Tuesday, November 4, 2008

convo 2nd day

convo 2nd day!! hahaa caught u in camera!!! i like this pic! wahhahaa btw... han picked us up n went for breakfast.. eat where?? a place that sells 'seria kolo mee'! haaaa go bandar n eat seria kolo mee? ah well.. 2.50 lagitu! haha i jus called for kolo kuew tiaw sja.. =p

nywayz its her time to wear the red yukata...the day before she was wearing the sorta turquoise colour yukata~ as for me.. i wore the outside baju sja.. i duno wat its called! later u'll see la

rtb interview~ n han is totally prepared for it..~ then we had to pose arnd for the camera~ abit awkward.. cuz we smiled all throughout the 'video' they took of us~ wahliuuu then i realised... shoot... RESCO booth nada org! cuz most of them went to temburong for open house! i panicked n asked analisa to come over... but i guess we were too late.. haha nada kna interview.. plus later say wrong things ehh.. -_-

ai len bz with her chemistry work but still i wana kacau her~ wahhaha~

yahui jaga-ing the language centre booth.. providing some info for the people who passed by~

haha i forgot whose laptop i was using.. lets just say the guys were supposedly there.. but they went somewhere.. n i helped myself to using their laptop..sorry~~ just that the laptop looked so lonely~~(alasan) n watched some funny videos from NSFR8S website~

oooops! time for picture! pose pose~

analisa went to take some pics with my cam.. few of the shoots here~

she shot mas n chee! they just arrived ch arnd noon from hostel.. i bugged them over plus i think they do wana come over...ah wells.. what matters was they were here! XD

trying the play the japanese traditional game~ mas not bad eh balancing the ball! haha

then asked them to join the RBTS punya quiz just for fun.... n we signed up volunteering for BRIDEX!!!! hopefully we got chosen la.. wana volunteer sjawaaa~ it should be good! haha

closer take of the drawing...its the convo ppl~~ haha... notice only the guys do peace signs here? n one thumb up?? haha i thought it was the girls who love the peace signs? XD

self timer to take pics for ourselves~cuz no one we know arnd to help take pics.. so trusty self timer is dependable!

me n mas posing~ ahh i was using mas's slippers.... cuz mine...the flip flop.. slippery to go anywhere... haha~ guess its worn out!

analisa~~~ future pengerusi?? hahaa pose with the RESCO booth first kan?? hehe

*gasp* why were they soooo shocked about??haha curi makan isit?? =p n did u know?? rain's butter cornflakes(or what names its called) was soooooo good! that i kept eating one after another! crazy waaa...nyaman brabis!! wahahhaha

hehehe now then we pose properly.. haha do we look 'gangster-ish'?? cuz..well.. we really made the place like our home or something.. sit on the floor n chit chat sja... XD

we posed further~ i duno what we were suppose to potray tho~ haha same baju alternately?

uh-oh... female assasins? jiajia looked fierce here!!

mcam happy kna captive? XD they were enjoying doing that as well~

ok... why oh why~ i looked soo ermm..stunned? hahhaa btw me n wei sen stand so.... 'kayu' ahh!

me posing with the kendo boy? *gasp* i never knew his name?? ok.. azri~~ apa namanyaa?? hahaha *seeking help*

when rain was playing the japanese gasing thing alike... some of the malays caught him in action n took him out for a challenge!

japanese gasing vs brunei gasing! of course brunei gasing wins!!! cuz its the real thing waaa!!! the one that rain was playing..its just the simple toy..~of course couldnt beat the 'real' thing!

*munch munch munch* eating free burgers~ i gave rain the burger..n in return he gave me one fun donut~ hehe thanx~ nah tat time..ideal was closing soon.. so they had this buy one free one promo.. so i bought lor..hehe

i soo like this pic though its blur!!! cuz really cool for me~ hahhaa its like.. *gasp* who is that ninja look alike just running across in front of me???

rupanyaaaa~ its a she!!! wrapped tudong arnd the face... btw her moves were sooo interesting!!! she used silat moves....but she was holding the short wooden sword at one end.. n she did it quickly...so it looked sooo cool! XD i love u!!! XD

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