Friday, December 28, 2012

Adi+Fae wedding

Late last month, I covered Adi and Fae's wedding (Previously did a casual photoshoot for them). It was a Brunei Malay wedding and it takes place over three days; Majlis Akad Nikah, Majlis Berbedak dan Berpacar and lastly Majlis Sanding! (For more info, just google them) Definitely nerve wrecking as it is my first time to be attending all three events of such wedding and there was massive pressure as I doubt if I can do a proper job out of it. Verdict: I did my best, was pleased which some of the outcome =D So cut story short, here are some of the pics. For more pics, just visit my Facebook or... just click the links below =p

Majlis Akad Nikah


and so christmas is over.. nye next?

*My dog is adorable*

How are you guys feeling and enjoying the festive seasons! Now that Christmas day is over, people start to look forward to the new year celebrations. For some, like the radio, is looking forward to Chinese New Year since they are already playing songs, so hyped up la the radio station~

So I have been busy, but busy with what exactly? Maybe when I am always away from my laptop, I labelled myself as busy since there is not much updates from me lol. But hey, when I am active on FB, I am active! Let me just recap what my major erm activities happened in my life.... in the next post!! hahahha! I apologise ah! It's because some of the pics I want to post has already been deleted due to limited storage on my laptop and the programs are like lagging for no apparent reason (or maybe my laptop is just getting old already *gulp*)

Til next time!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

So it has passed Christmas day. Today is boxing day.. sadly there is no boxing day sales over at where I stay but I did have an early celebration of Christmas over in Singapore. It was my first time in many many years that I set foot there and I love that place! Sales, shops, food, fashion, decors all over! So here it is.. erm... is it even considered as E-cards? Anyways late greetings from me and my dogs but better than no greetings at all in this dead blog.


Loving my dogs? Yes, you should XD


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First try with digital scrapbooking

Yesterday I was experimenting with digital scrapbook-ish style when I purchased Florabella's Light and Sunflare Overlays with their discounted codes and I got their Retro Holiday Papers for free! I wish I am rich to purchase more stuff from them but that's it for now! *empty wallet*
There was this urge to try make something and the picture below is the outcome~ Included below are the links to where I got stuffs and tried to compile them together. Enjoy~

Frame around the font - Label Frames No. 12
Paper on the left - Florabella Retro Taupe Solid
Picture on the left - Taken at Calton Hill in Edinburgh - Processed with Florabella Colorplay and Florabella Light and Sunflare Overlays


Thursday, November 22, 2012

First full body outfit post~

Heya! I was like super excited yesterday! Because... this lovely faux leather jacket just arrived yesterday at the post office! I won this from Fashion Cabaret when they were hosting this giveaway. I shared multiples times on my wall, instagram it and even wrote a blog post of it (If you have not read it, it's here)! Had my mom to help collect the jacket ( since I am at work) and I couldn't wait to try it on! The size is just right (except the's a lil tight since i have erm..'muscular/fattie' arms)

Just posted a pic of it on instagram this morning~
 After work without wasting time, I just put on circle lens, makeup, prepare outfit and camera, went outside to post against the cream wall. It's my first time doing a sorta photoshoot outside by myself. There were people looking, I got shy after that but tried to compose myself lol

I got this dress from Full House II in Miri!! By the way, the shop is in Bintang Megamall, Miri at the second floor (2.09-2.10) at the old wing. It was love at first sight~ I also set my eyes on another dress (dark pink with interesting print (repetitive cameo like) and interesting back design) but then I could only get one, so this is the winner! and actually this is the first time I wore it for the longest time, just could not find the time to actually wear this dress XD

*Oh just ignore my muscular/fattie arms and legs~ I must try to take pictures without me looking larger than I already am. Maybe next time I will take it from a higher perspective lol*

Once I put on the jacket and a hat, look how it totally transform the outfit from a soft look to a tough edgy look!  

 It's a jacket with asymmetrical zip placement with two zip pockets and detailed cuffs and a faux waistband~ The jacket is totally lightweight but it can be 'hot' if worn outdoors in a climate like Brunei. I was really sweating on the inside plus it was quite humid plus the nervousness of people able to see me *lol*

There it is, a simple outfit post! Oh the red circle lens.. maybe it's better to keep them for cosplay purposes, I find the look can be quite intense for normal outings. Maybe more natural colours like light brown is nice. I only used it because it's comfortable and the other circle lens are irritating my eyes!

Circle Lens- Blingcon
Faux Leather Jacket-Fashion Cabaret!
Dress-Full House II