Sunday, June 10, 2007

wednesday, 06.06.07

didn't want to flip the calender april-may to june-july....~~~ wahahhahaa cuz i will miss d guy in april~~~ X-D!!!! but have to laaaa huhuhu

aahhh gotta cut the crap!!! ah wellz in the morning i was at home... then in the afternoon around 3 something went to ogdc to meet up with razan and wani cuz they had this pilot briefing or something going on... then.. najib was there too.. soo hanged out there... chitchat till 4 something? then they had to gooooo~~ ohh yeaah at that time there was sas students there... with d ex st mikes ppl~~~ sooo weird!!! really weird.. i still cant believe that sas is now a co-ed school...~ btw saw miss amy, mr ismail and mrs rani.....~~ ^_^

they were sooo hungry!!! that they ate alooot haha and i really love that pancake or something i ordered... there was this peanut butter with maple syrup inside~~ yummy~~~ huhuu

sooo after that.. its taking pics time!!!! but this time i used the small canon digital camera cuz my dad took the nikon to work...~~ so no choice laa... this time... somehow my theme is the beach!!!

shots~~~ 1st pic- me love to see the leaves!, 2nd pic- me loves the 'ripple' effect of the sand and water, 3rd pic... me love the blue sky with white clouds, the light brown sand and green grass being separated~~ haha apa me talking...~~~

that day...the clouds were okaaaay~~ huhu.. 1st pic- it seemed like the clouds were chasing something... 2nd pic- lots ppl there collecting shells and jogging... 3rd pic- a sweet old couple walking while picking up shells~~, 4th pic- the clouds surrounding the sun~, 5th pic- the clouds looked like they would fall onto the building~~ ^_^ 6th pic- half blue half green....-> standard chartered!!! (lame) huhu

some 'artistic' pics...? and yeaa darn the moment when i was taking pics of the flowers... some teenagers were around there and when they saw me... they were giggling and ucap me laaa... hahaha i sabar sja~~ don't care them... its my hobby darn it!!! whahahaa

me enjoying my time alone taking pics around the area~~~~ ughh at the end of the day my hair was sooo oily... the wind at the beach there waa... huhuhu~~

on the way back.... there was this accident just at the junction of ogdc to seria plaza... me kepo kepo and took this pic... the whole bumper of the car came off but am unsure how the driver la... maybe they are ok?? ...hopefully!!! ^_^ then off i balik!

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