Monday, July 27, 2009

the jodoh between food n i during the japan trip!

haha not exactly jodoh la... need to decide jua whether if we wana eat the food ba kan kan?? haha nyhoots... all these pics of food n drinks were taken during my japan trip from brunei airport to spore airport then to japan n back here in brunei.. so enjooooy~ =D

delifrance, brunei airport- blueberry cheesecake(mine) and tiramisu(azri)! we went for desserts before going off into the departure hall just cuz i was craving for cakes..haha weeeeeell... both are just ok for my taste..nothing much.. 'WOW' factor....~ just decent~

sq from brunei to spore- our meal during the one hr flight~it was alright... the rice was nice i guess.. n theres sayur, macaroni, dessert... i forgot what the dessert was but i think it was alil dry for me...the macaroni..lotsa olive oil! but i just gobbled it down just cuz its macaroni.. haha i sound depressing in a way huh? thus average meal la... uhm hum...but am happy to eat meals during flight..cuz i rarely fly! thus i look foward to meals in flight laa XD ah for drinks it was coffee and apple juice~

sq, from spore to japan- our ermm... midnight snack! it was late la.. n we were still alil full... but still we managed to try eat them up.. there were two choices and i chose this black pepper chicken wrap just cuz i wanted sumthin dealing with black pepper... it was nice... though i couldnt completely savour it..since i was still full from the previous meal which was only 2or3hours ago! btw i was drinking wine =D

sq toilet, spore to japan- after having the meal and watched some crap movie(according to me la.. i duwan to say the title but it involves some naked blur dude and they censored that dude's manhood by putting some underwear on), it was time for me to sleeep! so before sleeping remember to brush your teeth!!! it feels better plus thats why the steward/dess gave us free disposable toothbrush n toothpaste~

sq, almost reaching japan- our breakfast! some sorta japanese style type of meal~ n its erm.. not too good or maybe im not used to it la.. most ppl who thought the round ball at top left corner of the 'bento' was fish ball... we were alll wrong.. it was yaaam~tasted..unique? =) overall.. i prefer the muffin over the main dish..sorry to say...THOUGh there was fish but.. its not the way i like it i guess =P the bread i ate halfway..most of us couldnt finish this set of meal jus cuz we baru wake up ba~~

narita airport, japan- we reached japan safely!!!! yaaay! n here u would b able to see loootsa vending machines. n most drinks u need at least B$2~ but many choices their living expenses andang higher than brunei~ we just sakai looking thru the vending machines but haven got the 'semangat' to buy them yeeet

(i didnt bother to know the name of the shop cuz i was hungry =D), akasaka, a place sumwhere in middle of tokyo~- first decent meal in tokyo~~~ it was this set meal, a bowl of rice with *i think its chicken* and egg on top with a bowl of how soup udon~ it costs 750yen which is arnd 11.50brunei? shared with irene and it was gooood! we were satisfied! haha see the girls really satisfied eating at the top right corner?? =D

hotel monterey akasaka (han yean san no heya desu!)- ahh i forgot whose drink it belonged to.. but yeaaa milk!!!!!! seems good..but i didnt taste this cuz i cudnt find it in lawson(one of the 24-7shop in akasaka)

hotel monterey akasaka (lobby)-irene and mine!!! our breakfast for the day in disneyland~ huhu i think some of the onigiri belonged to someone else~ hehe btw the milk was nice... but u cud taste that its... FATTENING! hahha really milky~ the plum juice.. was nice too~ sumthin different to drink la... and the bread.. was soft and was to my liking =) onigiri? i didnt have onigiri until towards the end of my japan trip.. just cuz onigiri is common la.. =p

iwamoto-q, akasaka- though i bought my breakfast but i still went to have breakfast to this plae with vince n neko. i had this cold soba..? uhmm its like kolo mee but the sauce is light n its cold. if u want hot, its hot soup with soba~ the texture of the noodle was good =) the price.. i think it was around 210yen..B$3.10~ a 'decent' price...(what?? im from belait district! the food here in cheaper than bandar! XD) but after eating this, we had to brish walk back to the hotel, and i think we shortened two or three times the time taken to get here the first place~

tokyo disneyland- had mickey mouse orange bar, refreshing on a hot day!! (for me la.. who ask me wear loong sleeve~ it was hot n i have no other choice in clothing-brought mostly long sleeves) its very nice.. but i think i prefer the minnie mouse apple bar~ even more refreshing! and we were mean.. we bit off the ears! then we slowly savour the face~ muahahaha~ and we joked that how cruel disneyland is to produce such face, letting kids to bit off their fav. mickey n minnie mouse in such delicious manner =D the price.. arnd 260yen? thus around B$4! n this is one of the cheapest thing around XD

tokyo disneyland- our second 'meal' in disneyland, irene's choco banana and my ice cream sandwich!! both were good but i liked my sandwich la! its filling! thus we didnt hafta go eat much but to feed on desserts~ ahh in disneyland there were maaaany small vendors arnd n one of them does actually have fresh choco banana on the spot la.. but that time we werent hungy...=p and i didnt get to taste their popcorn~ there were soo many flavours! got caramel, salted, even curry!!(from a distance away, you could actually smell sumthing like maggi curry but its actually the popcorn! =D) the price is also almost the same as the ice cream bar.. 260yen~

tokyo disneyland- this is one of the small stalls arnd~ but we bought ourselves bottled green tea here~ to our surprise, in japan most green tea has nooo sugar in it at all! which was good! cuz it wouldn make u thirsty la~ in brunei one.. so far the ones i tasted are very sweet~~ but still not those 'suicidal' type of sweetness =D btw the drink...gaaaah!!! 200yen or 400 yen ??? BIG DIFFERENCE!! i couldnt remember laaaa XD

tokyo disneyland- another vendor stall but its a 'solid' one...~ haha permanent~ n look how well they are in business!! by making snacks sooo much cuter n the price is also very 'cute'! ah wells.. we ended up gawking over the displays.. =) haha n yeaaa even the popcorn got a popcorn bucket.. n theres stitch n many other themes but agn... 'cute' price they have~ (i was not used to the higher pricing in japan yet~) *click to enlarge and look arnd at the pricings*

tokyo disneyland- we wana break into a fridgeeee!! hahaha im not too sure if its a vendor stall or not.. but there was a real huge padlock there.. meaning there must be sumthin inside lo... cuz if its props arnd the area.. they wud just leave it be? =D

tokyo disneyland- this...was our dinner! ice cream!! i didnt buy any.. cuz i guess i was a lil full? hmm plus they bought i shared with irene and sharon~ we had honeydew sorbet which tasted more like bubblegum and the more u eat the sweeter it gets! thus we got alil turned off by tat taste~ hehe irene chose the 'safe' flavour such as choc and vanilla(i think its vanilla..correct me if im wrong) and neko's..i forgot...rasberry sorbet? @_@ btw i forgot the price for it... it was not cheap i know..( its disneyland!)

asakusa(travel to this location thru the subways~)- got 4 of the seaweed rice crackers and 4 of the flavour that i forgot what it was.. hahha i was never a big fan eversince i had too much of those mini rice crackers when i lived in was yummy..but too much.. it sickened me.. haha but this one.. once in aw was ok la.. crunchy~~~ 8pieces for 500yen! arnd B$7.60?

asakusa- this particular 'sweets' shop~ mizuho-san recommended their sweet potato delicacy~ the one as shown in the right hand side pic as pointed by the black arrow~ we bought 12 pcs of it for 1187yen! thus around B$18!! well.. shared among some of us laaa hahaha~ i would show u how we eat them later on~ huhu..btw both the manufacture n expiry date are on the very same day! cuz fresh waaa~ after that... duno how it would be owedi la..~

asakusa-ahh this! caught our attention due to the crowd surrounding this man.. he is selling uhmmm.. cold lemonade??(i forgot what it was) but it tasted more like 7up or sprite~ it was a very refreshing drink because that day was hot as usual.. i forgot the price for this, i think it was 120yen or B$1.80. all the bottles are placed on that blue tray filled with cold water to keep it cool~ when a person purchases one bottle, the man would manually 'hammer' a plastic cork over the opening of the bottle.then you could hear a loud pop n some of the drink would spill due to the gas inside the bottle. basically, this drink, it uses a 'marble' as the bottle's 'cap' as shown in the upper right corner~and i got it as my souvenir~ =D

shibuya- more vending machines found! n i got myself a 'black bean black tea' drink which was very sugarless but im ok with it la... and sharon got herself a tall can of coca cola~ forgot the price!

shibuya- udon soup! this is real cheap~ its medium size for the price of 210yen/B$3.20 if im not wrong and i should have just ordered the small portion for only 105yen/B$1.60! it was very very filling! the name of the restaurant.. i forgot!!! i remember it was a flower on an orange background...previously at this place at akasaka branch, i had the curry udon which was super nice *salivates* n i reemembered takin pics of it!! or mayb it was yahui's camera i was using..-_- i think they even have a website for this place... sighh so far loving their food~

akihabara- HALAL KEBAB!!! ahhaha joy to our muslim friends! despite the place was abt to close, taka n i rushed across the streets to get ourselves kebab!sold by a friendly istanbul dude who was cool =) u have no idea how this halal 'meat' store brought light to us~ haha finally taka got to eat meat after few 'meatless' days~ it was 500yen/B$7.50.. costly but.. well the price andang like that one... n there was lotsa meat in there~very filling.. i even gave afif n hadi to bite some of my kebab n ate the remaining n i still got full~ after we finish eating, the istanbul dude came over n greeted us, leaving me n taka bangang.. we were like why this guy soo friendly, then we realised it was him! he even ajak us out for a drink but we rejected cuz we had to get back.. gahh it was nice la=D

hotel monterey akasaka(irene n my room)- irene n i enjoying our milk session.. yea it was the very 'rich' taste of milk... a taste u wouldnt really taste in brunei~ =)

hotel monterey akasaka (afif n hadi's room)- we finally got to open the sweet potato 'sweets' and eat it!! it was nice! very nice! its sweet but not over the top la..its just right~ =) we then went to afif n hadi room to give them some then to taka n shaf room..but shaf was asleep owedi so taka got to eat~ then to neko~ =) there's still remaining so we left it in the fridge for han yean, vince n others... i think they were really drunk~ since they went to see ogihara-san n feast~ haha luckily i didnt go... duwan to get drunk ahhh~

hotel monterey akasaka(lobby)- irene got her first starbucks drink from lawson! huhu n her adorable lil milky pouch!!! hontoni kawaii desuuuu!!! X-) i duno how much was starbucks there plang.. there were many starbucks outlet but i refrained frm going there just cuz i wana try japan products as much as i can... starbucks not from japan maa~ can drink in miri or other place =D

ginza, manneken belgium waffle!- wheee!! waffles!!!!! tho its one small piece but the taste is good! yummy! i bought one honey, one banana, one cinnamon flavour, i cant remember what else but yea its 147yen a piece/ B$2.20~ u could have a better look of the waffles below! its from their website. and owh, they are considered to my point of view because they even have those waffles in a nice plastic package n sold in some stores =)

ginza(duno the name of the shop because i dun read japanese)- i love this place~ the deco outside caught my attention n i just had to get in there n look arnd~ there are many tempting 'sweets' and i didnt know what to get so i asked one of the attendees what her favourite is and she pointed to this green mochi with red bean inside and i got it for 1++yen and they gave me an extra 'sweets' which market place is 120yen for free! it was because i 'think' it was raining n i still went into their store and they gave me that as a 'service'~ gah their very friendly attitude is just too nice~ part of the reason i miss japan atm.. they offer good services n they are veery helpful!

ginza( again i duno the name of this place but it's situated on 1st floor of some building in ginza)- we got into this place just cuz it was lunch time and we saw adverts nearby n we just went for it! jus cuz we havent eat sushi in japan yet.. ah wells me, irene, vince, neko n han yean went to have sushi together~

ginza(sushi place)- ermm... sushi price.. lets just say... its costly?? hahha cuz everything's fresh ba..n i ordered one set punya maybe around B$20? for a few sushi's'..n i could tell u.. no regrets! if we were to b picky abt price then we wont b able to eat much o buy much la! n that's our chef for the day! i like him! =D n each of us were given that plate in order for the chef to place those sushi on.. n frm the pic han yean was talkin to these two guys? they are travel agents which they revealed after when we pay our bills. when they heard us conversing in english, they then talked to us and its sorta like an interview between us abt brunei~ =) we were blessed to meet them n able to share information la n for our reward..we had few free sushis to feast on!!! =DDD in return agn from us, we gave them some brunei currency notes as souvenirs~

ginza(sushi place)- pictures of the sushis we had*click to enlarge*~ most were good! we love it! n some were even exceptionally good! i dont know how to convey for love for them.. but its just darn good! btw for those we couldnt eat raw.. then err.. it might b alil problematic la.. n ahh.. the two travel agents taught us how to feed on sushi with soy sauce the decent way.. haha~ btw first we had miso soup then the sushi's' and ended with dessert which is the mochi with fine brown sugar on it(the sugar is not sweet btw.. but its just good! *thumbs up*) one of the best eating experience~ =) n yea, according to the two travel agents, this place we dined in is one of the best sushi place la.. we only realized as we stayed there longer, more ppl were coming in and they even had to wait for us to finish in order to have seats.

tokyo tower- hahah we went to tokyo tower! n i found this cute candy dispenser n its 100yen for a cup size of candies~ i didnt try it as i was not in the mood, i think... =/

tokyo tower- our dinner~ n andrea with her food... i forgot what it was but i love the sauce~ very nice~ n we got some stuffs from mcD n i bought the shaka shaka chicken~ small but just right for my tummy at that moment =)

hotel monterey akasaka(irene n my room)- quick breakfast for the morning... as stated its 136yen/B$2~ but there are times we buy the night before, and the onigiri would be sold halved its price! because they cannot keep them for too long otherwise..they would go bangas~

hotel monterey akasaka (irene and my room)- we need enough energy and nutrients. so, a fast way is to drink this jelly-like texture multi vitamin up! it tasted...nice actually... maybe around B$3 for this? and its convenient la.. there are others such as calcium la, vitamin this and that, energy drink n others... =)

a temple near our hotel- han yean got this! n we shared n i sorta took it! @_@ n keep forgettin to return that it became mine~ hahaha i love this..! though it looks like its inedible but but... its no chalk! its sorta the candy we have in brunei like the cigarette one? got red got blue got green colour.. so yea... its minty n its.. sweet =)

asakusa- we went back there agn! this time is to get souvenirs back! mostly its gona be foooood for the family's tummy! this lil thingy here is something like waffer with filling and its red bean inside... but the taste of that waffer alike thingy is something like the malay kuih ba... that looks like a round with shape of gasing? haha no idea but yea... its nice =)

asakusa- didnt get anything here but took a pic sja..its like the traditional way in having tea n 'sweets' by just sitting there near the shop and if its hot, u could open up the umbrella! =D

asakusa- while strolling around the walkways, i saw this shop selling the fish like thingy as always shown in anime! so i went to ask the lady for a pic n asked for her favourite and agn the filling inside is red bean~ haha i wont miss tao sa pau at all ehhh!(ren bean pau) cuz ive been eating delicacies with red bean filling! XD its 150yen/B$ 2.30~ it tastes better when it's hot la..cuz there are crunchy bits so when it gets cold, u wouldnt be able to eat that 'crunchy' bit =/ but =Dniceee

asakusa- again the mochi with brown sugar! but i prefer the one in the sushi place~ hehehe

akihabara- another HALAL placeeee!!! all the muslim peeps are there! taka, hadi shaf and afif! the non muslim was me, neko, irene and han yean~ ah wells any muslim peeps! if go japan.... go akihabara! got quite a few halal stores compared to other places la... that one..really hafta live on maggi or indo mee or packet cereals or seafood o even sushis! =) ah wells this place.. sells indian food or singh? ok im not too sure..but yea.. got curry got kebab, nasi briyanni!

akihabara- i had curry rice with chicken skin for 500yen/B$7.50!! its really good! though there's no meat but the portion is huuuge! XD and the soup of the day irene ordered was reaaaally reaaaally good too! and some of us ordered kebab which was cheaper and then murtabak, shish kebab~ =)

akihabara- i was joking abt no nid to wash the plate by licking the plate clean..!and han yean really really really went for it!! these pics showed the whole process of him erm... giving 'oral' to the plate -_- but but well done! XD *salutes*

hotel monterey akasaka- since it was our final night in japan, and me n irene didnt drink any alcohol, thus we let ourselves indulge in asahi super dry! purchased using the vending machines in the hotel!haha though ppl say its very nice.. i think its just ok.. hahha im not a beer person wa... but... errr no im not drunk though i looked like one in the pic! =p its 400yen/B$6!

hotel monterey akasaka(irene n my room)- PUDDING!!! OMIGOSH!! BEST PUDDING YOOO!!! its seriously that freaking good!!!! its just heavenly!spongy n ermm melts in ur mouth~~ hahahhaa puuuuuudddinggggggg~~ so good that i didnt remember of the price for this.. i think its hundred plus yen..n goshhhh yuummy yummy yummy! =DDDD

hotel monterey akasaka- ok.. bought from mcD again but this time its unique! its PORK! its called McPork! n very cheap! around 100yen/B$1.50???? n its good.. cuz there's black pepper sauce~ simple and satisfying =D so yea.. muslim ppl hafta b careful with McD over here la... If u all dont mind as in turning a blind eye to order fish fillet o chicken..its alright but the truth is of course.. alil freaky... cuz well u all understand la.. u fry fish fillet in the same batch of oil.. the chicken in the same batch of oil..including frying the pork.. so yeaa~ =)

akasaka- just some place selling different types of bento~ we went to look around sja but didnt purchase anything as we just consumed our breakfast not long ago... btw.. i bought this chicken balls in one of the shops called 'ampm'... its good! very very nice!! love it agn... i think there were 4 chicken balls on a stick for hundred plus yen~ yuummy!

narita airport- a treat from lim yam~ tasted normal but nice nevertheless... reminded me agn... of the dark choc ice cream i bought in seven eleven, darn good! AGAIN! hahahhaah should i say japan offers one of the best eating experience in my life! well i still hold malaysia stalls dear! =D but this is something different laaa XD

sq, from japan to spore- this time the menu... I LOVE IT!! i prefer the side dishes more than the main course..hahahahha the main course was beef something... see? i dun even remember how it tasted like. there was soba with sauce!*click to enlarge* it says to put the leeks and wasabi into soup n then dip the noodle in n eat it! hehe n the dessert!!OMIGOSH MILOVE! hahaha its really good~ i love it.. in between the layers of choc mousse of some sort, theres like fruit spread like thingy... n the combination was good =)

spore airport- reached there in the AM n we had to spend arnd 12 hrs in the airport! n this was our breakfast in some sort... we ate this around 3am!!! btw...not many choices from burger king since it was already late la... ah herseys sundae pie was okok normal la~ yummy but that's it =/

spore airport- around 11am we had these at secret recipe! sharon's choc indulgence, my choc banana, irene's fish in a bowl and andrea/shaf's shepherd pie~ ahh i tot the choc banana would b heavenly but.. to my surprise, it didnt 'capture' me at all. the banana was not naturally ripe thus there was no natural sweetness to it and the tecture was not smooth la.. so yea... the choc indulgence is the safest choice u all could order cuz its just good no matter which branch of secret recipe u go to! =p (ah brunei gona have secret recipe soon! but somehow im not that looking foward it =p) n owh.. irene ordered that fish in a bowl just cuz she said the name was cute -_- haha but not bad la n the shepherd's pie was just normal~

spore airport- guess what flavour?? sharon bit into it n she terus turned off..why?? because mindset is vanilla flavour! but its not! its soya! XD its really good..i love it!very refreshing =D

sq, from spore to brunei- ah finally flying back brunei(i was not ready to leave japan all!) and the food was normal, a 'safe' meal. nasi lemak~ and the appetizer was ham with veggies such as long beans tomatoes, sawi with some spread. there was ice cream!! XD it was the ice cream that got me.. well.. excited! =)))

home- one of the mochi set i bought from asakusa. its actually just alright as in.. nothing special la but its just mochi! =) enjoyed having it plang.. haha! got this for erm.. around 700yen/B$10.50~

home- hahahhaa at home!!!!! still i very the miss MAGGI CURRY!!!! got to cook n eat~~ wheeee~very cheap ahh... 5packets for *soon lee's price* B$1.80! hahahaha but but.. this is msia's delicacy no..? =p

home- owh not forgetting this dorayaki with red bean filling bought in the airport~ it was a thousand plus yen.. for few packets la.. it was yummy=D and there were many other stuffs i bought but i didnt take a pic of them cuz i was busy eating them i guess.. like the confetti then the squid with cheese filling(that was really good! but sadly i bought one packet with only 7pcs of squid inside), fried mini crabs n ikan bilis, hokkaido milk-chocolate caramels and mocha caramels, bottled coffee, bottled milk tea,etc etc? i couldnt remember much of buying what..

home- can u see the camouflaged lil animal? haha one of the food i got from japan too! very cute! many other various animals but i didnt take a pic of it.. sighh... nvm.. next time should have a chance to go japan again..! i hope~ *cross fingers* =D