Sunday, November 4, 2007

randomy random

exams r coming soon!!!!! in 3 weeks time!!!!!!!!!! arghhh!!! haven been revising even.. just bz doing assignments n coursework.... n gosh the potato cutting machine presentation is finally over n im reliefed!!!! goshhhhh but then its not tat a good presentation cuz we dont hav much diagrams n stuffs la... hmmm~~~ well... so just telling ya ol tat i wont b updating ma blog for quite some time la..agn.... -_-" ah wells... enjoy d pics!!

again pic of me n alicia...(alicia trying to look lyk a guy for me~ hehee)

in wywy

kisss kisss

having lunch/dinner in d mall before going to watch resident evil3... cool movie!!!

sis bought this from limbang!! hehehehe

sakai during raya-ing

at nbt.... cool setup they hav there

selamat hari raya to all!!!


advertise lexus!

vain-ing in d toilet

during bjfa.. learnt to do the double crane~


fugitives in ma room...~

during taekwondo.... got this cute lil kid!!! eeeeeeee even d guys cant resist but to play with tat lil boy~

visiting doulus!!

wearing costumes of different countries

having a lil 'feast' in the common room... nyuk shan fried nuggets and mas made soup~

during raya-open house in the siswi hall

with d boys!! esehhh~ smart looking eh!

karaoke session!.. me bz taking pics saja... malas to sing... wat to do... duno oso wa if i sing...

with irnnie... my lab partner

building a bridge!!!

us and d disqualified bridge!!

working OT ohh... tat we had tea time together!!

errm vain sylvester n angry jian liang?? huhuhu

workmates yooo!!! hehehe nola... we had to dress formally for this potato cutting machine presentation... and it started at 4 and ended at almost 7pm!! so dark outside laar.. sooo scary.... hehehe
and these days got scary stuffs happening.... specially the hostel i think?? but i hear nothing la.. haiyooo its the imagination laa... sighh.. ppl at hostel at 1st floor.. keep screaming here n there.. duno for what... -_-"""" ah wells~~~


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Ashley chaw said...

lol nyuk shan grew taller dee~~~ lol ask her be model~!!