Friday, September 21, 2012

Full House II

During the MACGcon event, we were able to walk around Bintang Megamall to look around and if possible, shopping! There was this new shop on the second floor in the 'old wing' of Bintang Megamall that caught my attention lots!

 It's Full House II. Well, I think I got the name right and it's a shame I did not get to take a picture of the exterior of the shop! Apparently, they have not officially open this shop until like 17th September? So I was one of the early customers to shop there =p

Well, I had a brief talk with the lovely staffs and stated that most clothings are from Korea thus explaining (In My Opinion) the 'price'that was not that 'affordable'. But the quality is really good. I find this place is good to invest in some key pieces and you could wear them in different styles. If you wear it right, it is definitely a fashion statement ^^ Another plus is that there is only one piece per size of each clothing (eg. Size S - One piece, Size M -One Piece), so there is less chances your clothing will clash with someone else!

The shop is so bright and clean that the focus automatically goes to these bright coloured clothings! I was immediately captivated!

There are so many different styles to suit most people's taste and fashion style~

They dress the mannequin well! It makes you want to buy the whole set lol! But I super love the bottom, it was so unique that I could not describe~ Too bad I did not take a picture of it

There is also a small section for bags and shoes! 

Gorgeous colours!

They have lots of racks around as well, so much clothings to spoil us that I can't decide on what to purchase. But this pastel purple sheer sleeveless top, with yellow and pink details caught my attention and can't stop staring at it ^^

Lots of dresses as well~

Sophisticated chic lace top and more feminine clothings around~

They also sell small range of accessories.

Anyways, I did purchase something from there! It was irresistible okay? So can you guess which one among the three above I purchased? =p


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