Monday, June 29, 2009

slaps n slams

tang tang n mian miaaaaaaaaan!!! kyaaaaa adorable lil separated cotton candies names of the mushy mushiest marshmallows cutie thingy *snorts* hahahaha belonged to han yean... the plushies were named after cotton chinese its 'mian hwa tang'... so there's tang tang on the let n mian mian on the right..whereas hwa hwa is over with his girlfriend... hehehe n gosh han yean can animate them with his... CUTEEEEEE voice!!! waddaheckk!! *slaps n slams the plushies* hahahaha too cute to resist la..

*btw was bored..tat i edited the pic above.. sigh... tryin out ps...but ah wells.. malas ahh to edit....(goes back to resizing pics hahaha) =p*

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