Friday, September 28, 2012

Brandon & Elvynna 15.07.2012

Today managed to upload some photos I took as a second shooter for Devin Kho Photography months ago! This was my first time shooting alongside people I have only met once and I do feel nervous because I might not perform well. =.=. There was a short drama that I thought I damaged my camera lens but in fact, a macro lens was actually mounted onto the lens and yeah, it was stupid of me and that shows how nervous I was lol. 

Brandon + Elvynna =D

Another drama was an assignment to take a picture of the rings *sweats* That is freaking difficult for me because rings are so small and you need to actually place them properly then take a photograph. I have no idea what to do, so I went to the tree and tried to shoot the rings. Then these uncles behind me were curious what the heck I was doing! After they knew, they immediately place their rings and one watch onto the tree branch and I just took few shots. We were all claiming the tree was magic, growing gold! Awkward but funny moment =p

More photos on my facebook, here!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lulu & Arthur 23.09.2012

Last Sunday (23.09.2012), I had the opportunity to be invited as a second shooter for Devin Kho Photography for a simple tea ceremony (Chinese Wedding culture). It is my second time to shoot along with Devin and Jayden and I don't feel awkward around them at all (not sure how they feel about me though lol) which is a good thing! =p

Anyways, I met them up at Jee Juan in KB and had breakfast, rushed to bride's house and took photos, then over to groom's house and took photos and finally photoshoot of the couple at the beach. Overall, I had fun! So much fun! But in terms of shooting, I was satisfied with only a few. I really need to work on angles, angles, angles! I need to be more confident to approach them for a pose I want from them. Must be able to shoot them at a less awkward angle and try to not miss that moment when they are genuinely happy. To me, the best emotion is when they are genuinely making each other smile or laugh. It is just so.. endearing =)

According to Jayden, I was doing the 'spidey style' when I took this photo. Other than a little bent with the 'L' alphabet, this is perfect for me. I should try to be more persistent to arrange the props properly (like really really arrange it properly) before I shoot and get over with and regret later =/

The couple, Lulu and Arthur are simply so cute together!

I am like experimenting with templates and see how well they work together. I quite like this though but I guess I like the top one even better. Which of these two you prefer?=)

Last but not least, a picture of Lulu =) I only cropped a little and did colour editing =) This was one of the moments I gathered my courage and approached her and asked her to pose for me. I love this photo so much; her effortless smile, her hair, her back, the balloons, the weather~ =D


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fashion Cabaret Giveaway!

Ever since I am back in Brunei from UK, I always had difficulties in finding clothes that I like just because UK has so much shops to spoil our needs! (More like useless needs but essential to me=p) That is why it sucks when I needed my retail therapy, I just have limited choices!

Well, I have tried finding for local online shops but nothing catches my eyes.. except one; Fashion Cabaret. Last year, I stumbled upon their website and the layout totally caught my attention and I was getting frantic like if this is really based in Brunei. And I further browse through their items and gawd, love them so much! I have found myself new love! I have then visit the website regularly and liked the facebook page in hope it would update soon but I was left disappointed and soon forgotten about it....until there was a new notification on Facebook =D

That is right, Fashion Cabaret has finally updated their items for pre order! Hurray!! Totally overjoyed and quickly browsed through the album and I fell in love again *lol*! Not long after, I was heartbroken upon seeing the prices for the items *fail* and the deadline, just simply I have placed orders on wigs and lolita shoes just few days back and I have no budget left to grab new items *cries*!

Anyways let me tell you what my favourite pieces from the set are! (All pictures below belongs to Fashion Cabaret's! I downloaded them from their Facebook, hope that doesn't offend anyone =.=)

 This was the very first picture I saw when Fashion Cabaret updated in Facebook. and I was like OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! so gorgeous! so badass! so fairy kei! This picture is like multiples combos lol! I'm not that good in exaggerating but I try my best =p

I love to look at antlers and pastel stuffs and this, both combines! *faints* it looks so super comfy and carefree and cool and pretty and love the model's hair as well~ so perfect~

this mini dress looks comfy as well and looks like it's made of skin friendly material =p 

That clutch is just wanting us to drool over it! Look at that! How can you not that thing? D=! Anywhos, please take a look at their pre order items okay? 

Then yesterday night, Fashion Cabaret posted this up.... like woooot? You get to stand a chance to win such a sexy faux leather jacket??? That is so very sweet! So what are you waiting for? Go SHARE, RETWEET or INSTAGRAM the picture above! I hope I be the one to win though *snorts* Okay la, at least I still share and spread the word about this giveaway okay?? And it is open to people residing in Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia! Ba....Good luck people!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Zanie & iMas Engagement Day

FINALLY I brought the memory card with me and able to transfer all the pictures taken on that day to my laptop and can do like a proper update (I think). Well, on 16.09.2012, it was a special day for these two individuals, Zanie and iMas! It was their engagement day and my friends and I were invited (I felt privileged since I'm not from St.Margaret's =p) to witness the ceremony, which their relatives were very overwhelming that we were not able to actually witness the ceremony =p Nevertheless, it was good to see her again and thinner than ever and looking so gorgeous~ 

We first went to see her in her room and took pictures together, then wait for the relatives and all those hantaran's' to arrive. After they arrives, the ceremony starts and I have no idea what they were doing in the house because we were outside and there were not much space in the house anymore for us to stand so yeah, we entertained ourselves outside. After the ceremony, we then had refreshments provided and took group pictures with both Zanie and iMas and left shortly after.

Short day but a joyful one and thankful it was not raining that day XD


Friday, September 21, 2012

Full House II

During the MACGcon event, we were able to walk around Bintang Megamall to look around and if possible, shopping! There was this new shop on the second floor in the 'old wing' of Bintang Megamall that caught my attention lots!

 It's Full House II. Well, I think I got the name right and it's a shame I did not get to take a picture of the exterior of the shop! Apparently, they have not officially open this shop until like 17th September? So I was one of the early customers to shop there =p

Well, I had a brief talk with the lovely staffs and stated that most clothings are from Korea thus explaining (In My Opinion) the 'price'that was not that 'affordable'. But the quality is really good. I find this place is good to invest in some key pieces and you could wear them in different styles. If you wear it right, it is definitely a fashion statement ^^ Another plus is that there is only one piece per size of each clothing (eg. Size S - One piece, Size M -One Piece), so there is less chances your clothing will clash with someone else!

The shop is so bright and clean that the focus automatically goes to these bright coloured clothings! I was immediately captivated!

There are so many different styles to suit most people's taste and fashion style~

They dress the mannequin well! It makes you want to buy the whole set lol! But I super love the bottom, it was so unique that I could not describe~ Too bad I did not take a picture of it

There is also a small section for bags and shoes! 

Gorgeous colours!

They have lots of racks around as well, so much clothings to spoil us that I can't decide on what to purchase. But this pastel purple sheer sleeveless top, with yellow and pink details caught my attention and can't stop staring at it ^^

Lots of dresses as well~

Sophisticated chic lace top and more feminine clothings around~

They also sell small range of accessories.

Anyways, I did purchase something from there! It was irresistible okay? So can you guess which one among the three above I purchased? =p


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wigs can be addictive

Wearing wigs can be very addictive and totally changes your look~ Like from cute to pretty to hot etc~ Right here I borrowed Cherry's wigs to actually play around and see if I can use it to join some competition =p Can't really decide yet because both looks good! 

Anyways I can't wait for wigs that I have ordered; one for cosplay purposes and another for lolita fashion! But Nio have been telling me about the otome kei style which I think actually is my style! well, most the time, that is =p But seriously in the Japanese fashion, there are too many labelled styles that people could get lost in. As for me, I have no fixed styles, it really depends on my mood, if I feel like being bright, dark, clean, complicated, etc After all fashion helps to reflect our personalities =D


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MACGcon Miri 8th-9th September 2012

Finally, I was able to upload most pics onto my Facebook account and now I can properly update on this event in Miri, MACGcon. It is being hosted for the first time in Bintang Plaza or now known as Bintang Megamall located in Miri from 8th September to 9th September 2012.

I got off work at around 11.30 and was only able to leave at around 12.30, picking up Nio and SJ, who followed Scary down from Bandar, at the bowling centre down to Miri! We rushed to Imperial Hotel just to let Nio get changed into her cosplay costume (just because their lobby toilet is clean and bintang megamall's toilet is well, quite the opposite =p).

Even though we rushed to the venue, the cosplay event had ended! It was very disappointing indeed because the schedule clearly stated it starts 2.30pm onwards. Well, it's their first time hosting this event, so definitely there might be circumstances that lead them to such mismanagement. Nevertheless, we walked around to look at the convention and I got disappointed again because it is quite small and it is my first time attending a con so the expectation is there. Maybe I am so used to seeing the setups of Japanese Language and Culture Week hosted in UBD and in comparison, well, there is none to be honest, except the fact they have seriously MASSIVE collections of Gundam, figurines and such D=

Nio cosplaying as Shiemi Moriyama from Ao no Exorcist and I am simply decked in simple lolita fashion (mind you, I am not cosplaying!).

Since there were nothing for us to do, we went to Starbucks to chill as well as waiting for Scary, Cherry and Jes to reach Bintang Megamall. As usual I had my green tea latte and it is so good. I also had a complimentary cupcake which I didn't finish it as it was too tough to eat. Complimentary because I was suppose to get a free slice of cake in my birthday month in August but the lady who served me that faithful day said I can only redeem 48hours later, which by then I would be in Brunei and this time I tried my luck in redeeming it and the manager in charge explained I could have redeem it in 5-10 minutes! He explained that there might be some miscommunication and just offered me a free cupcake instead of a cake. Ah wells, I won't say no to free stuff anyways. =.= But seriously, my second bad experience with Starbucks in Miri.

We met up with the rest and went back to the mini convention to look around. Seriously, the place is so packed with 1/3 of space taken up by the figurines table, 1/3 by the car circuit thingy and 1/3 by the stage~ There is actually not much coverage in this convention to be honest. It is more like an introduction of this 'culture' to the public eyes of Miri. I was hoping to see what merchandise available but there was none D= 

Dine in Marrybrown and decided to shop around the mall and I got some stuffs =D Later that night Scary, Jes, SJ and I went to UK Fun Fair located next to Boulevard while Nio and Cherry stayed back in hotel to trim Cherry's wig. So yeah, it has been awhile I last went to a fun fair. RM2 upon entry and we needed to purchase tokens (1 token=RM2) to play the rides; usually 3tokens/RM6 for the bigger rides and 2tokens/RM4 for the smaller rides. I was not feeling well after one ride and surrendered for the night, maybe I have grown D= Anyways had fun.

For more pictures on Day 1, please click here.

Oh Cherry, Jes and I stayed in Meritz hotel and boy it's so pretty. I regretted not taking any pictures around and oh they even have like a mini infinity pool but too bad we had no time to go enjoy in the pool =(
Day2: The next morning, Cherry cosplayed as Rin from Ao no Exorcist and coupled with Nio. How cute are they! For more pictures, please click here.

Finally the main attraction of the convention-the cosplay competition! There were 20 contestants overall and they need to perform an average of five minutes to impress the judges! I shall comment and give points as well since it's well, my blog, so I shall rate only 0 or 1 for Cosplay, Performance, Photogenic, Stage Usage

In clockwise direction: Ueki from Law of Ueki, Sakura from Naruto, Lenalee from D-Gray Man, I actually don't know as who but maybe a vocaloid perhaps?

Ueki: Cosplay-1 (the props were good)
Performance-1 (very very energetic, used the theme song of the anime, demonstrated the right moves)
Photogenic-0 (not the cosplayer's fault, it is just the nasty lightings!!)
Stage-0(not much moving around just maybe of his props)
Total: 2/4

 Sakura: Cosplay-1 (no dount you can see she is Sakura lol)
Performance-1 (though the music is too long for her, but she managed to portray Sakura's signature looks and poses and of course her love for Sasuke lol)
Photogenic-1 (definitely!!!! despite the nasty lightings, managed to get a few =D)
Stage-0(didnt make full use of the stage)

Lenalee: Cosplay-1 (uniform, high knee socks, twin tail checked)
Performance-1 (some signature looks are there, despite the fact that she fell, I think she gave her all and I love to take her pictures!)
Photogenic- 1 (I had fun shooting her ^^)
Stage-1 (totally went around the stage, it's good!)
Total: 4/4

I don't know her character so I won't rate =p

Clockwise: Luffy from One Piece, Inori from Guilty Crown, Rikuo from Nurarihyon no Mago, Inga from Un-Go

Luffy: Cosplay-1 (yeap, that's Luffy there)
Performance-0 (like oh gawd, rapping? totally not the image I will ever imagined him to be lol)
Stage-0(too busy rapping to the audience 8D)
Total: 2/4

Inori: Cosplay-1 (like would you look at that! the details, the props, it's amazing)
Performance-1 (She used all the props she brought along with her, the red strings, the ribbons, the gun, the sword and she looks pretty)
Photogenic-1 (i dare you to say no =.=)
Stage-1 (totally that stage is hers!)
Total: 4/4

Rikuo:Cosplay-1(spot on)
Performance-1(I liked it but it was mainly swinging the sword around, not much varieties)
Photogenic-1(yes definitely)
Stage-0(well not that much)

Inga: Cosplay-1  
Performance-1(cute what more can i say)
Photogenic-0 (just because of the hood that's giving me difficulties in shooting lol)
Stage-0(stayed mostly on same spot)

Clockwise: Inori from Guilty Crown, Ichigo from Bleach, Euphemia from Code Geass, Miku

Inori: Cosplay-1(love her costume)
Performance-1(she sang and it's lovely)
Photogenic-1( she is so cute, could have taken more pics lol)
Stage-1 (walked around, not too bad but not too good as well)

Ichigo: Cosplay-1(with the props, costumes and all)
Performance-1+1(can I? lol) (top notch performance! first to re-enact scenes from the anime and gave us a surprise by an actual Bankai transformation cool cool cool)
Photogenic-1 (so very cool I can't even*&^%^&)
Stage-0(I would say not really fully using the stage to its fullest potential)
Total:3/4 + 1 special point lol

Euphemia: Cosplay-1(detailed!)
Performance-1 +1 (can I again?XD) (another top notch performance by portraying the vulnerability of the princess and then re-enacting scenes from the anime! love!)
Photogenic-1 (yes la)
Stage-1(definitely! with all those twirling's' and shootings! phewww!)
Total:4/4 + 1 special point!

Miku: Cosplay-1 (elements are there)
Performance-0 (not bad actually but I dont think she is using Miku's songs is it? Sorry but I'm not a vocaloid fan but I remember I knew the song played but it is not Miku's)
Photogenic-1 (despite the long wig, managed to capture some good ones)
Stage- 0

Clockwise: Akita Neru from Vocaloid, Misaki from Kaichou wa Maid sama, Miku from Vocaloid, Conan from Detective Conan

Akita Neru: Cosplay-1
Performance-0(was just acting cute =.=)
Photogenic-1 (very much since she is cute X//D)
Total: 2/4

Misaki: Cosplay-1
Performance-0(well, she was portraying as a maid, not Misaki as a maid)
Photogenic-0(wasn't able to capture much)
Stage-1(she did walk around the stage and I applaud her for that!)

Miku: Cosplay-0 (the wig really annoys me though, it needs trimming! and the twin tail accessories aren't around!)
Performance- 1( top notch dancer, that's it)
Photogenic-0( with her wig, nope, not at all)

Conan: Cosplay-1(well actually just need to find a better coat not an oversized coat and blue coloured coat please!)
Performance-0(lip syncing performance and nothing part of the character)
Photogenic-0(due to his performance, I can't get to capture that Conan's look)

Clockwise: Itachi from Naruto, Sasuke from Naruto, Luka from Vocaloid, Karuta from Inu x Boku SS

Itachi: Cosplay-1(normally people just like to wear the Akatsuki coat and that's it, this has more details and he does look like Itachi!)
Performance-0( KONAAAAAAYUUUUKIIII~~~ he sang! and boy, it's not bad, but I got thinking Itachi is this emo deep inside!!! but to uphold his image to the public, this performance is a bit... D=)
Photogenic-1 (yes he is)

Sasuke: Cosplay-1(not too bad, not too good either)
Performance-1(so much actions, the jujitsu, the jumps, the signature poses, WOW!)
Photogenic-1 (with all those actions he did, yes!)

Luka: Cosplay-1 (more accurate than some Luka cosplays I have seen =p)
Performance-1(very energetic, stay true to the music dance)
Photogenic-0( with her energetic dance and her long wig, it's just... not possible I suppose)
Stage-0( actually she moved a lot, but only in the centre)

Karuta: Cosplay-1(in the maid outfit when she was held captive by Kagerou)
Performance-1(music and dance spot on but the facial expression, not really but still adorbs with the opening and closing sequence)
Photogenic-1(yes, I had fun~=p)
Stage-0(not really full usage)

group pictures of all cosplayers! 

So who do you think won? Well as for me (being the 'syok-sendiri-judge'), let me compile the marks and let you know what I think!

Inori (red dress):4/4
Inori (black dress):4/4
Ichigo:3/4 + 1 Special point
Euphemia:4/4 +1 Special point
Akita Neru:2/4
The ones with special point auto gets into the top three position! So my final pick for top three is Ichigo, Euphemia and Inori with the red dress!

As for 7 consolation prizes my pick goes to Lenalee, Inori (black dress), Sasuke, Karuta, Sakura, Rikuo and Ueki!

But alas, it is just my thoughts, the decisions have been made and there goes to prizing ceremony~

I only able to capture six of them! I have no idea who the 7th winner was 

The top three! Anyone guessed it right?=)

Finally a group picture of the winners!

Not long after, we had to rush back to Brunei because it was late already. Overall, this event held for its first time is actually not that bad, just keep improving over the years and hopefully it still survives! =D

For more pictures of the performances, please click here.


just a thought on RE

Finally able to watch RE yesterday! It was just okay~ The first part of the movie grabbed my attention, after that it was that loh~ but still Alice is the star hands down, Luther is my hottie (lol), Jill is a lil bit painful to watch, Ada is more like cosplaying than acting, Leon is not hot for my liking, Rain is kickass!(im so happy to see her just cuz she is a tough ass chick), and that jap girl is played by Mika Nakashima and boy, she is tough for a zombie! lol!

The slow motion fighting scenes, though pretty, detailed and such, I got a lil bored and some part I thought of 'Transformers' (the sound effects and such), some part I thought of 'Alien', some part gave that 'Expendables' look to it, some part reminded me of the manga 'Hellsing', what else lol

The soundtrack was.. so-so for me, like where is that iconic theme gone to? or maybe I've missed out during the movie and some of them were sorta 'cheesy' during fighting scenes and such

Rating was hmmm 6/10? Don't get me wrong, I will still watch but just that it's better to lower your expectations =p

I have not updated much recently, must push myself to be more productive somehow =p


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quick post on MACGcon

Last weekend, I went to a con hosted for the first time in Miri (MACGcon)! It lasted for two days, 08/09-09/09 (Saturday and Sunday). Went with friends (scary, cherry, nio, sj, jes and I - six of us in total) and two of them participated in the con's cosplay competition. Too bad, Nio was not able to join the competition but she cosplayed anyways, SJ won a consolation prize for her cosplay, Cherry cosplayed to accompany Nio, Scary and Jes work together to take photos of cosplayers and direct them respectively whereas I am just there because I want to experience what a con feels like (lurk around, take pics, look at exhibitions etc etc), help carry bags and company the cosplayers. I shall blog about it further once I look through the other pics I took.

For more details you guys can go to SJ's blog and read all about it.

Here are some of the pics of the cosplayers who attended the con. For more pics, please go here.

Plus a little bonus, a gif. of SJ as Euphemia on the kill XD


Saturday, September 8, 2012

purple or blue

Good morning~ Don't freak out when you see the picture below! Borrowed a wig from a friend to actually try out the look for this anime character and it didn't really turn out alright, so I vain a little. Just a bit =p

nope, I am not cosplaying in these pictures.


Friday, September 7, 2012

recapping over the year

Hi ~ So, for those who noticed, I have graduated and am back from Scotland for good and now working in Seria. Since I finally bother to update my blog, let me recap on the major things that happened to me during the past year =)

My family went to UK last June for my graduation and at the same time, explored parts of England and bits of Scotland. Too bad the time span was not enough to visit more cities and try more food, hi-tea places, sight seeing and of course shopping!

see~ I have graduated as an Engineer. 

During May to July, my interest for wedding photography grew and I felt like I want to do more photoshoots! It started off as a very casual event where Edah got engaged to Saifol but he was back in Brunei and Edah is still in Glasgow. We got the idea of having bridesmaids photoshoot with the bride-to-be to celebrate her joyous occasion. So Iz and I had a trial photoshoot of her, then with the bridesmaids and when Saifol visited her in Glasgow, we had a pre-wedding shoot with them.

I stayed in Glasgow after my graduation (June-December) in hoping to get a job here. While awaiting replies, I hanged out so much with the BruGlas people and definitely took the stress off me (financially as well =p)

Since I have time to spare, I did some minor charitable works;
Donated blood three times in Glagow (free t-shirt to spread the word, a card and a pin to remind me of my blood group =D)
Joined Race for Life in Glasgow organised by cancer research UK to raise donations and awareness for cancer (only ladies permitted to join, but I saw a guy cross dressing for the cause =p)
Joined The Santa Run in Edinburgh organised by When you wish upon a Star to raise money to grant the wishes of sick children throughout Scotland during this festive season. Kudos to the BruGlas society who also donated money for this charitable event. Thank you.

He was there for my degree graduation and I was there for his degree (June 2010) and masters graduation (December 2011) =)

After two years not celebrating Chinese New Year at home, I am finally home (January) and I felt a little disconnected with the festive season but still a good moment to able to meet other relatives as well.

I was able to spend some time with my handsome grandpa during the new year as well.

First time wearing kimono during the Japanese Language & Culture Week in March. The two sensei by my side helped to dress me up!

Another lovely event was Rachel's baby shower in March! She is one of first 'malauz' to get married and pregnant! We were so excited and just had to have this event and as a gathering as well for us to get together and spend afternoon time catching up with life~

Less than a month later, lil Caitlyn popped out =)

I was able to experience my first take in cosplay photoshoot and I find it tough but fun! The characters are Stocking (Genderbent) and Stocking from Panty and Stocking cosplayed by Cherry Berry and Nio Tan respectively. The main photographer that day was ScarySoul and second shooter was Rexen.

A lolita tea party hosted by Nio and SJ! I was so extremely excited for this! It is just because I love lolita fashion but never got the chance to dress like one (it is tough when there are no one else has the same interest) and finally I got to meet girls who also have the same interest! I also received prizes! Thanks to the organizers once again.

In June, my family, sister's friends and I went to Cambodia and Thailand for sight seeing and shopping vacation! It was fun until I got sick and got hospitalised (oh the messy moments). I fell sick twice; once in Siem Reap and another in Bangkok. I was still sick after I got back to Brunei. This was also the moment in life I achieved my ideal weight without doing much (unhealthy weight loss) and lost all those baby fats on my cheeks and now I look older (sunken cheeks) *bummer* but thank goodness I am alive and well at the moment.

A casual summer time yukata photoshoot after few weeks of recovery from the food poisoning~ I had a hard time shooting this because I came unprepared with no poses in mind  to direct the girls as I am more onto the 'go-with-the-flow' type. I tend to do this because the girls are not models and if I were to direct them, they might not be comfortable with the pose and might be a little self conscious (girls know their body best =p) thus looking more awkward. I prefer how they look and react naturally. If possible, I would like them to venture into their imagination and I try to capture that piece of their imagination. Hopefully. And oh I got to practice photo editing on Photoshop! That's a plus!

On 30th June, one of the 'malauz', Mag got married to Kelvin! It was my first time being a ji mui (sisters) as well. It was a fun day and I just can't take my eyes off her, can't help but to look at how amazing she looked that day. I was also able to snap shots of her wedding as a wedding gift for her. 

There was an opportunity for me as well to practice on wedding photography under Devin Kho Photography as a second shooter. To be honest, I love it. I love how I can capture people's happiness on well.. digital screen. Seeing them happy makes me happy as well. Weddings are beautiful, well they can be stressful but memorable and fun at the same time. I hope I have more opportunities to snap more on weddings as I enjoy them so much ^^.

The last but not least, I am a year older last month =D