Friday, September 7, 2012

recapping over the year

Hi ~ So, for those who noticed, I have graduated and am back from Scotland for good and now working in Seria. Since I finally bother to update my blog, let me recap on the major things that happened to me during the past year =)

My family went to UK last June for my graduation and at the same time, explored parts of England and bits of Scotland. Too bad the time span was not enough to visit more cities and try more food, hi-tea places, sight seeing and of course shopping!

see~ I have graduated as an Engineer. 

During May to July, my interest for wedding photography grew and I felt like I want to do more photoshoots! It started off as a very casual event where Edah got engaged to Saifol but he was back in Brunei and Edah is still in Glasgow. We got the idea of having bridesmaids photoshoot with the bride-to-be to celebrate her joyous occasion. So Iz and I had a trial photoshoot of her, then with the bridesmaids and when Saifol visited her in Glasgow, we had a pre-wedding shoot with them.

I stayed in Glasgow after my graduation (June-December) in hoping to get a job here. While awaiting replies, I hanged out so much with the BruGlas people and definitely took the stress off me (financially as well =p)

Since I have time to spare, I did some minor charitable works;
Donated blood three times in Glagow (free t-shirt to spread the word, a card and a pin to remind me of my blood group =D)
Joined Race for Life in Glasgow organised by cancer research UK to raise donations and awareness for cancer (only ladies permitted to join, but I saw a guy cross dressing for the cause =p)
Joined The Santa Run in Edinburgh organised by When you wish upon a Star to raise money to grant the wishes of sick children throughout Scotland during this festive season. Kudos to the BruGlas society who also donated money for this charitable event. Thank you.

He was there for my degree graduation and I was there for his degree (June 2010) and masters graduation (December 2011) =)

After two years not celebrating Chinese New Year at home, I am finally home (January) and I felt a little disconnected with the festive season but still a good moment to able to meet other relatives as well.

I was able to spend some time with my handsome grandpa during the new year as well.

First time wearing kimono during the Japanese Language & Culture Week in March. The two sensei by my side helped to dress me up!

Another lovely event was Rachel's baby shower in March! She is one of first 'malauz' to get married and pregnant! We were so excited and just had to have this event and as a gathering as well for us to get together and spend afternoon time catching up with life~

Less than a month later, lil Caitlyn popped out =)

I was able to experience my first take in cosplay photoshoot and I find it tough but fun! The characters are Stocking (Genderbent) and Stocking from Panty and Stocking cosplayed by Cherry Berry and Nio Tan respectively. The main photographer that day was ScarySoul and second shooter was Rexen.

A lolita tea party hosted by Nio and SJ! I was so extremely excited for this! It is just because I love lolita fashion but never got the chance to dress like one (it is tough when there are no one else has the same interest) and finally I got to meet girls who also have the same interest! I also received prizes! Thanks to the organizers once again.

In June, my family, sister's friends and I went to Cambodia and Thailand for sight seeing and shopping vacation! It was fun until I got sick and got hospitalised (oh the messy moments). I fell sick twice; once in Siem Reap and another in Bangkok. I was still sick after I got back to Brunei. This was also the moment in life I achieved my ideal weight without doing much (unhealthy weight loss) and lost all those baby fats on my cheeks and now I look older (sunken cheeks) *bummer* but thank goodness I am alive and well at the moment.

A casual summer time yukata photoshoot after few weeks of recovery from the food poisoning~ I had a hard time shooting this because I came unprepared with no poses in mind  to direct the girls as I am more onto the 'go-with-the-flow' type. I tend to do this because the girls are not models and if I were to direct them, they might not be comfortable with the pose and might be a little self conscious (girls know their body best =p) thus looking more awkward. I prefer how they look and react naturally. If possible, I would like them to venture into their imagination and I try to capture that piece of their imagination. Hopefully. And oh I got to practice photo editing on Photoshop! That's a plus!

On 30th June, one of the 'malauz', Mag got married to Kelvin! It was my first time being a ji mui (sisters) as well. It was a fun day and I just can't take my eyes off her, can't help but to look at how amazing she looked that day. I was also able to snap shots of her wedding as a wedding gift for her. 

There was an opportunity for me as well to practice on wedding photography under Devin Kho Photography as a second shooter. To be honest, I love it. I love how I can capture people's happiness on well.. digital screen. Seeing them happy makes me happy as well. Weddings are beautiful, well they can be stressful but memorable and fun at the same time. I hope I have more opportunities to snap more on weddings as I enjoy them so much ^^.

The last but not least, I am a year older last month =D


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