Friday, June 22, 2007

thursday, 21.06.07

okaaii!! i tried standing the eggs again n i succeeded!! haha well... heard experts say-> everyday also can stand eggs but specially on that day eggs are easier to stand than any other day...~~ haha maybe it makes sense?? ^_^ *blur* ah wellz... the pic above is sooo cute (taken from a chinese newsppr) its like a chinese style easter!! only thing they dun colour the eggs but write stuffs on it instead!! huhu

today went to lepak with sharon to a get a belated pressie for alicia!! (sorry alicia! for buying ur pressie late!! ^_^) and i woke up late so went to wywy to have brunch~~ and the macaroni i ordered (above) wasnt worth $5!! wahhahaa maybe i dun like those big onions laaa~~~ sighh... but its oklaaar...~~ then had the energy to jalan around seria plaza~~ huhuu... it was a difficult lepak'ing' for both of us since we are both INDECISIVE!!! lol~~ so was going here and there randomly when she said lets go ogdc and i was like lets feed the fishes!! ^_^ so specially went to the shop and get fish food... cuz sometimes fish food in ogdc out of stock wa~~

and well... spent some time feeding the fishes~~ luckily it wasnt that hot~~ nice!!! and yeaa... the black fishes are sooo competitive!! they rushed to eat the food... and they even bullied the turtle!! they were behing this turtle and bit its tail!! jahat~~ =P

after finished feeding... went to play with the swings!! and since i couldnt play much with the 'baby' swing.. had to play with the other swing which is across sharon~~ somehow after playing... we felt hotter~~ so we went to the front of ogdc.. and goshhh sooo windy!!! it was soo nice... so spent some silent times there!! ".

somehow sharon has sharp eyes and saw theo, roy, jasmine they ol!!! hahaha such a looong time haven seen theo!!! they just came back from temburong la... huhu... took pics with them~~~

roy taking his own pic~~ X-D!

after ogdc went back seria plaza to get some drinks... and met shaf... then went jalan jalan together gether... at least able to spend some time doing something!! then she had to go... as for us... went back sharon's place and watched tomb raider 2 and able to get some anime from her wahhaha!! HAPPY!!!... have something to watch again~~ thanx!

well... though i shouldnt show the pics above to the public but... its just sooo syg not to!!! its actually the pressie for alicia!! look how cute it is???? wahhahaa... just couldnt resist the cuteness of it!!! so pressie exposed liaw!!! (dun marah yeah alicia??) ahh.. speaking of piggie... i gave a small black piggie to alicia for last xmas!! wonder if she still has it?? ^_^ i wish i have a piggie too~~ wahhaha... *hint hint* bleeehhh~~ hmm i think alicia is back in brunei by now...?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

tuesday, 19.06.07

today is miss alicia wan wen jing's birthday!!!!!!! happy birthday to u, alicia oh my auntie auntie alicia!!!!! whahahahahaa~~~ please excuse my buruk handwriting on ur pwetty pic!! huhu i know you love me right??? hehee

today is also dumpling day!!! well not exactly called dumpling day but to make it easier we call it in english the dumpling day!!! it's the day when ppl go to the beach and have fun!!! well legend says that there was this famous chnese guy was framed and was thrown into the sea... then the people throw dumplings into the sea to prevent the fishes from feeding on his corpse... something like that la... heard it from my papa~~ huhu.. but i dun think there are people throwing dumplings into the sea anymore~~ they rather eat them!!! whahahahaa
another special thing today is that heard today's magnetic field is the strongest or something that you can stand the eggs on the ground only at noon~~

around noon... tried to stand two eggs... and succeeded!!!

tried to stand the third egg but wasnt successful tho~~ huhu... and i tried standing the egg at around 4pm and it still worked!!! sighh... duno whether to believe the magnetic field theory or not~~ huhuhu

ate dumpling!! (non-halal) forgot to take d pic before eating it... cuz was too hungry!

hanged out with anna and razan in the evening!!! went to ideal and tapau from there and ate at the beach!! whahahaaha parked at ogdc and we walked to the beach and it was my first time eating there and it was nice~~ but couldnt see the sunset cuz kena blocked by the clouds~~ by the time we abis makan.... ppl were leaving.. so couldnt cuci mata~~ but still had time to soak our feet for awhile before it was really dark!!

trying to take our pic eventhough its dark~~

on the way back.. we couldnt see very well and goshhh our first time walking the dark!!! haiyaaa we had soo many first time's' today!! wahahaha we then went to ogdc again and lepak lepak there then finally balik!!! my parents didnt rush me home cuz they went to celebrate dumpling's day in hash!! yaaay!! so can balik abit later~~~

the past few days~~

one thing about me-> i love to blame other things for my laziness... for example.... my hp is not with me.. so i cant take much pics thus malas to update my blog!!!!!!! wahhahaaa so now gave me an opportunity to summarise what i have been doing~~~

last wednesday, around 3 something... joanna picked me up using her manual prado car!! (am impressed by her driving skills ^_^) and went to ogdc and ate there as usual with wanilina... since the sun that day was unforgiving... we had to stay in the playground.. doing nothing~~ just fooling around.... as in taking pics and leena just had to spoil each and every pics!! sasatz that girl! then went to the beach walking along the shore~~~ there were lotsa shells and starfishes in the sand...and the water is err icky as usual~~ ohhh on the way back... we saw some coconut shells and we started singing about it in the 'santa claus is coming to town' tune! and joanna and leena started talking in indon accent and totally cracked up!! whahaha... then siew chee and sinn yee were there!!! they said we looked like crazy mabuk ppl hanging around~~ huhuu maybe its true?? bleeh... then joanna sent me back~~~
the 'succesful' pic!! cuz the last few pics... leena was really fooling around that she spoil the pics!!!!huhu

in d beeach!! goshh our hips looked soo big!! from left to right-> joanna, leena, wani, lck~

then on saturday around noon...met up with azura in ideal, ogdc!!!!!! (yes.. its ogdc again.... T_T what? that's the only open air hang out place for ppl in seria!!! ^_^) gooooosh!!!! i mish mish mish so really mish that girl!!!!! but otw saw lysa's family~~ wahahha lysa's papa was like... quick! azura is there!! hahahaha then i couldn't find azura~~ when suddenly she was hiding herself behind her laptop in one corner of the aircon room of ideal~ goshh!!!! we huggie and were loud...~~ dun care!!!... then it was drizzling outside and still we went for a romantic walk in the park... ^_^ then wanted to meet giegel's mama.... but unfortunately she wasnt home!! then to sas!! but they were renovating the roofs and somehow the teachers werent around... soooo we left without able to meet any of the teachers!!! sighh... next we went to seria plaza lepak around~~ then went back to ogdc cuz azura's mama waiting there~~ and ate more... cuz auntie bought us some food too!!! haiyoooo our 'second lunch' huhuhu.... then she had to go with her mama liaw... short hangout but able to talk about some stuffs.... so worth it!!! ^_^

moments with azura in ogdc and sas~~~ using my buruk old digi cam~~~ huhuu

then the next morning.. woke up early to go bandar to attend this function... and goooshh.. its been a very long time i didnt go hashing or exercising.. and this!!! well its ok actually....~~ only thing my muscles ache badly~~ but still good... miss this 'nyaman' feeling...~~ wahhaha ah wellz... went for the long trail.. but it took only 40 min... not bad... not bad for me!! wahhahaa.. syok when overtake the ppl in some part of the trail...~ ehhh still havent lost some of my hashing skill~~ whahahaa(bragging lotss~) ah wellz... the scorching sun!!!! i am soooo sun tanned!!! hmmm nothing much la... went to tutong for awhile in the afternoon after that...balik liaw... and my parents went for labi hash again!! me just retire at home saja..... dont care liaw.... and yeaaa my sis came back from spore... she didn buy much~ cuz newbie in spore waa... so duno what to get from there huhu.. but she got us perfumes tho... but.. but... i dont use perfume~~ whahahaha

haah!!! me is red face!!!! hahahah apalerr~~~

chinese newspaper on monday~ got my darn face there with my family!!! wahahha... awful look!!!

and yeaa another thing about me.... i tend not to open up that much.... well not that i wanted to keep them all by myself but.... i need the right timing with the right mood to talk about it...~~ hahaha sometimes when i feel troubled i would find someone and try to talk about my problems... BUT most of the time... they arent there or else they are bz... so when the next time they asked me what's wrong? i totally say er... nothing much?? hahaha cuz well.. i kinda 'set' my problems aside liaw.. so somehow the 'mood' to talk... just gone..? hahaha i think some of my dear friends dun realise that~~ hahaha i don't blame them... it's just... me!! huhu sooo!! guess not many ppl will understand what im trying to say here eh... its normal!! my writing skills suck!! wawawawaa~~~ bababa hafta sleep soon~~~ ^_^

and yeaa... 2mrw dumpling day~~~ ^_^

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

wednesday, 13.06.07


wahahahaha well today is one of my best evening!!! huhuu.... started off going to sharon's place.. havent seen her for months! huhuu.. then we were gila 'ing' in her room.... with me frequently swinging my long skirt here and there~ and giving those sarcastic laughter~~~~ driving sharon crazy!!.. then forced sharon to wear skirt with me so that we have the beach 'aura/feel'~~ huhuhu then went to ideal, ogdc first to hang out... cuz its still too early to go to the beach!! there were lotsa ppl there.. for this ogdc camp!... nice~~~~

then after walking here and there and playing with the swing...~ finally to the beach!!! and darn i didnt have my camera with me... or even my hp!! so i couldnt capture any pics!! it was TORTURE!!!! there was sooo many nice views and things to shoot!!... and it was low tide...~ first we went to rendam our feet in the water... then we went to collect shells~~ then walked along the shore..... it felt soo good..~~ the wind and scenery and talking~~~ hahah sooo relaxing~~~ and we with our skirts!!! there was this moment i tried to run while holding my long skirt up with again.. my sarcastic laugh~~ huhuhu nobody was around so am not embarrased~~~ good!!! after around an hour there... we went to ogdc to wash our feet since the water sharon brought wasnt enough to wash our feet~~~ we were walking very d bangkang~~~~ huhu... after that went to seria plaza and walked around... then went to wywy and ate roti pisang!!! its good but a lil too oily tho!! wahhahahaa.... by the time i send her back it was already 8..... luckily my parents havent come back from hash yet.. so skipped the marah'ing' session~~~ huhuhu

so yeaahh... i feel that blogging with no pictures are... soo not me!!!! goshhhhh... hmmm lemme post some random pics i have!! waahhaa... ~~

ahh my bday pressie from lysa~~~ ahhahaa from here.. i wana send all ma kisses to ya all!!!!!!! mwaaaks!!!! huhuhu

this one.... virtual villagers.... my sis had to get most of the women pregnant and have to tcare of lots of babies!!!!! goshhh..

i dont feel like using any of these dvds to burn anythin...~~~ they are too pwetty to be burned!!! wahhahaa

ahhh snapple...~~~ shirley intro this drink to me... hahaahha its good~ but some too sweet in a way hahaha

ohhh this... a bday pic specially for me!!! haha that was a few years back... but still me labbie it!! huhu

hmm bored ol me... trying out bajus with wanilina... and no.. i didn get them... cuz... not really me~~ huhuhu and ohh.. no boobies!! @_@ gosh.. i look flat.. waahhahaa

errrr this is just being me!!! at home!!!! wahahahahaha one embarrasing photo!!! but ah wells... entertain ya ppl~~~~ LOL!

baaa enough pics for now~~~~ huhuhu ^_^

Monday, June 11, 2007

upset times~~

ohh today wasnt that a good day for me.... yesterday night.. found out that i was rejected by ntu... sigh.... 2 spore uni rejected me!!! now ubd left.. its not that i dont want to go ubd.. but financially my family cant afford it... two years in uk waa!! if one year maybe still can... but two years... have to reconsider... sighh... maybe its time to find for more unis to apply... and mayb im gona stay home for this year 2007 just like 2004...

sigh.. so depressing.... feeling sooo like a failure.... its like suddenly all the negative things started coming out in my head ranging from my childhood memories to recent times.. and i was trying to fight it... argh... wanted to go over to my friend's place but somehow unsuccessful... wanted her to company me to the beach but ended up going there alone... but really darn the weather!! the sun was scorching!!!!!! ugggghhh... dont want get sunburned la... me already got darker...!! so ended up going back home.... sighh... chat a lil online then went to sleep for almost 2 hours!! am feeling so wasted... felt like throwing my life away~~~ suddenly i missed the malauz soo much and my friends.... ugghh....

oh yeah... my sis will be going to singapore tomorrow for her course... bringing my hp!! so this whole week.. wont be posing much photos here~~ sigh.... now that reminded me again... i cant go study in spore!!! hahaha we both been there once only..and now that wil be her second and me... i wont be travelling!!! sigh... and i wanted to go to this international borneo tattoo convention in june 29 til july 1 in sibu!!!! but as usual.. will be stuck at home.... but yeah just try to check it out... hhuhu me admire tattoos~~~

ah wellz... as usual me drift away from the main point!! wahhaha... maybe im not that upset... it maybe due to my hormones...-> mood swings!!!! huhu... well next time... i should get ready paper and pencil and write down the things that's going in my head when im moody... so will remember what's the fuss all about!!! wahhaa me sendiri soo pelupa...~ am just lost within myself.. maybe..(?) ughh.. enough of me talking to myself...~


saturday, 09.06.07

on friday afternoon... baked the sweetest bars ever!!! cuz of the darn thick caramel i put in between waa plus there was lots of chocolate chips... soo caramel+chocolate chips= very sweet!!!! gosh.. after eating like two bars.. i felt soo sick!! ughh... but it tastes good~~ but luckily my bro is my loyal supporter!! he ate most of them...^_^ and yeaah... a pic of his hand with his new phone...~~ nice~~~

vandalism around my sis workplace!!! huhu

another one!!! but its not that bad laa... not too 'over'... i support!!! =P eeeps!

notices on walls about houses/rooms for rent!!!

on saturday... went up to bandar with my mom and sis.... so my sis went to work in kiulap.. leaving me and mama go jalan kaki around the area... went to buy something from the bakery and ate at thien thien... since it was still so early and hua ho wasnt open yet.. we went to walk around the smaller shops...~~ nicela~~ holding hands with mama while crossing roads!!! haha im such a kid~~ but i love that feeling.. feeling so safe!! huhu... then eventually we walked from hua o area to seri q-lap.... spent time til noon til my sis abis her work~~ then went to yayasan did some grocery shopping....

after that.. went to have lunch at sushi tei~~ my first time there... my first impression-> whoooaaa sooo big the place!! 2 storey again!! kb escapade ahh soo tiny!! wahahhaa....~~ then in the second pic it was taken in the toilet... huhu what a 'view'..?? ^_^"

the environment is nice la... most of the people there are like pinoys~~~ huhu... and the sushis are kind of cheaper!! compared to escapade..~~ but taste like is average la.. okok~~.. the last pic... i looked surprised?? hwahwahwaaaa~~

the set lunches are cheap and delicious and loootsss!!!!!! $9.90!!!! consisted of rice, soup, salad, fruits, baby octopus, fried sui gao and the main dish... sis was chicken something and mine is salmon...~~~ tastes good!!! but a lil too salty..specially the salad...~~ huhu... we stayed there for around an hour...~~ and they were closing!!! but we were still there enjoying our time..!! haha.. they even shut the air-con and the music and the rotating thingy stopped rotating too!!! blleeeehh~~ but nice laa... next time i go there i would love to order the set lunches... wahahaha~

after that went to the mall and see see look look then go buy seafood in pasar gadong.... then to hua ho at bunut... bought dq ice cream... banana pudding blizzard!!! but i was hoping they would put more bananas!!! ^_^ then we balik!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

thursday, 07.06.07

ahhh today companied wani down to smsa to pick leena up... and saaaw shirley n eileen!!! i missed them!! hahaha its been a loong time that i havent see them in tudong ...again! wahahaha chat with her for a lil while but ksian wani that she had to round the parking area 4 times! huhu... then went to ayamku and had snack there... but no electricity there.. so it was abit hot and i wanted mashed potato oso nada!!! she replied.. nada current... -_-* sasatzzz... then went jalan jalan at soon lee then to milimewah to find for clothes to let leena change... but after finding here and there.. she ended up malas to buy cuz she malas to change.. wahhaaa... then around noon. we wanted to find razan out for lunch so msged and called her but no replies or picking up her calls... -_-" so had to go over to petrokon to find her.. but we didn't dare to go up find her so we waited downstairs like blur blur ppl... then we finally had the courage to go up to find for her!! but still nada ppl.... luckily mark yun was there... asked him to find razan la.. he gave me a long answer-> suuuuuuuuure! macam so reluctant la huhu.. then i saw my cuzzie!!! goshh he gained weight liaww... couldn't get to chat with him much... he had to go back home.... sighh....

posing again while waiting for razan~~~ then went for lunch with her and her colleagues in the chicken rice restaurant...

frust look!! the only girl eating!!! huhuu we ate already waa so we just drink sja~

after lunch we went jalan jalan for awhile in kb town then to taman jubilee and hang out!! chit chat and talked about the top ten in the world and this and that....~~ cuz in the borneo times got charlene's pic big big waa... and ksian quek... in the newspaper they used 'she' instead of 'he' waa... huhu...enjoyed the wind there~~
the atmosphere that day was nice... we really enjoyed our time there... relaxing!!

leena-> busy playing games with her phone... wani-> reading newspaper... me-> taking pics and enjoying the cream puff! huhu.. before going back take pics again~~

then again we met up in the evening to go llrc and swim!!! ate a little in wanilina's place then off we go!! but sayang leena didnt want to swim... so she had her darling to company her... then razan came a lil later and we had fun!! there was this plastic ball and we used it for floating and all those.. huhu

before swimming and after swimming~~~

had to go before it gets dark.... sighh... i wished that we could stay a lil longer tho....~~~ ^_^

wednesday, 06.06.07

didn't want to flip the calender april-may to june-july....~~~ wahahhahaa cuz i will miss d guy in april~~~ X-D!!!! but have to laaaa huhuhu

aahhh gotta cut the crap!!! ah wellz in the morning i was at home... then in the afternoon around 3 something went to ogdc to meet up with razan and wani cuz they had this pilot briefing or something going on... then.. najib was there too.. soo hanged out there... chitchat till 4 something? then they had to gooooo~~ ohh yeaah at that time there was sas students there... with d ex st mikes ppl~~~ sooo weird!!! really weird.. i still cant believe that sas is now a co-ed school...~ btw saw miss amy, mr ismail and mrs rani.....~~ ^_^

they were sooo hungry!!! that they ate alooot haha and i really love that pancake or something i ordered... there was this peanut butter with maple syrup inside~~ yummy~~~ huhuu

sooo after that.. its taking pics time!!!! but this time i used the small canon digital camera cuz my dad took the nikon to work...~~ so no choice laa... this time... somehow my theme is the beach!!!

shots~~~ 1st pic- me love to see the leaves!, 2nd pic- me loves the 'ripple' effect of the sand and water, 3rd pic... me love the blue sky with white clouds, the light brown sand and green grass being separated~~ haha apa me talking...~~~

that day...the clouds were okaaaay~~ huhu.. 1st pic- it seemed like the clouds were chasing something... 2nd pic- lots ppl there collecting shells and jogging... 3rd pic- a sweet old couple walking while picking up shells~~, 4th pic- the clouds surrounding the sun~, 5th pic- the clouds looked like they would fall onto the building~~ ^_^ 6th pic- half blue half green....-> standard chartered!!! (lame) huhu

some 'artistic' pics...? and yeaa darn the moment when i was taking pics of the flowers... some teenagers were around there and when they saw me... they were giggling and ucap me laaa... hahaha i sabar sja~~ don't care them... its my hobby darn it!!! whahahaa

me enjoying my time alone taking pics around the area~~~~ ughh at the end of the day my hair was sooo oily... the wind at the beach there waa... huhuhu~~

on the way back.... there was this accident just at the junction of ogdc to seria plaza... me kepo kepo and took this pic... the whole bumper of the car came off but am unsure how the driver la... maybe they are ok?? ...hopefully!!! ^_^ then off i balik!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

5 songs to intro!!

oh gosh... im currently in love with this song 'subako' by aco... bet not many people will like this track.... but there is something in it that captivates me.. huhu.. a short track which left me having to play it over and over again... short but a beautiful song....~~~

i couldnt get the english translation for this song!! but its something to do with that you are safe but not safe at the same time... haiya... just listen saja!! huhu

another track is 'fly away' by jamosa feat. jay'ed.... well i got it from a webbie..

and her description of the song-> 'Jamosa begins the song quietly. It was a love that the two of them had fallen in so deeply. The very warmth they gave each other was enough, and although the words they exchanged were simple-- they resounded in their hearts. But now things have changed, and hearts have changed. Just as no one knows what tomorrow will bring, their love has fallen apart and they have left each other.

The two of them whisper, “Go ahead fly away,” in a mixture of broken pride and true longing.

Because if it’s true love, just let them go. And if it was meant to be, they’ll come back.'

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this song is sooo recommended!!!

next is 'kiri' by monoral... its the opening theme for 'ergo proxy' which anime i never get to watch...cuz i accidentally deleted it!!! arrghh... still feeling stressed about it.. huhu... love this song.... =)

You complete my fate
The world unwinds inside of me
You complete my fate
The halo crawls away
You repeat my fate
Rewinding all we can
You refill my place
You refill my place

Come and save me
Come and save me

You complete my fate
The heavens stroll inside of me
You repeat my fate
Revealing who we are
You refill my place
You refill my place

Come and save me
Come and save me

Believe in me
Drink the wine
Take my hand
Fill me up

Believe in me
Drink the wine
Take my hand
Let me follow

i should have posted the next two songs earlier...but now im able to find the english translated lyrics for them both yaaay!!!!

so the next song is 'hallelujah' by rurutia... i sooooo looove the intro of the song!!! violin with thunder'ish' sound...gosh.. duno how to explain... you just have to try listning to it!! a bit rockish song~ ^_^

I hear the distant echo of wild beasts
In the depths of the night I smile and spill the beans about my sins

This bloodthirsty justice

The rusty rain cleanses my dirty body
The ashes of death fall on this town decorated by its many mistakes

Demons sidle up sweetly
Laughing in the hole in my heart

The angels are falling into depravity

The forbidden high that replaces the holy wings
The swirling lust picks up speed and the town falls further

Oh halleluiah, wash it all away

The rusty rain cleanses my dirty body
The ashes of death fall on this town decorated by its many mistakes

The forbidden high that replaces the holy wings
The swirling lust picks up speed and the town falls further

The rusty rain cleanses my dirty body
The ashes of death fall on this town decorated by its many mistakes

the next song is Vedergällningen (Vengeance) by a swedish folk rock band, Garmarna. traditional swedish folk song + dark lyrics = dark and beautiful music!!! hahaha apa me talking.... but one of my favourites...(like duh~ otherwise i won't post it here..=P)its because the song keeps building up piece by piece waa... ughh.. just try to listen to it... and you'll know what i was trying to say..hopefully!!! X-D~

Before the cock crew I was born
- Far are the paths that I follow -
My mother was dead before the dawn
- Long, long she awaited her sorrow

My father travelled the country round,
- Far are the paths that I follow -
An ill stepmother to me he found.
- Long, long she awaited her sorrow

Into a needle she conjured me
And said that longing would torture me
And then she turned me into a knife
And said I would suffer all my life.

She turned me into a pair of shears
And said I'd be stunted all my years.
A grey wolf then she made of me,
And said no good would come of me.

Under this curse I was to suffer
- Far are the paths that I follow -
Till I drank the blood of my own brother.
- Long, long she awaited her sorrow

So then I lay in hiding
- Far are the paths that I follow -
Till my stepmother came riding.
- Long, long she awaited her sorrow

By the bridgehead I lay watching
Till I saw her horse approaching.
And as she passed I caught her
And down from her horse I brought her.

In vengeance cruel and bloody
I took the child from her body.
And when I had drunk my brother's blood,
I became a knight, gallant and good.

well enjoy the songs~~~ ^_^

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

tuesday, 05.06.07

today's date is special~~~ 567!!! mwahahahaha apalar me... well this morning went to gym with razan, wani and najib.... ksian them la since they had to wait for me cuz i woke up late... huhuhu and today spent around 1 hour plus in gym.... but im not satisfied!!! hahaha i think im in love with gym~~~ i want to work out more and longer!!.. but in between that 1 hour plus.... there was this comedy in star movies... and we had our eyes fixated on the tv instead of working out!!! X-D!!!! wahahaaaaahaaa!!

najib spotted this green lil thing..just beside his car.... !!
posing with wani~

and again...~

then terus sent me back! they had to go cuz... wani, razan, leena dey ol gonna dance in bandar in conjunction of the royal wedding~~ sooo sayang cant see them dance... got perayaan there again that..~~ syok they all~~ huhu best of luck to them!!

it was raining heavily in the afternoon.... sighhh sooo nice to sleep... but tak jadi cuz had to go out with my mama do something.....

me relaxing in the car listening to mp3s....gosh... my eye bags are getting bigger though im not doing anything!! uggghhh... always stayed up late waaa...~

then go brisk walk at ogdc in the evening...(when the rain stops) then at night... couldn't go to church with anna.... went out to eat thai food with family... yuum yuuuum!!! ate aloooot!!! soo all the exercise i did today.... was in vain....!!! eeee i dun think im able to maintain my weight if i continue to eat like this...=P!