Friday, September 28, 2012

Brandon & Elvynna 15.07.2012

Today managed to upload some photos I took as a second shooter for Devin Kho Photography months ago! This was my first time shooting alongside people I have only met once and I do feel nervous because I might not perform well. =.=. There was a short drama that I thought I damaged my camera lens but in fact, a macro lens was actually mounted onto the lens and yeah, it was stupid of me and that shows how nervous I was lol. 

Brandon + Elvynna =D

Another drama was an assignment to take a picture of the rings *sweats* That is freaking difficult for me because rings are so small and you need to actually place them properly then take a photograph. I have no idea what to do, so I went to the tree and tried to shoot the rings. Then these uncles behind me were curious what the heck I was doing! After they knew, they immediately place their rings and one watch onto the tree branch and I just took few shots. We were all claiming the tree was magic, growing gold! Awkward but funny moment =p

More photos on my facebook, here!


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