Sunday, March 29, 2009

earth hour

*sorry for the kasar-ness of the pic.. using digi cam~ =p* ah wells.. sis insisted on the earth hour thingy~ n started from 8.30 to 9.30 but i woke up at 8 something from my nap.. n was grumpy.. haha by the time she off the lights.. haah~ i had to shower n cook in the dark using a torchlight light..(still counts right? not switching on lights wa haha) waseh so romantic~ XD but the place is still brighter than when the whole neighbourhood has no electricity at all~ hmm ate my food in the dark.. waseh savouring flavour man! i have tofu seaweed fishball crabstick egg n a lil of rice in soup.. sorta porridge la.. but haha tasting the taste of tfu~ yummy! XD

hmm i think i looked scary in a way~ im becoming a zombieeeeee~~ waaarghhhh~

Saturday, March 28, 2009

like like

hmm i like this plain one from cuppy cake~ haha ive enough of bajus.. but still browsing thru sites to look at bajus... =) no harm looking thru waa~

... i so likey cizmo newest updates~ *me hearts most stuff there!* but not planning to buy.... ah wells~ hahhaa here i am sharing it ~ more like im hinting~ XD but then ah.. if the skirt is shorter.. myt be better la... cuz... im short~ n skirts being 3/4 to my legs... not nice at all~ it'll make my shorter~ hahha ah wells.. let them stay in my memories n fantasies~ XD

btw.. not doing work atm... cuz am currently in internal pain! gaaawwwrrr~ =((((

Friday, March 27, 2009

oz~ jgn wa!

oz's bday cake with the broken plastic knife within the cake~ haha only now then update abt it =D the special thing of this cake... was... the wording 'jgn wa~' one of oz's signature quote~ haha when we asked the lady from makcik bakeshop to write those wordings.. she was like..'j-g-n wa?' n looked puzzled~ XD sounded wrong in a way! but who cares XD

ahem ahem~ big boy liaw.. a 'man' owwwh~ =D

we 7 EEEs~ haha i love my batch~ all possessing unique qualities n personalities~ sigh.. few more months and some of us would go on separate ways.. =( n me.. somewhat still stuck between two paths of nz n uk...=/

oz~ lemme feed u~~~~~ dont shy shy laa u need 'experience'~ XD

special performance by abg boy for us =D

liang's love for oz... whole package of kinder~

after eating the cake..(which was actually good but too sweet in a way) we relaxed n hang aarnd the lab by watching youtube with some funny n entertaining clips shown by irnnie, a die hard youtube fan~ XD ok.. im exaggerating~ =D

white water rafting in kiulu~

finally back home n finally got hold of the really expensive pics taken by the ppl doing business there~ but quality wise... 'EEEEER'.... ah wells.. nvmla.. once in a while...-_- hehe here are some pics of my n my parents n sis with some hashers to kk by speedboat.. noo noo ferrie? no noo~ ah wells.. basically a mini ship XD frm muara port to labuan then another boat to kk~

so on friday reach kk n overnyt at akinabalu youth hostel then the next day we went to kiulu by bus n had so much fun~ the rafting only takes arnd 1.5hr.. n we didnt paddle all the way la.. many times we rest n play with water then had body rafting! basically its just u go baring in the middle of the river n let the river drift u down a few meters la... then u hafta swim back onshore.. which i failed... i shouted.. i cant swiiim~ n they gave me the safety rope~ haha but its sooo fun! its not scary! except some huge rock bumped onto one side of my arse~ hehehe

then after rafting... we had our lunch which was yummy! n then balik n stay at another hotel n jln jln.. hmm explain the rest later with pics (hopefully) cuz im really tired atm~ haha... yeaba.. i know my blog boring owedi.. no frequent updates anymore~ XD hehe thus short updates sja...~ hehe enjoy~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


been busy as of late... sorry for the lack of updates...

am very 'idling right now XD
well u ppl tcare yeaaa~ cuz im trying to tcare of my own life X-P *sigh*

Sunday, March 15, 2009


*u dare to shoot?*

gaaah the bjfa ubd pop culture week from wednesday to saturday... is officially OVER!!! waaaaaaaah... soo extremly tired.. but fun!!! but not too fun as ive been kinda neglecting my assignments n tests... sigh.. nid to work real hard... ah wells.... been feeding myself well with sushis...~ ive gained back what ive lost! XD hehe i wud be taking my time in updating yea? =D

Sunday, March 8, 2009


met up with fish n ray just now... it was nice~ =) the dinner n talks were nice.. haha well.. cya soon~ hmm myt upload more pics soon~ =p but not tat soon la XD

Saturday, March 7, 2009

later later~

later updates... lemme try find my 'mojo' in starting doing my assignments first ah... darn.. mid sem break's almost over!

a short trip to miri(one afternoon) with pei fen and one gorilla and one chimpanzee~ dont ask me why i joined... =p

a field trip to berakas power station with my coursemates and 3 juniors and dr voo~ it was fun~ =p thanx to the pakcik driver who took this pic~ =)

Thursday, March 5, 2009


me love emo-emo-ing arnd~

ah wells... shud take those times to do work *hides in one corner*


jk~ XD

am tired.. just got back from miri trip with 3 other crazy peeps~

thanx for the gila-ness! XD

ok.. getting ready for the berakas power station field trip later~ gaaar~


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


a long update ahead with of course pics~ hmm~ im not in the mood with words.. only alil bit la =p ah wells.. the following were random pics on random days~ =p enjoy~

err riku? wat are u doing on the floor with ur 'paws' up? @_@

see see its me! i was really doing my hw in clt foyer! =p

lim han with his talk of his japan trip which lasted for... 2.5hrs?? @_@ u sure know how to talk~ XD 14days of trip yo! =.=

went to the beach with the cosplayers~ n err wats with all the err hands?

emo minato with a glimpse of neko in one corner? hmm shud have include more of neko's face then it wud really look emo-ish pic~ =D

haha sharon~ i love her hair colour in the sun~ =)

neko posing! so very eseh 'yao ying' look~

ooops~ i said too soon~ XD hmm anybody willing to give him a hand ? =p

hahhaa vaining arnd am i? XD hey~ i deserve to get my pic taken too ya know XD

there's something abt this pic..haha the lighting on both sides kali~ hehe n syg behind vince is not a girl looking behind him~ XD it was his 'papa' =/ ah wells~

me n fen fishing~ haha n jahat la ppl in fb said we looked like bananas.. just cuz its yellow baju... COLOUR-IST! XD (suppose to be racist..but hmm invented a new word -_-)

*grabs the other banana* XXXXDDDD hehe we were actually trying to do the titanic pose..but somehow.. turned out wrong~ =/

coolio diana~ =) seemed like a branch just grew from her head =D

effortless posing lil sharon =D

ok.. lets dayaaance~ first diana leads n jacky follows..then the rest of the cosplayers noticed n then they followed~ =D cute!

ok.. everyone's against u, maid nana... they made fun n laughed at u.. n then trying to assault u! ksian! hush hush eviiil ppl~

let us run towards the sunset! wahahahahaha~ err... neko n maid nana.. try to make an effort to run?

so romantic playing tennis at the beach @_@

night time n after the beach we went to mcD to have dinner n jln jln arnd in mall then to holiday lodge to survey for the place for mthe masquerade party.. hmm.. this pic... the red couple n the yellow couple! =p

holiday lodge~ pretty n cosy lil place =)

this was err... gah ce-po-le~ wats with ur er...look? haha sol ah sol.. y u looking at oz with tat face of urs? =D a sense of longing? wheee

battle of the blazer? XD vince or pao? haha vince seemed gay n pao's.. too small for him! haha of course la... it's not theirs even.. it was diana's~

hmm the boss here owedi n he looked err... mafia-ish as usual~ haha

it was on a wednesday n me, jac, riku n yi yii followed vince's car... to where? it was to embassy of japan's place~

for this occasion!=D its my first time attending this n to ambassador's house.. ~hehe syok laa

*gasp* i see this in real life from afar~ XD

errm... ai len? WAT? haha i was taking pics of ppl giving speeches n u tink i was taking ur pic? XD

the yummy sugar cracker =D

what u looking at ojisan?

it was making origami time n we made a jumping frog~ =D cute~ n the lady teaching us is also cute =)

han being cutesey cute doing origami XD

n he switched to his serious mode... the female kendokas giving demo on kendo.. its female since its a girls' festival~

the readymade origami of the emperor n empress with riku in baju kurung! never seen her much in baju krg~ =D preeetty!

the food was soooo yummy! specially the rice with lotsa goodies such as unagi, tamago, prawn n other stuff, had sushis, fruits, fruit pallettes, desserts, fried veggies, n owwh the two types of green teas were good! one with n one without milk~ n oh!!!! their taufu fa...was soooo good tat i loved it! but theirs can add in sago la... =D yummy~ n i was really full.. forgot i had lunch with chee shan n irn in countrypatch cafe...which we rated moderate....cuz of the price n the portion! hmm..lets go back to CZ~ =)

the 12 zodiacs~we discovered these lil cuties on each n every tables.. i mean a few on each table.. for eg.. our table, had a dragon n monkey.. another table had tiger n ox, etc.. it was adorable tat we collected all of them n took a pic of them..X-)

omg! hugging session! XD

we had our chance to pose with the dolls on display~n i myself got to pose with 3 other pretty ladies wheee~owh btw i was wearing mas's baju krg..thanx mas! =D

then a grp pic~ a very sudden one.. cuz while we were posing.. we just said.. lets have a grp pic! n u can see see some of the chairs n tables arnd... n not all are in...=/

before we left..we were like.. hey yahui n han looked like a couple due to their baju's colour coordinatioN! so here it is! n gah i simply love yahui's baju krg's kain.. its the japanese style ones...XD

*gasp* rain.. why u posing like tat...? strong legs ey? ahhaa ah wells.. as usual the expression... its so errr...rain! XD diana was being errm...offensive? XD

me making myself comfy on the floor n looking at the guys n sumire doing soran bushi~haha the last time i did it... wawawa~ forgotten!

'nuuu nnuuuu'? combat's nick name~ XD he told me himself!

arrggghhh my h-bridge's not working! btw this is not mine.. it was sol's or oz's... cant remember~ i duno wat to do with my circuit anymoreeeeee raaawr! owh btw... we EEE coursemates except chee went for lunch at millenium, next to supa save in beribi(did i get the place ryt?) n it was good... quite cheap for the portion given... XD we had a great time there.. haha

a certain someone posing...-_-"" n gave me a 'comedy' movie..! -_-" ah wells at least had fun watching with the girls in hostel.. XD so i shud give my thanx to u?

the juniors~ was just being a busybody in the room n looked arnd..ahh nostalgic~

what are u soo happy abt liang? =p hehe but me shan mas were really happy! haha my first time to jpmc to go for sauna, jacuzzi n steam vapour bath o sumthing..while sc went for gym.. aahhh~ but not good for my injured toe where a portion of the toe skin came out... when i stepped into the jacuzzi.. i felt my meat were being cooked -_- but still fun fun fun! i still want it next time~ haha guess this sem been quite active in 'outside' hostel activities yippie! enjoy life to the fullest!

on a friday.. after going for shahbandar... hmm my second time in a row... n im addicted to it~ same goes to oz! haha... first time was the previous friday... only me, liang, oz n sc... n this week.... 9 ppl! wheeee~ the improvement is.... no bee stings this time n no go ripas! =D but this time.. we took longer duration la.. cuz more ppl wa..=) nevertheless.. a fun experience... plan to go further...ryt oz? *wink wink*

after shower n breakfst... me shan n sc went to mall n shop shop shop! wooow first time i buy so many lor... 2dresses n one shorts... shan pair of heels n a blouse n sc nail polish n earrings... not bad ey our 'income'~ -_- wallet very the light owedi... gaaah~ *slaps myself* darn the temptations! hehe

now... mid sem break.. n im over relaxing... as usual.. but stressed! stress of the baju to confirm to wear for the bjfa-ubd pop culture week.. stress of how to do proper makeup XD...stress to still choosing where to go after this sem... stress of why i cant seem to start my reports... n also starting to revise for tests when sem starts again... stress of why its 'late'~ stress of why im making myself feel so stressed out~ yadda yadadadada~