Monday, August 31, 2009

im a bear!

more pics on fb...

gahh... i know.. noooo updates agn... in awhile... just agn... i am absolutely tired in taking the memory card out! XD hahaha the pic above were stolen frm sis sooo rajin upload it.. haiya.. thanks! n the pic.. was on saturday night which i thought it was just a birthday party for someone... but suddenly there was a cake for me too! n my er... sorta crazy gift... a furry furry jacket! haaaah! abis kna buli by those ppl... the guys love pulling my 'ears' whereas girls.. went mad 'stroking' my fur!!!! gila abis kna harrassed n molested! rawr! hahaha dad joked that i shouldnt go out in that cuz i myt kna shot by ppl...*hunting for animals wa* .. but i think.. i look sorta a me-tou-u bear! the colour kali! XD

on sunday free hash... uncle kc gave a farewell speech to me n i had to down down a can of tiger in frnt of other hashers! haha apparently... i didnt finish drinkin it in one go cuz the uncle kept making me laugh XD n awww thank you hashers... i mean.. i didnt think it would be u ppl n my sis's frens to greet me farewell... it meant alot to me la... *teary* hahahha

then just now.. went to miri for awhile to walk arnd.. surprisingly.. i didnt buy anyyyything except for some medicine...! wow wow wowww!!! almost wanted to get this pants.. but... let say.. i have 'ass'.. so the pants seemed tight arnd my ass area -_- rawr! nvm.. save money n save weight n space XD hahaha overall not bad outing.. n just now.. i went to type some letters after how maaaany months of delay *finally* but.... it was just not too good.... cuz malay no good.. so i got stucked many many times for a looong time... hah n im sleepy atm.. n still wana blog...

guesss i wana update before i go... cuz i dun think i have a chance in updating in awhile when i fly to glasgow...2 more freaking days!!! i am flying on wednesday!!! waaaaaaddaaaaaheeecccckk~~~ sooo soon! -_- i duno ah i duno ahhh *mumbles incoherently*

okok..time to sleeeeeep la..better tat way...zzzzzz

Sunday, August 30, 2009

farewell to myself

gaaaahhhh beeeeen really tired.. n malas to update abt anythin! cuz the pics are not in this laptop atm... n im lazy to transfer the pics la.. hahahha but yeaa.been bz... yesterday night went out with family n uncle n sungkai-ed at orchid garden hotel... n it was alright... first time sungkai soo beramai like thissss! yaay! a farewell dinner of some sorts...

then this morning i donated blood.. the rest of the day.. i was reaaal tired! gahh

n now.. sis n bro's frens over... party-ing~ i tot normal party when suddenly there was a cake for meeee... a farewell partyyy n also a fren od theirs..bday.. thank you ppl~ i will upload pics soon la..=p ehhehe now still karaoke-ing n playing games.. gahh a long night ahead indeeed~~

Sunday, August 23, 2009

on the 22nd i turned 22!

yeeep its my day! n i woke up.. ermm.. alil late n signed into fb.. n in barn buddy... i saw cakeee!! there's cake awaiting for me there! haha

then frens greeted me there... thaaanks alooooot ppl~ meant a whole loot to me!

then then... my bday present from my uncle... a cake from mr baker's bake shop!!! hehe checking the cake out.. n felt speechless... n then advertising it looking unwillingly.. XD my first cake from there.. n its freaking heavy! thanx qq~

posing with my cakeeeeeee!!!!! hahahaa i really what to say.. but happy...! but sad abit... cuz wanted to cut tat afternoon.. cuz i know at night.. it wud b whole family was at home... but gah.. they say nvm wa... n i took out my cake owedi.. ah wells... took pics with the cake sjaa... then place it back into the fridge

hahaha i looked like im part of an ornament of the cake~ XD cake genie? =p n oh i couldnt wait.. tat i curi curi makan part of the choc... n it was goood! =p.. n i posed with my erm.. 'edible card'~ =) btw.. that cake is called 'death by chocolate' =DDD later then i tell u how it tastes like~

after taking pics n trying to pack my luggage(only clothes... -_- not yet the others..) it was time to go to the hash site... it was company hash.. n

signing in before entering the forest~

some of the ppl for the event... yea... azri was askin wats my plan for today.. i said im gona go labi for company hash.. n the way he say is spending my bday in the forest??? @_@ dun mkae me feel sad la.. its okla.. i guess.. tho not spending with my other frens... =/

some of the people before going in~

its meee... i am still very much alive! haha the trail not that tough la.. its a trail speciallly for newbies.. n i am alright! i just have to act as 'shipper'.. its sorta like a person taking care of ppl at the last of the trail.. it was alright... =) experience i guess...

resting outside the trail waiting for some ppl still inside... most of them were worried...cuz one of them is a malay n he was puasa-ing... n haven been eating n still went in for the trail... =/ but salute him ehh! btw the trail was short... arnd 40-60min? more or less la..

yaaay! a grp pic after alll coming out from the forest! =D

my dinner..! it was goood! got rice, veggies n i loveee the noodle, sambal fish, chicken n tofuuu!!! its just toooo good!yuum yuuum.. then sis came later.. n here we show our faces erm.. busy eating XD

then nancy celebrate the opening of the campfire by burning her nike shoes... on the spot! its ermm.. not too rosak.. but i guess.. she just wana burn it... hoooga hooogaaaa!

burning a box agn.. most of us... were witnessing the beauty of fireeeee raawr =D after hanging out in the forest.. went back home to shower n off we went to togashii's place to have some more food n alcohol... owh japanese beef curry!!! yuuuuums!! i miss udon currrrry =((( n oh alcohol.... there's one togashirecommended.. drink for girls... n ohh its soooo yummy!! there's two.. one yuzu n ume liquer~ XD n it was almost 12.. n i got kinda.. well... impatient.. of some sorts.. cuz my bday is gona b over... n i still haven cut my cake!! n i was like.. marah dad alil.. then he terus bring me back home.. along with some auntiess...

a family pic with my lovely cake~

then.. pic with some aunties uncle n sis's frenss~~ tho im alright with it.. but weird.. cuz im not celebrating with my frens... =/ n ohh i cake my cake i think 15min after 12~ hahaha n sis said.. woow party after 12? =p but i guess its alright for them to come over n sorta celebrate with me... hehe n then dad's colleagues came over n i served them cakes n had a brief karaoke session n socialising time.. i guess this is the most 'different' of bday celebration i have in my entire life... thank you =)

Friday, August 21, 2009

yo bday!

today is just normal... only things its anna's bday today! went to ideal n depart frm home arnd 7.40 after settle some of the eee shirt stuff~ n had dinner there with chee shan mas anna n their 2 other frens.. =) haha yea mas.. ur baju lawaa~ n ur hair.. waseh bright ehh!XD

us girls... thanx to u all punya guy fren ah! XD n we chat chat chat til we kna halau by the ideal staff hahahaha -_-"" n yea nice chatting with u anna~ hahaha same old same old.. glas u liked the pressie~ XD

Thursday, August 20, 2009


ystrdy!! celebrated my advanced bday! with 4 lovely girls~ haha ah wells.. woke up alil late that morning n picked shan up at arnd 9.30 then chee.. went to ubd... but the person we wanted to find wasnt there then off we go to hrd to get our letters... then off agn to aewon~~ whhheeee~ our bajuuu XD then then off to check some gadgets n lunch at netzone.. not bad la.. cheap wa.. XD then went to jaya hypermart for some aircon.. cuz my car ksian wa.. hot! n to airport to fetch mas there.. n rushed to watch 'district 9'..siew chee joined us shortly after...

the movie was nice for me.. just that its grosssss! butbut... for me interesting..mas cried during the ending plang.. sad sad~ =( then we jln abit arnd the mall... n i upsetted mas~ sorry agn! =/ n oh went to pines for dinner~

ta-daaah! there we were~ n oh bibimbap is also our character XD we had 2 n azri had one.. yea azri came later~ ah wells~

us girls n siew cheeeeee b careful of ur haaands~ XD

sang bday song.. made a wish... blew the candle... n er.. use spoon to eaaat! got those cakes for 3.90 each from er... funbread cafe! it looks niiice but the taste.. was... jus.... o-kaay..~ as in.. not too good..lucky we didnt buy the whole cake itselffff~ =)

group hug! hahahhaa squashed!! XD

random pics.. n err... pic of me tryin to open that wrapping n gave up n passed to azrii~ n oh.. the cakes were oreo cheese, choc fudge o sumthin, n apple crumble...~ n most of us agreed that the choc was nice.. but its not too was average~ =/

before we left, a grp pic of us girls...~ n er azri paying~ XD hahaha lanja us girls... thank youuuuuuu =)))

another pic..this time azri in.. hehe thanx to the dude who helped us take pics.. XD n err i no likey when the other waiters were lookin at us taking pics..XD hehe then we went to the mall n began walking n shopped arnd.. then yen chee's parents called to ask us balik cuz heard there was this explosion in yayasan o sumthin.. rupanya.. it was a fire drill o watever it is la.. haaah shocked us... mcam ada terrorist in brunei.. that thought... well.. scares us i guess...

in the end... i got myself a bag...!! from summit~ thanks girrrrrrrrlsssss!! hahaha n owhh i have a new phone..! not exactly new.. but 2nd hand phone! another gift! n another erm.. not coat but sumthin sumthing from itop! haha when i use it... i guess i looked cute in it..XDDDD hahahha thank youuu sooo muchie for the giftttts! =D haven reach my real bdate n already celebrating it.. haha..~ =)

Monday, August 17, 2009


lemme just post those kendo grp pics up here~ hehe this was before the jap army came... it was only the local kendokas n david sensei... he is from malaysia thus malaysia n brunei flag~

not lookin at my direction cuz it was on purpose! haha they were lookin at sharon while i was just ermm busybody-ing! =D

the public makin themselves comfy by sitting on stage to view better~ can talk la, videocam, take pics, etc etc without disturbing the event~

ooOOoo~ the jaaapaaanesse arrived! for me...first time.. they came. i was like.. whoooaaa.. i feeel that auraa! *exaggerating* XD

a grp pic of allll the kendokas that evening....with three flags... except that japan's flag isnt exactly a japan flag but that's still the logo~ =) thanx to combat kun for bringing that along !

sending the guests off~ goodbyeeeeeeee~cyaaa agn~ some time~ maybe~ perhaps~ mortem? ok... its just discussion abt how the night was... it was a pleasant night =)

the next day, david sensei shared his knowledge to the kendokas in clt... it was nice... enjoyed it..=)

grp pic agn~ with some kendokas missing as they went home early... lotsa interesting matches btw=)

posing with the 'stance'...i duno wat u call it.. but yea... im no kendo persoooon~ -_- tat night i was called camera lady~ terus... presssssureee... n i dun work well with pressssuuuureeee...hahaha nola.. no pressure..but yea... hmmm still haven pose any 'action' stuffs arnd here... cuz agn im preoccupied~ sumhow~

my gift from david sensei~ =) its lovely~ thanx~

n owh his monkey boy with chuchu n irene's video cam n 100plus n sharon's gift from david sensei~ =D

sorry for there's not much stories... cuz im tired... from all those..burning sessions!!! i mean dvds....=/ i nid to clear some stuff away from laptop n my hd... apparently... it is veeery tough...-_- burnt quite a number of dvds owedii...goshh.... almost out of stock... @_@ gaaaaaah... i still nid to burn some more... maybe.. continue 2mrw... =/

n ohhhhhh i got my air tix this morning!!! yaaaay!! wats left is to pack n exchange moneeeeey... i have nooo pounds at allll... =(

Saturday, August 15, 2009

saya *hearts* bridex

this morning went bridex with chee n mas..then met my sis n azri at the parking lot n used bus to get into bridex location n reached there juat before9... n we spent our time til 2something! =DDD had fun!! hahaha saw all the demos... n walked arnd n talked n stuffs... hehe took a pic with a sporean pilot! hahahahahhahaa XD *blush*

yeeep us four girls... n had whooole looots of fun.. n ermm.. see when agn.. i try update.. which i doubt.. haha went for laaaate lunch at tph in batu bersurat n i was not satisfied with my meal! =( walked arnd..went hostel n back to chee place to transfer pics n reached home... alil late... n now im supper dupeeer tiredddd...=/// hehehe

Friday, August 14, 2009

ber-model in some ways?

on tues nyt in the mph~(multi purpose hall) n i saw the souvenirs they gona give to the guests tat nyt.. its a shot glass! labelled brunei n a pic of the billionth barrel monument! @_@ *ironic souvenir in some way..=/ since brunei is strict with alcohol... n there's shot glasses sold! well tats wat i think plang... gomen..*

a prettier souvenir as showcased above by the hands of a lovely lady =) i think... her bracelet-watch is pretty too =p

combat trying to fit those shot glasses into small bags... n he was wearing this emblem/logo o watsoever u call it... its cool =)

goshiiieee~~ another hyper lolly girl~ hahaha *gasp* i think i fell for her! XD okok im not lesbo...but but... =) she's lovely~~~ *faints* hahaha

pencil souvenirs with brunei logo on itttttt !! haha ignore the price tag there! =p

gaaaaackkk!!! tat adorable lil thingie thing~ cuuuute!! hehe i think it was... rain's... was it?? irene kept holding onto it..=D

hahah chuchu's the boss! =) followed by irene then jiajia n her sidekick then combat n pau n mimi n dd n chia yie~ *.*

after chia yie changed into sharon's gi hakama, goshiiiiieeeee me fall head over heels~~~ my mikoooo!! ada that innocent look agn~ raawr!! =D *eeeps... better dun like this..later got 'someone' wana murder me hehe*

my first time seeing david sensei... when i know abt kendo in ubd.. i would hear at times his name being brought up.. a well respected man la.. n i guess... its true...=) glad to meet him!

yi yiiiiiiii!!! no wonder u were like 'glowing; in some ways..rupanya tat time.. the next day was ur bdaaay... i stil owe u a hug!

owh feeen! we kept sayin she looked like cinderella!! cuz she was sweeping the floor n she 'clipped' her hair... =D

hahah sharon looked like she wan exorcist ghosts! pro lookin!

eeeps my lovely girl! =) wat more cud i say abt her?? =)

chuchu!!!! haha irene n her fetish in the adventures of chuchu!! this time.. its at ubd security checkpoint!

i wudnt wana miss out too! i like to have pics taken also waaa! hahahaha thanx jiajia for takin this n thanx alicia for the shirt! i love it! XD but well... dun mind my 'macho-ness' ppl~ its erm..naturall... mayb i have more testosterone within my body -_-

warming up session..before the jap army guests arrived.. ahhh btw.. not really posting up those kendo pics.. mayb later... when im more semangat =)

n agn amir n pau~ with david sensei's guidance n help the kendokas better ~


ok koh was being freaky in some sorts! hahaha bet he must have enough naps to b this erm.. freaky? haha kidding kidding...nvm sharon.. lets just say u have a stalker =D

one emo bahar coming right up! eeeeeepsssss not in the mood of punchin him much liaw..haha tired ah tireddd

guess who this is??? those yummy chest! =DDD hahaha i guess he's freaked out in some ways of meee hahahahhaa nice to teaseeee

interview interview interview time! btw he is malaysian... =DD malaysia boleh!!! hahaha wat?? im m'sian too baaa =)

gaaah posing with our very own local miko~~ =DDDD hahaha i guess i was hyper in some sorts since i cud take pics with my girls~ XD

in some ways i think i looked thin here!XD hahhaa posing with my mooooost favourite dude! XD my besstest fren!! XD*is there even a word as bestest XD hahahhaaha* yeeeep syg u very the muchie laaaaaaa

4 eyed ppl with square rims! XD ok.. y we looked kinda tired somehow ah?

=DDDD miko jaga the entranceeeeee! =DDDDDD adorableeeee!!! haha baaa... update til here sja.. till next time! well well.. i wonder shud i post them to fb agn =/