Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wigs can be addictive

Wearing wigs can be very addictive and totally changes your look~ Like from cute to pretty to hot etc~ Right here I borrowed Cherry's wigs to actually play around and see if I can use it to join some competition =p Can't really decide yet because both looks good! 

Anyways I can't wait for wigs that I have ordered; one for cosplay purposes and another for lolita fashion! But Nio have been telling me about the otome kei style which I think actually is my style! well, most the time, that is =p But seriously in the Japanese fashion, there are too many labelled styles that people could get lost in. As for me, I have no fixed styles, it really depends on my mood, if I feel like being bright, dark, clean, complicated, etc After all fashion helps to reflect our personalities =D



ashley c said...

hey lck~~

when i first took a glimpse of the photo, i actually thought of nicki minaj lol.

glad you're back in the blogging mojo!

miss random said...

yes yes i thought so too! i look like mini asian-fied nicki minaj lol!

thanks ashley for dropping a word!! well hope that I can still continue to blog frequently =.=