Saturday, November 29, 2008


-i am opposite of me-

lost myself over and over again

Thursday, November 27, 2008

before the arrival..

XD this was on the day prince charles came to brunei..when he was on his way, we were all waiting for his arrival.. when suddenly... the cleaner came out with the cleaning thing n start wiping the top of the chancellor hall's door... i guessed it might had shocked most ppl.. haha we were all looking at him...~ semangat him! good eh! =)

btw... exams.. so far.. so.. erm... lets just say... 2 died, 1 lived and 2 more pprs to go! wheeee~

Monday, November 24, 2008

exaaaaaaaaaam... sem3!

hmm~ exam period starts now...~ *stop napping arnd too much LcK!!!!*


Friday, November 21, 2008


oh yeaa.... suppose to do this when i saw this post in razan's blog that day... but was bz that i forgot.. until today... when i was resting from studying... then i did it..~ haaah i got so many versions i didn know which one to choose.. n i uploaded more than enough pics..(didnt want to.. cuz it would not feel 'special' anymore...) but still i uploaded quite a number of them because each represents different feeling, a different story... i hope u all enjoy...~

*psst... i chose the design like that... cuz... im no designer..=P nah.. i wrote 'love' at my wrist... cuz its the most common area/way to suicide...(wrist slitting) and the cross...for me, im not trying to signify any religion la..but because the cross sorta represents the 'symbol' for salvation that ppl would usually use...its quite a 'universal' yea.. i used that 'symbol'... n yea... dont mind my chubby hand....XD*

*i yearn for acceptance*

*i yearn for attention*

*i yearn for strength*

*i yearn for help*

* i yearn for understanding*

*i yearn for freedom*

*i yearn for heaven*

*i yearn for happiness*

while im 'at' it... i was in the mood to be 'vain'...well..sorta... cuz while i was snapping my hand away... got these mood over me..~so yea... enjoy 'my pics'

*determined to live*

*does anyone care?*

*in the verge of breaking down*

*to think and to decide*

*yes, there is love*

hmm... i hope that the captions fit the pictures tho.. im not that good at it... anyone wana help? feel free to do so by leaving comments~ =)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

over relax?

had dinner at rms diner ystrdy with sis to relax during the revision week.. n i realised ive just relaxed overly im worried for not getting my work done... waddaheck~ XD sigh my exam schedule is as follows:

24.11 - maths
27.11-mobile com

actually the schedule not bad.. but for a person who over relax... hmm.... i need to work hard... after i take my nap..which is now! @_@ hwahwahwaaa~

*talking gibberish*


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

majlis khatam al-quran 08

alooohaa~ this is one of the events i attended to last month.. n only now i got to update bout it.. hehe.. it was oon a sunday.. n i had to stay back in hostel just for this! cuz amal said so(resco female boss XD) so yea... semangat abit to go n help out la...

it was kind of a sad day laa...(as u can see frm the guy's face..=P) it was raining.. n me, analisa, hikmah n jannah had to walk there. luckily my payung still alright.. need to get a new one soon.. n on the way there.. it was slippery! haah~ feet was wet... hafta angkat the kain..dont care sexy or not..asalkan my kain is dry~

all the ppl attending also hafta walk under the rain.. hehe except.. they just had to walk a shorter distance than us..=p

the guys had to find shelter too! XD

the resco committee~ ready to get some work done! XD but pose dulu before working..=D

wahliuuu the girls sooo in the posing mood~but erm.. maming was moving..otherwise.. i would like this pic..XD

alo uncle~~ hehe were u smiling at me? XD i was noticing him.. he was carryin the bunga telur... n was looking arnd as if he was lost or something... but i remembered it was nice to look at him tho..XD

more ladies posing arnd~ XD btw the bunga telur.... is not really bunga telur..maybe should call it bunga ferrero rocher~ XD cuz they wrapped the chocolates instead of using eggs... yuuum~ but i didn get my hands on it...=/

uwaaaaaa a big bouquet..nono.. few bouquets of bunga telur there? =D

another one! haha the uncle was turning to my direction n got to snap his face~ XD i myself like how the eggies looked blur.....seemed...natural! =D

loootsa shoes outside the masjid.. first time i see heaps of shoes~ male shoes n sandals i mean...*sakai* (n when i was blogging bout this.. my fren sitting next to me thought this is a shoe rack or something... =D looks like it

VC and the Dean welcoming guest of honor

mpp's'.. hahhaa fathi~u kept fidgetting arnd ahh~XD as usual..!

first time i stepped into a mosque... i didnt dared to... but then.. too many ppl arnd.. n i was curious n thus..curi masuk! waseeeh.. i really didn know that day was such a... erm.. grand day ehh~ haha

heaps of bunga telur!! so pretty! gosh... if i had the chance.. i would like to take pics of each n every one of their designs!

tajul, baz, mu'izz, fathi, saiful n ayoi~ ive been seeing them arnd lots lately... haha duno why ah... maybe they are ya know... 'important ppl'~ thus whereever there are events....u could find them!

ahem ahem ayoi!! uur posing on purpose! u were like stopping in front of me... then like berpura pura looking at the ppr.. haha yea i know u vain..thus i took a pic of u..later merajuknya~ XD

this time... my turn to take pics with the guys! haha normally i rarely have the chance to have my picture taken wa...

working time! eseeehh~ me rajin at work? dad was sayin.... u ah.. look nice owedi.. the spongebob bag! XD haha i know.. it doesnt match eh? but nvmla.. brighten up the cloudy day~ btw thanx to mu'izz for taking pics...=)

tadaaah the line of transporting those 'gifts'... can be tiring one u knoooow~ haha we were unloading them to the tents n had to bring back the empty vases or watever thingies to put those bunga telur... to the main entrance.. hmm~

i managed to take two pics of these flowers... cuz the rest... resco members owedi took them out n distributed along the chairs..

after work.. i went inside the mosque agn.. this time.. a closer look at the ppl arnd la..

the ladies...busy taking pictures and looking arnd....

as looking at the interior design.. simple, clean n neat

vain ppl~ analisa took one flower that matched her baju kurung tat day~ hahaha n she put into my bag.. n later when i got back.. my bag got stained! gah... sad la.. n cudn get rid of it fully.. ah wells.. spongebob is 'coloured' now.. hmm

the usual..while doing work, still could pose arnd, not minding the weight of the bunga telur they were holding~ =p

ahaaaa!! the event had finished! it is time for them to eat eat eat!

me n nisa walked under the rain without umbrellas...cuz we had our tudong on... n well.. malas wa to use umbrella.. plus was holding my camera kan? so not free to take anythin~ so we two had to usher ppl to the tents where the ladies could grab a seat n enjoy their buffet at the back row of the tents la..

we panicked at one point... cuz few times... an influx of ladies came out.. n the tents were full owedi.. we had to direct them to other camps... some ksian la.. no chairs to seat...

even the buffet was not enough for the guests....when the tent was almost empty, me n nisa indulge ourselves in rice with the gravy sjaaa~~not bad ehh~the chicken kurma gravy was really good~ we were nevertheless still satisfied~ =D on the way back to the 'main tents', saw the other girls... n they didn eat at all.. so they went to male hostel n get their food la.. whereas me n nisa walked back to hostel.. event abis! yaaay!

zubai gave this to me as he got extra... yaay! thanx zubai! ksian u... originally got '4 eggs' then u gave me one.. leaving '3 eggs'... sigh u shud give out one more to have balanced 'eggs' eh~ XD

this is the other flower analisa got for me.. hehe thanx babe~ n i got 2 hard boiled eggs to eat that time.. yummy... long time no eat hard boiled eggs~ XD n yea... remembered i had to do some cleaning after that.. i was tired.. n had a slight headache... mayb cuz of the rain..=p ah wells.. it was kind of a nice day =)