

Dsc01105 Dsc_6674On tues… wat did I do ah?? Err stay at home la. Rest rest.. if go out too much.. mama marah lerrr… soo watch tv saja… huhuh.. oh yeaaa went to dinner wit whole family… cuz grandparents gona leave for seremban d next day… n get to see my cousin’s anak!! Sooo adorable!!! Eeee hehehehee... keep touching them!! huhu ehh dun tink oder tots ahhh..huhu

Dsc01114then on wed… went up to Bandar wit wani lina azlina razan to visit ubd open day!!!but nuthin much la… n saw oder frens der… n saw ‘sumone’ but dun really care li aw.. cuz geram hati.. wahahhaa then went to d mall la.. went to archade gila gila there.. n went karaoke wit lina n wani singing goodbye by spicegirls but wasehh we duno how to sing d front..only d chorus!!! Wahahaha nywayz Dsc01131shopping tym!!!!! Lina n wani shop at iora la gila they ol.. then at d Samuel n Kelvin n baleno there got sale.. so got buy stuffs oso… then gotta go jpmc sposedly to donate blood but we didn!! Cuz not enough tym as we owedi bought d tickets in d mall to watch ‘norbit’ n yeaa only me n lina qualified to donate blood..n razan.. not enough blood..! huhuhu.. nywayz d movie was hilarious!! But it’s a bit disgusting!! Gila ehh eddie murphie memang a good actor! Ah wells.. we saw more smsa ppl hanging arnd…. N yeaa tat ‘sumone’ agn.. -_- hmmm nywyaz bought drinks n relax laaaa then balik!!

On thurs…. wat did I doo?? Err at home agn I tink?? Ahhahahaa yeaa at home… resting agn… then on fri,…. Evening… went to wani place…. N went to llrc to swim!!!! Wahahhaa sun burn agn!!!! But tho I duno how to swim… but still can hop arnd.. exercising.. n yea got sum Chinese pervs sitting outside d restaurant der..lookin…. eyerr… whistled agn… scary~~~ nywayz we went to d playgrnd play.. d slide soooooo syok!! Cuz we wet liaw waa.. soo It was faster sliding down!!! Gilaa… n yeaa play til 6 oclock…then kena suruh balik laa… sighhh…..

On sat…(today) stayed at home oso… rest… n by 2mrw… chap goh meh!! Eee soo fast….. but me memang no receive ang pau for a week liaw.. sigh.. ppl say… piggie year is very d ‘ong’ but.. not ‘ong’ to me larrr hehehe but.. well.. wish this yr is a really good year to me!! Huhuhu ba tats all!!

second blog after friendster

hey ehy.. this is my first ever personal blog excluding friendster la.. hehe.. i see my friends hav been blogging n updating bout their lives... n me oso have to try to update bout my life la.. hehe well... this is my permanent blog, my friends!! (i hope) huhu well.. tat's all... enjoy !