Thursday, April 30, 2009

for you!

=D envious of her ahhhh! XD

censorship at the back to protect her stu face XD nowaaaaa leng moiii =p

a person like me who never receive flowers... sakai with these flowers here! XD

n the person behind the animation of this cute lil toy here~ XD

hahaha dun get my post? of course u dont! purposely make it err... not informative? hahaha malas wa... suppose to study but my neck is painful!!! thus malas to study =P ah wells.. nid to work hard ahhh gambatte lck!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009


revision week~ for one week~

then exam 2 weeks...~

then holiday!!!!


*sleeps* -_-""

Sunday, April 26, 2009


loooong last EE2205 ended!!!! on that very day, tuesday on the last week of the sem!!! wheeeee enjoyable matches between the gladiators~learnt stuff.. n just submitted the tech report ystrdy.. goshhhhh thanx alot partner liang! cant do without u~ =p

ystrdy nyt.. wedding of this cute couple above =) congratsssss!!! my parents n sis went.. i went to represent someone..thus i followed loor... the food was okla.. =p

wat we got even more interested in was this beauty!!! haha me n mee lee sis took the opportunity to take pics with it! yaaaay~~ sooo pertyyy~

haha n i got encouraged to steal something.. XD a certain someone took one.. n i pulled one out from the car too... haha naaaah a 'virtual' rose from me to anybody who reads this! XD

Thursday, April 23, 2009

inda sportin!

-utterly disappointed-

what is there to be scared of?

intimidating? us? haaaaa!

inda sportin! inda sportin!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

its laziness

ahaaaa~ this coming week will be our ubd final week of the sem.. then one week break.. n exams! hmm~ n i haven been doing much of my reports n revising for tests... even i have been abandoning updating my blog on a regular basis.. well... will update more of my 'food outings' with my sis n uncle... so far... wana tok abt food in shabu shabu, kimchi restaurant n cheezbox~ so.. coming soon? =p

been spending lotsa time in FOS after classes just to finish up this gladiator... sigh... tiring ahh~ n sooon~~~ on tuesday at fos foyer! the competition begins! XD

this was during ai len's bday~ ksian heeeeer!!!! look how 'forceful' yi yii was~ nailing her down!! XD n michelle was pulling one of her hands and jac pin her other hand down?? hmm~ i forgot wat it was.. but i tink they were trying to kiss her o sumthin? @_@

ahhh bjfa sports day~ water balloons! looking at it .. its sooo cooling!

well there's this much of ppl attending it~ hehhee looks fun.. but i cudnt afford to abandon my 'boss' in fos to continue with the project XD

hahaha sooner o later i post up more random pics( i guess).. i feel.. my posts... are quite... 'wu liao' eh~ hmmm its not really 'blogging' to begin with.. ah wells~ =p

Friday, April 17, 2009

i want more desserts!

yesterday was good =) i had..let see...~

-sorta-konnyaku jelly with fruits inside with custard on top-
it was good for me~

-strawberry sorta-konnyaku jelly-
no taste =( its just 'jelly'..~

-blueberry cheesecake-
yummi-ness! cheesey! =D been awhile haven have something like this...~

i got the three above from pei fen's~ (thanx soo much!) well shared among with chee n shan~

-chocolate fudge cake-
not too sweet n its rich!! yuuuums!!

-carrot cake-
was craving for it.. n the outcome.. wasnt something i expected.. tasted better =p

the two above.. got it from rizqun when me n siew chee went out for a date =p buy 1 cake free 1 cake after 9pm wa =DDD

gaaahhhh cant get enough of desserts~ *hearts* =D

Sunday, April 12, 2009

long last~ =D

this was on the day of ai len's bday~ which was also..april fool's day! haha sorry.... i malas load in her bday surprise in clt n also the bjfa sports day which is in the other memory card... ah wells.. this is her second part of her bday celebration.. we went to snowhouse!

first time there.. n i liked the place... the 'snow products'...(i duno what to call those desserts.. its not ice cream n definitely nothing like abc~ cuz the ice is just so smooth~ tat makes it so yummy~) n the company! haha crazy bunch of girls~ btw the desserts mostly set on a price of $4.80... for me.. its kinda affordable since its big... n its not sinful or fattening! =D shared a bowl of milk flavoured ice with strawberry syrup on top.. it was ok.. but i prefer the mango chunks n passionfruit syrup with yoghurt flavoured ice~ heavenly~ n we love the wedges! we kept feeding on them~

had our grp pics arnd... the guy there... we suspected.. he loves taking pics! he was taking pics non stop n even asked if we wanted to change our location~ mcam photoshoot kan? XD we stayed there for arnd 2hrs? enjoyed food, company n gossips~ XD poor yee jan~ we interrogated her alil too much~ XD

after tat.. ai len pulled me n chee wan to company her in her next bday dinner with lim han lanja-ing her~ had fen n yahui there with us too~ n gah rupanya the japanese pizza in misato.. its not in the menu! special order ah~ haha n btw lim han tat night.. looked different~ =D *u should wear like tat more often~ makes u look younger~ XD* btw enjoyed tat nyt n gah we were all stuffed! n ai len had to rush back to her sis place for another round of her bday celebration~ @_@

haha swensens with shan chee n irn! hahaha the night before i kept 'harrasing' chee tat i wanted desserts... i want swensens~ n ta-daaaaah~ irn brought us there~ thanks girls~ i know u all syg me~ XD

gah first time i was acting so bimbotic! n no oz.. im not chun li! =P!

n irn's artwork dedicated to oz n liang~ XD nah oz~ i promised u i wud post it up here~ XD

ubd annual grand meeting... which i accidentally attended...-_- haha suppose to find bjfa members.. but heard they were in the chancellor hall so i went.. n then ppl there started ushering us into the hall n gave us goodie bags n attendance slip! wah bangang me.. terus i msg liang(my partner/boss in project) tat i was sorry to abandon him in the project lab~ XD n yea in the goodie bag.. there's food n water! good! it entertained my tummy real well~ =D after halfway through i left the place.. to clt to find some bjfa members n chatted with them~ n back to fos! to look arnd~

ahh on a friday(10.04.09) which i was busy.. partnering myself away~ XD nola... its an eventful day.. morning arnd 6.20.. me siew chee n teck sion went to shahbandar n 'date date'~ haha lama no exercise... thus i felt good! =D n gossip arnd agn~ then back hostel to sign in for the cleaning campaign... then shower n had breakfst..then went to clt with jiajia n irene arnd 10 to meet with some of the bjfa members..we were going to buy ingredients n learn how to prepare them to make maki/sushi in the senior's place(intan)~

guess we went there too early n had to wait another hour doing nothing there... ai len n i were like.. sigh.. we could have slept more o do our assignments...XD

then rain came~ n we waited agn~ hah~ ah wells... arnd 11 something.. we went to do shopping.. at batu bersurat then to supa save then to gadong area..~ then we were hungry!

some of us went to excapade for lunch~ cuz got cravings wa~ hahaha it was very very packed tat day~ but nevertheless still okla... n i started to realise... excapade's sushis.. now has more rice than the fillings! gaaah! it was a turn off for me~ ah wells.. still im indulging in unagi sandwich~ which is still considered 'not too bad'.. hmm time to change venue for sushis? -_- n owh riku...can EAT! ...alot!=D

after spent much time in having lunch.. we went to our senior's place... n started to wash the rice, wash the rolling thing, the crabsticks, chopping cucumbers, mixing up the tuna with mayo, making the egg pancakes, had alil snacks consisting of mini burgers n pizzas~then prepare to roll the sushis~

in between, we have ppl flirting arnd (=D haha not only me! =P! gomen to a certain someone reading this.. im not cheating on u! XD), ppl msging arnd, playing chinese chess, bangang-ing arnd, vaining arnd~, hanging out~, fooling arnd in the kitchen~, sleeping arnd(lol), watch kung fu panda~, doing assignments~, play mahjong!, n trying combat's cap! haha me n jiajia r his no.1 fan in trying his cap tat day~ haha cuz its cool looking wa~ me like~ XD

yesh yesh irene~ i know u love to pose~ *smooooch* XD

the on-the-way-to-be-pro-sushi-making-chefs? group~ =D we spend quite a few hours there.. n me ai len, combat, neko n vince had to leave early~ thus didnt join them... we went back to ubd.. n to clt n hanged arnd~

gift for irene! haha but that gift had been violated over n over! proves how much we adore that lil 'nyuu nyuu'~ =D

yesh yesh neko~ u didnt get the chance to 'touch' tat lil nyuu~ dun be sad~ =D

irene's finally here!n she saw her nyuu nyuu~ almost touched her.. but jiajia snatched it back! haha teased the bday girl alil first wa..~ n finally a kiss on irene's cheek~ =D

ah wells.. there were kendo session, so i looked arnd sja... first session i went to this sem to look arnd~ =D hmm....luckily i didnt join... cuz couldnt commit to the training sessions n stuff~ thus im not being unloyal! =D

n yaaay~ they saved sushis for us~ yaaay~ n my first time meeting kyuu's gf~ nice girl =D n yea we fooled arnd til night..~ haha tats abt it~ n when reaching hostel..i was... real tired! hah~ slept til late morning til my coursemates wondering where i were~ haha gomen~ but i didnt do much also.. cuz went back early with sis to celebrate her bday~ happy bday sis! =)))

random pics during PCW

well... just post some pics arnd to let u all see here.. i know i know... there's FB where i could upload it.. but..somehow... im used to use blog wa.. hehe but its quite tempting... cuz can type less..XD but.. alil boring eh~ haha ba enjoy them~

oh ah~ maid flirting with tamaki-sama~ XD n look at the girls at the back waiting for their turn to be tamaki's~ XD *kidding kidding*

just some random pics arnd~ hahhaa sorry for making it a lil packed.. but ah wells.. i tink i liked it that way~ =D

the same style of taking pics... me on the floor playing legal 'peeping tom'~ =D

on the day of the fashion show which was quite fast n brief n fun~ hahaha n we walked n posed with the guests~

me n fif(my supposedly partner for the moment.. but was stolen away by his fans~ -_- thus i was alone~) n sharon n kyuu.. haha we two pairs look kinda matching~ XD n we were posing with vince's lil sis~ ahh~ there's more pics ... but agn.. my laziness eating me atm as usual~ -_-

Sunday, April 5, 2009

one month ago!

update of a month ago... inspired by the 'soon-to-be-open' secret recipe in the mall in brunei! yaaaay~ haha well.. that was my first time to secret recipe in miri with fen saiful n fathi~

4 of us~ hahaha with i duno wat expression~

n agn another pic of them when theres food arnd~

for starters.. i had this choc brownie which was.... *2 thumbs up*!!! we love it! its warm... they placed the brownie into the microwave to melt the choc topping n it melts... n when we ate it..~ XD good good!

then our food~ mine lasagne~ the minced beef was so generous! until i kinda complain why the pasta was only alil..haha luckily theres bread~ so was able to eat with it... then saiful with his spaghetti n meatballs.. the meatball was alil too dry for my liking.. , fen with her.. something like ham but its chicken wrapped or rolled with something... it was very cheesy~ yummy for me but not for her... maybe because as you eat the cheesiness.. it became alil..sickening? hmm~ then fathi with his cheesy macaroni with seafood? i forgot owedi.. it was just normal..~

then desserts after the meal... one mocha n one chocolate cheesecake~ haha we robbed them of their cheesecakes~ =p mocha cheesecake... too cheesy generous....with strong mocha flavour.. its actually nice la... the chocolate one.. alil too dry.. hmmm next time.. i want choc indulgence~ haha

spent quite some time in secret recipe.. thus less time to look arnd.. didnt get to buy much.. but saiful managed to buy himself a guitar...haha wonder how is his learning progress =p ah wells.. walked arnd the imperial building then to bintang plaza....

my first time in starbucks... n 4 of us... total bill.... 70++! hah~ drinking non alcoholic drinks can be a luxury~ -_-

the service was good... friendly la... n well.. nice setting.. but i wouldnt wana go back for another cup.. unless i ordered the cheapest one! haha i alil phobia...cuz felt alil ripped off~

i said so.. because its my first time wa.. n the guy recommended stuff.. n it was... green tea frappucino with caramel syrup n choc chips~ lil did i know... those 2 latter ones were add ons! thus my single drink alone.... almost rm19~ excluding the taxes n service charge~ whooa...~ one of my eye opening experience~ XD

after we tapao~ time to balik brunei~ n owh tats fen with her new contacts n saiful with his erm... mcD's fries? n owh the guys tapau-ed some food n drinks there...~ hehe ate abit~

overall.. fun n costly~ XD but the rest spent more than me~specially fen~ she rampas my chance to pay for the toll fee! grrr~ XD hahha n first time to miri with other ppl besides my childhood friends~

okai... the end of the day~