Monday, November 3, 2008

post convo

i didn went back after returnin back the yukata.. stayed at ch...then went for dinner with lim han, fen n jiajia... after that... companied lim han n noticed him undergoing reflexology with bahar!! haha but before bahar entered the shop..lim han went out n shouted...(something like this la)' BAHAR!! the person u wanted is not available!!! which girl u want??? come n choose!' wahliu.... shocked 3of us... sounds sooo wrong!! mcam...-_- ah wells.. lemme intro u.. this is bahar one unique person.. he feels pain but he doesnt show it on his in... he feels pain within.. but ppl dont see him in pain! in this pic... jus askin him to act to be in pain~..hahaha

this is lim han~ hahaha call him apek..! cuz he looks like one! asked him to shave..but he didn want.. ah wells... let him look old n wise~

ooowwwwh~ fire cupping~ look at the fire! seems real nice~ hehee.. n han was really... shoutin here n there...entertained us quite well.. we were also occupied by translating chinese to english n english to chinese to help bahar communicate with the masseur..ah wells... it was fun nevertheles... n we had trouble.... 'what is sex organs in chinese language???' *tot tot tot* we all didn know.. we dont know how to read chinese even! haha

there the girls were entertained! hehehe n yea... we had a great time la... n han totally convinced me to go for this massaging thingy next time... yaaay~

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