Monday, June 29, 2009

slaps n slams

tang tang n mian miaaaaaaaaan!!! kyaaaaa adorable lil separated cotton candies names of the mushy mushiest marshmallows cutie thingy *snorts* hahahaha belonged to han yean... the plushies were named after cotton chinese its 'mian hwa tang'... so there's tang tang on the let n mian mian on the right..whereas hwa hwa is over with his girlfriend... hehehe n gosh han yean can animate them with his... CUTEEEEEE voice!!! waddaheckk!! *slaps n slams the plushies* hahahaha too cute to resist la..

*btw was bored..tat i edited the pic above.. sigh... tryin out ps...but ah wells.. malas ahh to edit....(goes back to resizing pics hahaha) =p*

Sunday, June 28, 2009


we were in asakusa, posing with the famous lantern thingy.. sorry i didnt research well.. atm lazy.. i cant even post a proper japan trip update thingy.. but just one pic at one time.. hahha *heyyy..i have a life once im back in brunei ya know!!! XD but yea... asakusa is like a shopping haven for souvenirs n food souvenirs la... basically whatever u want.. u cud get there... most of our yukata's' were from there... =D *the baju me, sharon n andrea were wearing as shown in my earlier post..* so yea... the ultimate stopping..stop! 'w'

Saturday, June 27, 2009

a perv on the loose!!!

*quit staring at her, you pervert!*

XD hahaahaha just took this randomly... when we were in changi airport, spore... otw to narita airport, japan.. on 17th june 09... my first time in spore airport!!! well... i was in the dreamy state that i cudnt really 'absorb' where i was... nyaahahhaha... had fun with the train between the terminals..! XD

wow.. think im gona post random pics in my upcoming posts... gah... lazy liaw baaa =D

Friday, June 26, 2009


we both love this pic! hahaha yeayea sharon u look good!!XD haha we were in akihabara... n in this neoprint thingy thing... as a stingy person... i used my own camera n made use of the bright lighting..n tadah! instant good pic! hahaha niceeee!!!

btw... MJ, king of pop is dead!!! today!!! ah wells...doesnt concern me anyways..but a big news wa... hehehee

Thursday, June 25, 2009

lost in japan XD

the last nyt of our trip in japan..we were at a place nearby hotel monterey akasaka~ hahhaa we three nuthin-more-to-do-girls... wore our new yukata n roam arnd the streets! just kidding! we roamed with vince n neko to seven eleven store,..hahaha wat an experience! love sharon's yukata...!! haha duno how to choose n i got myself a red one..wat do ya all thinkk??? ah wells~ wud update more abt the trip but not all! =D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


im back frm japan

safe n sound!


tho there was not enough time for me in japan...

*sob sobsss*

gah lemme sleep ahhh


Friday, June 12, 2009

on hold on everything else in life but not date n moving house!


he's back! =)))

on the downside..... new home.... looootsa work!! carryin n wiping n everything else... sighhh~the joints of my fingers are alil numb hahaha... its been a week... n still haven finish clearing the old place.. the new place is a mess! but to the rescue~~ =D

n hey thanx girls on monday..for such a surprise for me!! i was very very bangang!!! hahaha but i really appreciate it! thanx for bringing me such a 'huge living person' pressie~ =D

n thanx syg for our anniversary celebration~~ XD

*hearts ya*

Sunday, June 7, 2009


ahem ahem! a post showing... besides making gladiators for the robotech competition... we rajin students also take extra course in studying the momentum, newton's law, etc etc in practical! *sarcastic tone* =p who else but the competitive liang n irn wana compete each pool in a game of pool! -_-
the leading man! the one with the most experience~ i duno wat to say abt his facial expression when he was trying to hit the ball XD

irn~ still learning n.. mcam quarrel with liang agn~ hahaha nadawa nadawaaa *hihihi*

wasehh sol/tui~ soooo gila!! do the trick lagi...using backhand ah to hit the ball~ XD nvmlaaaa! nobody seeeee!! only us laughing louuud sja XD

me... errrr... hahaha my first time... n its...embarrasing..? hahaha i was shy la... cuz when i wanted to play.. got other ppl play also... embarrased!!! n my form..mcam wana go cut bread into slices o wat~ XD owh owwwhh! got one time.. i tried to aim... then when trying to hit the ball....*swoosh* missed! XD teruk ahh~ =ppp haiya... i like to see ppl play wa... i know i suck..XD

eh ehh... i didnt take pic of oz... -_- he first time too...but good ahh!! =D then after one hour there.. then we balik to the lab... where the technicians were wonderin where we were spending our own sweet time outside~ @_@ hahaahahha! nvmla nvmla! destress once in awhile XD

Saturday, June 6, 2009

sorry towel!

it's been awhile i haven't been moving this 'active' with my arms.. -_- first day cleaning session of my new home in kb with my mom... haaa~though mom did most the job...(she's my superwoman =p) i clearly do not do much housework at all... as shown....below!!
a brand new china towel... then at the end of the day(arnd 5pm) tadaaaah!!!! holes here n there... @_@ i guessed i used too much force... no wonder im tired! XD nvmla.. got another towel to use =D

when i reached home.. terus.. find watermelon! yuuuummy! soo heavenly! hahaha was very thirsty though i drank more than enough water~ but nevertheless satisfied...! mores satisfied when my parents brought me along to my dad's japanese colleague's farewell dinner~ haha get to eaaat n taaaalk~ wheee~ for the chicken rice for lunch! =D been thinking abt chicken rice since.... since... chee tapau-ed chicken rice from thien thien n the smell was drowning me in my caaaaar~ ah wells.. more satisfied now~ am happy~ =D

2mrw..another cleaning session! *i think i already am feeling malas~ haha* n duno agn when im gona update abt irn's bday~ =D soon i guess~ XD