Friday, November 23, 2007

happy bday to timun!!

whoaaa... my first time to do an advanced posting!!!!!!! hahaha well this post sposedly to post on d 29th nov... but since i'll be back in hostel for my exams... so wont b able to update la.... anyways~~~~*on to the next paragraph~*

waaaaaaaaaaaooooo~~ this update is specially dedicated to sir nosferatus!! since he hasnt been updating his bloggie for quuuuuuuite sooooooooome time~~~ ( got special order from him to ask me to post something for him huhuhu nollaaa... i willingly wana post something about him since he's such a nice fren tho i know him in a short while n seen him only once in real life...

ah wells~~~ HAPPY BDAY TO U!!!!!!!!! wish u good good n dun hangover too much owwh~~ hafta control eh~~ haha n no... i duwan to hav a drink fiesta with u.. i will collapse very very fast~~ hahaha right rachel?? ^_^

good vs evil??

the wink wink guy! wahahhaa sowi i mean... its sir nosferatus, d t-man aka timun/ ma gay daddy~ hehehhee

babaaaaa ENJOY!!!!
*psssst... timun ah timun~ so hav u pierced both ears liaw??? huhuhu*

reminiscing old times

uwaaaaaa!!!! am just here update a lil.... shoot... ppl study break... n i keep updating my blog.... waddaheck me doing??? confident to fail isit?? sighh -_-"""

nyways... i was looking thru rachel's blog and i browse thru her older blog..... and omigosh!!!! i missed all those fun moments!!! n its really funny when look thru it agn... hahahha bout when we swim in llrc o when crossing d bridge in miri, etc, etc... huhuhu

and was looking thru my old blog hmmm i realised.. d pics sooo small... cant really see ehh...~~ but i missed my ripas i week attachment thingy there.. hahaha got to where d green uniform for d surgery place o sumthing... n overnyt at my sis place with razan, wani n linna... eeee nice...~~

baa enuf for random posts agn... i soo nid to get my work started!!! X-P!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

random art

time to update bout random stuffs~~

drew this when in form 6... due to stress i tink?? hhahahaa

n agn random.... haiyoo duno wat i was trying to draw.. hahaha

simple drawing agn..... hmmmm

drew this for gp o sumthing... just hantam draw n turned out to b stressful for ppl who see it.. wahahhaaa

this is what i do when studying maths-vectors just yesterday... -_-"" sooo malas to study waa... its just bad~~~

owwwwh i miss my mama's fren's rabbit!!! sooo fat b4.. i wonder what bout now???

fat til d cage is lyk sooo sempit for it... huhu

my room door... haiyoo... update bout it agn cuz nobody pass by my room.. advertise my 2mp sony cybershot take punya pic.. hhuhuhu (btw its in grave repairs atm tats y got new cam..)

ahhhh a pwetty butterfly otw back from fos to hostel...~~ hehehehee

that's all!!! for now..~~ ^_^


ahaaa... last saturday... during morning time... our EEE seniors had en class... n we had test laa.. but b4 tat we got to eat ice cream cake.. cuz one of the seniors bday waa... huhuh

the jolly 9 seniors... (d bday boy is d one who got hugged from behind@_@.. nywayz heard his nick name was... meiling...@_@.. ahem...~)

our grp pic together!! 9 seniors n 7 juniors + en1202 lecturer...-> dr de silva!!

acting gila~

they love taking pics~~ nice!!!

nywayz.. i stayed back on sat til now(wednesday) which is spose to be study break but im still at campus.. n well.. cant really study..-_-"" oh yeaaaa this was on monday.... we saw this car.. n we were like... ehh sooo familiar jus this car....

one closer look... at the plate license... oh shoot!!! that's 'his' car!!!! waaaaaah~~ famous la his car abandoned on d road like tat.... huhu but he still okla... abit shocked... huhuu he mus hav sped around tat corner...

our teddy bear!!! he is soooo cute here~~ wahahahahaa nywayz... we were rushing to abis our lab reports n lab assignments... n jian liang aka jenny... he specially got bring fed ex envelope n put it in...

very formal oh he write.... got full name... registraton number... address... e ahh.. his report got signature agn!! sayin sumthing about declaration of originality of his report.. -_-"

when we went to hand in.. syg dr liyanage not there... but we got to hand the reports in lawa lawa~~hahaha apa all these EEE students ahh~~ huhu


Monday, November 19, 2007

specially dedicated to u!!! (wawawa)


this is my reply to someone who dedicated one of her post to me (aWW~~ soo sweet~~ =P)

so there it is


Miss Lee Yen Chee (aka Chee Chee Dear Dear~~)

im just sitting here next to u in ictc and agn i gila gila update about u~~

eseeehh me sweet sweet also kan??


btw... ictc sooo cold~~ eee....
(btw..i sound soo les... -_-"" wahahaha)


Friday, November 16, 2007


im bad at expressing myself..


i cant tahan but to write it out

i have the right to get angry...

pissed off

feeling very sad


ur the only fren tat made me wana let go of u

but i dont want to

but u made me to

what the heck

im just trying to save this friendship

but do u even bother?

you dont even want to open up

or talk or layan me at all

while im the one trying to
why is that??

now i feel like a fool

one big pathetic fool

ughh... stupid...

idiotic stranger


Thursday, November 15, 2007

camwhoring with analisa's lappie~~

yessshh camwhoring using analisa' dearest baby boy.... in ma room~~~








during korean week... n again.... huhuhu 1








whoaaaaaa enjoy!!!!

am backk

ahhhhh ang again... long last updates of pics here~~~ i feel im very d unorganised eh.. i label pics in my laptop by dates... not by events.. and i just upload them accordingly... goshh.... duno which wat better laa.... nywayz...
EXAMS ARE COMING SOON!!!!!!! IN ONE WEEK time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!

auzi fall asleep in p6 class... hahaha ksian him eh.. dun seem like he has enough sleep..~~ but thanx boy for helping me out in co.. memang my ank sulong ahh~~~ huhuhu and yeaa thanx to ming hui too!!!! darn java... i have no idea how to do ahh.... -_-""

raya celebration in our blok F6!!!! at ground floor tv room.. need to pay of course....~


d food~~~

me n mas way of eating~~ very d erm.... 'unlady-like' ahahhaha

sweeto~~~(wit diyana's famous closed eyes)

me n mas wit wei kee in the background

lovely ladies

more of us!!

we r soo lovey dovey~~~

d lovely decoration but honestly*annoying* music.... :p!!

during bjfa!! its onigiri day!!! minako sensei demonstrate how to make it... n we members pay 2 bucks for it... n nn members pay 3 bucks.. u can make as much as u want n tapau even!! if the rice enuf laa.. heheehe

showing our hand made onigiri

taka n his cutey happy faily.... mr pringles look-alike.... sumo n a simple smiley face???

the gal...(i forgot her name!!!!! shooot!!) she made these... so cute~

first pic is my onigiri's'!! then yee jan n diana's onigir's' n others' creative onigiri's'

I Still like THEM!!!! huhuhu

next is korean language and culture week!!!! i soo like the display... s cute!!! nywayz.... it was held for 4 days.. n im helping out at taekwondo booth.... i know... im a traitor..... but nooo!! cnsider not la... just help out ma.. vlunteer work.... no side where o where one.... me very d open!! huhuh

one of the pretty display vase~~

one of the korean culture club's member.. derek(?)... cant help but to ask him to pose with the adorable tea set ....~

one of my seniors... yr 3 of applied physics.... ohh looking so formal... getting ready for wedding!! huhuu n d korean teacher is the one on the right side.. duno wats her name....hehehhe

me in this 'siaw jie' look of baju with linna syg~

in hanbok!! seems big for me~~ shoot.. im just short...-_-""

our booth... !!

tek ting came back from origami class n she made this adorable uniform.... eeee

posing with the cute korea lamp thingy~~

peace sign!! (berikut-ikutan wit th epic bhind us~~)

and agn ikutan wit d pic bhind... running!!!

eeee in hanbok agn!!!

behold!! princess diyana and her left n right maids...~~ ^_^

very gentle yee jan n ganas me....-_-" (someone complained y i sit soo not nice... but but but.. in movies some sit like tat lehh...haiyooo)

we r sooo lovey dovey looking!!!

wei wei's turn~

goshh!!! we felt soo stuu with this!! hahaha actually.... the face shop owedi close n they put down this stand liaw... n the gals disapointed la... cuz they wana take pics.. but thanx for this courageous gal!! she dared to ask them la whether if we can take pic with him... n we did!!!!

sooo gatal looking we this...~~ wahahahhaaha

and the third pic.... hahha n after that third shot.. the gal immediately kept it... and d next day he never return.....-_-"" maybe he got scared of us all liaw... uwaaaa~~ hehehe

and agn~~ but look like im touching efna's boobies~~ =P

me n yee jan posing with the lovely pic....

linna's punching skill!!! soo ganas ah!! ahhaa i did it oso la... but no good shot.... camera no lovey me~~ :'(

the next day of the event!!! this gal sooo sporting... cant blieve she wear tat helmet over her tudong.. then i told her got gloves n body kit. n she wore them all n pose!!!! eeeee rare to find gals like tat!! hahahha

gasp!!! a blushing bride!!!

its my turn!!

huahwahwahhawaa i own the place yo!!

heart heart agn!!

gosh i tink i like this baju the most... very nice colour wor.. but the hottest oso la.... the material abit thicker laaa

i love this pic.... hahha curi ambil gambar lagi....~~

our booth~~ nice ppl~~~ i tink?? haahha

korean kids

pose pose~

ahhhhh hasanah suggested turning our backs la.... hahha look abit weird~

'high' princess wearing sunglasses!!!

after they close the korean thingy... we went straight to menglait stadium to hav taekwondo there laa.. n we hav our dubok liaw!!! eee but no black collar.. i want black~~ =( but sold off!!) ah wells.. the place is sooo hot... we were sweating like wat ahh.....

me!!! with ppl at the back trainin ping pong....

n btw!!! im nominated as one of the biro!!! but duno wat post yet.. iwant fotografi n publisiti~~ =(

on sunday.. stayed back... n jaga the booth.. and there were kids sooo hyper there that i played with them. by holding the kicking o punching kits n they kick o punch la.. after some hard wor... the lady boss helped me to do my nails.. i mean stamping la.... nice flowery flowers!

our drama in d afternoon... u see my arse there with linna?? hahaha idiotic gals... huhuhu one of them tarik my bag.. n i slapped his hands a few times!! n analisa said he had a shocked face when i did them... hey cant blame me!! its reflex action!! huhuhu

being cool??

errr vain guys.... seriously....!

considered frens with them?? hahaha analisa's frens la

i posted this for 'someone' she said he is hot o something.... hehehe u tink??

us n the pretty fan!!! goshh... the fans r soo much prettier than us~~

taekwondo members.. combined with kb ones....

had singing competition tat nyt,... n diyana's sister n her fren sang.. n won 3rd placela... huhu nywayz b4 tat.... we had refreshments.... n the rice water o something is nice!!! got some korean dishes laa....

and agn diyana's famous closed eyesss

d korean tcher singing .. n the three judges oso sang... huhuhu duno wat to say..

free session of karaokin!!! we sang always-bon jovi.... me n evelyn wana sing but we dont asked diyana's sis n her fren to sing together...huhuh

us wit d cute thingies n d korean style window???

goshhh i upload quite loots of pics ehh.. but i still hav mre... hmmmm difficult ehh~ ah wells..enjoy!