Wednesday, July 1, 2009

how to eat an onigiri!?

a tutorial in eating an onigiri~ XD okaaaay... am just doing this for fun waaaa there's no nid to have a tutorial in this..but.. took some pics.. might as well... show it ba..=D

first.. of course you need one onigiri of any flavours frm the convenient store ( from lawson, am pm, 7-eleven..anywhere in akasaka!)

just follow the instructions given as shown on the bottom part of the onigiri packaging~

now its my own practical time to 'strip' this lil onigirii~~ first.. by stripping at the tip of number 1~

continue to strip... til there's nuthin left to strip~ (meaning strip from one end to the other)

then pull down number 2... followed by pulling down number 3~

n ta-daaaaah!! u have an onigiri with seaweed wrapped around it! the packaging is quite good! they wouldnt want the seaweed to get stuck to the rice yet just to prevent it from getting moist thus it wont go bad easily! =DDD

n there u go! eat that lil onigiri!! muahahaha! (well.. at least.. try to eat it decently.. not like me.. unlady-like.. XDDDD!!) okaaaaay...tutorial is done!!! =DDDDDD

gaah miss those onigiri's'~ they are like the easiest snacks o breakfasts o lunch o dinner~ hehe didnt get to try most the flavours tho.. cuz i rather indulge in udon~~ XD

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