Wednesday, June 6, 2007

tuesday, 05.06.07

today's date is special~~~ 567!!! mwahahahaha apalar me... well this morning went to gym with razan, wani and najib.... ksian them la since they had to wait for me cuz i woke up late... huhuhu and today spent around 1 hour plus in gym.... but im not satisfied!!! hahaha i think im in love with gym~~~ i want to work out more and longer!!.. but in between that 1 hour plus.... there was this comedy in star movies... and we had our eyes fixated on the tv instead of working out!!! X-D!!!! wahahaaaaahaaa!!

najib spotted this green lil thing..just beside his car.... !!
posing with wani~

and again...~

then terus sent me back! they had to go cuz... wani, razan, leena dey ol gonna dance in bandar in conjunction of the royal wedding~~ sooo sayang cant see them dance... got perayaan there again that..~~ syok they all~~ huhu best of luck to them!!

it was raining heavily in the afternoon.... sighhh sooo nice to sleep... but tak jadi cuz had to go out with my mama do something.....

me relaxing in the car listening to mp3s....gosh... my eye bags are getting bigger though im not doing anything!! uggghhh... always stayed up late waaa...~

then go brisk walk at ogdc in the evening...(when the rain stops) then at night... couldn't go to church with anna.... went out to eat thai food with family... yuum yuuuum!!! ate aloooot!!! soo all the exercise i did today.... was in vain....!!! eeee i dun think im able to maintain my weight if i continue to eat like this...=P!

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