Thursday, September 10, 2009

agn soon k?

not in the mood to update much tho i have owedi uploaded some onto my blog..but with no wordings yet... just now went for a tour with other uni ppl.. so yeaa... tired.. the pic above.. was taken in the stirling castle.. more to update later!!! =DDDDD

btw... SO GOOD WEATHER just nooowww!! past few days... raining sja.. rawr!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

im here!

me in city centre of glasgow!!been bz ppl.. walking arnd... such as walking to see the landlord, walk to apartment, wlak to police station, walk to buy sim card, walk to buy electric, walk to buy fooood, walk to buy duvet, walk to survey bajus, walk to survey boots, walk to buy mug, walk to sungkai with other seniors, etc etc,

we had our sungkai dinner together ystrdy nyt at brahim's place... n actually i still nada tok to him cuz..well.. i duno him n err... he was occupied with something..but but got to tok with other lovely ladies... =D hehe enjoyed the nyt further with tv!! watching the x factor o watever it is.. haha

hmmm will update more later =)