Tuesday, September 30, 2008

bjfa- sports n game day!

03.09.08... event in bjfa for tat day was sports n games... well... sports is not tat sports la.. mostly is games la... n they played....this game... required to blondfold 4 ppl.. then draw sumthing on the whiteboard with the help of supervisor's direction... mcam like.. ok..first draw the hair.. then the eyes then the face then the ears so on and so forth..~ hehee quite entertaining to see~

the contestants with their masterpieces!! hehehe some turned out not bad..n some.. well.. they tried wa.. u tink easy to draw without looking har? =P

vince posed proudly with his masterpiece! 'not bad wa my drawing!!',he said.. n i tink... looks like him! hehehe

they had second round..third round... hehe enjoying themselves la... good for them! =)

err vince? u gone..erm... gila ha?? 'scorching' across the table?? or maybe jus 'hiau/miang' arnd with the girls? XD ok nola... the girls took his car keys n wallet i guess... n he was like pleading for themm..=p

eseeeh using the discipline power from kendo to draw properly? well it was actually not bad! i mean the drawings=) n mr koh(the only non kendo member) used his dimensional imagination to draw? hahaha teruk me toking as usual~

i tink they were bullying azri cuz he was abt to leave for uk soon tat time...

ta-dah!!! me n ai leeeeen~~ we wont missed out in taking pics together..huhuhu~ =)

Monday, September 29, 2008

bjfa- origami time~

27/08/08... a day in bjfa to sort out their timetable.. yesh.. these pics are one month old...=D

its time for origami to conquer the day... so firstly we were given pprs n were asked to lipat a crane~ a traditional thingy..plus most of us know how to lipatkan ia... soo there it is~

wei sen n his weird cap(according to me..no worries.. i told him myself too! n he said..so what? i like! hehee) with azri duno wat he doing eh..

presenting... *dang dang da dang* the gangsters of bjfa~~ XD

then we proceed to make heart with wings! there's mine...

one flew over...~~ that's wei sen's or more known as...'Vince!' hahaha

another came over! that's ang ang's! hehehe 3 lil hearts flying arnd... duno buat apa eh... haha atm.. i haf no intepretion of the pic... mind cant think...currently me sugar OD.... ugh... a lil headache...hehe

last but not least.... someone's kokoro flew over into my room~ guarded by rudolfo!! =D hehee thanx~

Sunday, September 28, 2008

time flies so fast!

this is outside my hostel room! look at the number of slippers outside!! we were practically blocking ppl's way passing thru.. haha we really were harmless...didn mean to block anyone's way....i just noticed that y there were so many slippers outside... 3 of them mine...one chee's, shan's, mas's then 4 pairs over at my neighbours...

lepaking in my room~ haha heard that my room is cool~ haha

shan very concentrating in her work loor... of cos! cuz gingerbread man is guarding her =D haha plus my bedless bed does not provide comfortness thus she cudn slack of..=D...

haha caught irn in action bullying oz!!! n irn caught me in taking pics!! eeeKKKK!!!

hehee me n chee sitting on the floor outside fos! =D

gasp! what did they both see??... liang-> oh my gosh! y they post my pic??? mins later...sol gave a bigger reaction-> owwwwh...owwwh!! y they post that pic??(in the ping pong club..they posted their pics.. but sol's pic was the totally vain pose punya....) hehe

laughing in the process...huhuhuu we mean ppl~

they promoting korea culture club.... waseh want seduce me by blowing some kisses hah? =D

this one... we were at jerudong market.. waiting for azri to come n collect his student card that he left in my file.. sorry once agn~ n so we waited by the tower at the seaside,,, =)

this.. we were at the dst tower to enquire bout our assignment dealing with telecommunication.. boy... tho we didn get the real answers..but got ideas on how to write our answers la.. n dst gave us a bag of souvenirs each... nice~ hehe n sol!!! u hafta drive carefully laaa.... dun 'hurt' the car no moreeee~

this one was a practical on saturdy~~ malas to attend this class actually.. cuz its the only class...n its a practical... but sumhow not bad la..the practical..quite easy... n sol was having his driving test n he passed! coongrats! but still.. careful with ur driving ahh~ =P

irn! y see me this way?? even chee shocked with her face~ wahahha ah wells.. we were at hrd attending this presentation by helen from uni of glasgow.... gah.. it sumhow attracted me.... hmm... glasgow o unsw?? sumhow.. i haf decided~but duno ok o not la..=p

eseeeh sol~~ mcam provide information or something~ nola... mayb an adviser? XD

hmm.. muram sangat? hehe does it look like an advertising banner? quite a negative one i guess...=P

last but not least, a pic of mas gift~~ she rarely wear earrings eh~ but yea.... she was feeling weird using it... hehe nvmwa mas...=)

ah wells.. now its mid sem break n there is soo much to do!! but... i duno if im gona do it... ppl?? help gimme motivation can?? =)

Friday, September 26, 2008

new vc(late posting)

i was wondering where did i save of the pics when we had to go to chancellor hall to meet the new vc... n there! found it!! hehe

me n shan cozing up sitting on the floor....=)

mas, chee, irn, me n shan! thanx for linna for taking this pic... haha.. we planned to escape... had the heart to escape n tried to escape! but just that.... we dun dare...hahahha for me la... i wanted to stay.. so sumhow.. all of them stayed..haha

ramai org la.... hahaha whole of ubd wa.. but MOST escaped! hahaha cuz not enuf seats for all of us! for sure la... ah wells.. at least... we filled the place up jua kan?

mine, shan's, chee's and irn's(from left to right) taken by irn.. hhehe boredom...i guess~

irn's beloved keychain!! i was very sakai to see when the round thing kna rotate... the initial image still lingers... wahahhaa n this pic kna rotated 180 degree so can see the keychain in its upright direction =)

got yoga demo!! can u notice ak. shahizwan? XD

new vice chancellor impressed!! btw his english..ada slang! =D well not a bad thing la... just that when i listen to him talking... i was tempted to talk that way too!(with not much success)

my resco partner!!! yus oh yus.. y u so blank minded??

errrmm... ziman n k trying to act cute??? (as usual~=P)

there there ak. ahhh!!are you tryin to sniff her thru her tudong?? @_@ hehehe

mas~~~ u pretty thing u~ XD ok.. im no pervie... hehe mas~~ let us look foward to go for obbd!!

ayoiii!! hahaha ur like making a fool of urself?? well not really la.. he just auto reaction when he sees camera aimin at him...XD

dean of students! hehehe very very kind n firendly man! =)

this!!! gaaah!!! i was only playin arnd fooling arnd with the windows live gallery fix functions...(sakai waa) cuz this pic was blur... then then.... i acidentally forgot to save it as a copy!! so it over write my orignal pic!!!!! n im left with this... erm... abstract?? @_@ nevertheless... i tink... ayoi n qawiem(im not sure...i cant really get his spelling right!) look quite good here.. haha candid pic kan?? hehe n saiful wahahhhaa sleepy look~ i guess

then grp pic of some of the mpp members n qawiem with new vc~ =)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

me room

this is the view outside my room =) nice? haha..plus...got wind in the right direction! so when at night.. there is wind... it feels cool that it is so nyaman and am tempted not to wake up early the next day!

but disadvantage is.. when i need to mandi or to change baju.. need to close the curtain...otherwise i would be doing a 'free show'~ hehee(my previous room...outside my window was the jungle...thus its safe to get naked or what-so-ever~)

gaaah! now my room position is exposed! XD

Monday, September 22, 2008


i have lived a good life for 20 years...

thank you everyone for everything


im now 21 already what!

over 20 yrs old...!

ok..im alive

*sowi for such a nonsense post... just stressed out somehow...did badly for maths test n still haven abis assignment hahaha*

Saturday, September 20, 2008

gone crazy

i dislike last minute work...
they stress me out....
but im lazy to do work..
thus work piles up!
so why am i abusing myself this way?
i simply 'love' pressure
okay.. no i dont...
i just love 'pushing myself off the cliff'
okay...no...NO! *didnt mean it in terms of the suicidal way*

this is how i am atm...~ head of a duck with extreme messy hair...with the legs of a bear XP
*still havent get any work done...how am i gonna survive?*

Thursday, September 18, 2008

$20 sushis, anyone?

ahhh... last sat... dad went to labuan for business trip.. n since he is not here n mom like sushi n dad doesnt prefer it, so mom asked sis to tapau sushis from misato...(got the promotion thingy... the sushis above cost only $20.. not bad.. normal price actually..hehe) n we were satisfied la.. along that... i tapau-ed 4 bags of chendol which they claimed its from temburong(duno they brought over to bandar from temburong or what la), then big bottle of air tebu n the black round kuih(which i forgot the name... i suck in remembering local kuih names.. i label them as colours..XD) n boy we were full~~ it was great! =)