Friday, March 27, 2009

oz~ jgn wa!

oz's bday cake with the broken plastic knife within the cake~ haha only now then update abt it =D the special thing of this cake... was... the wording 'jgn wa~' one of oz's signature quote~ haha when we asked the lady from makcik bakeshop to write those wordings.. she was like..'j-g-n wa?' n looked puzzled~ XD sounded wrong in a way! but who cares XD

ahem ahem~ big boy liaw.. a 'man' owwwh~ =D

we 7 EEEs~ haha i love my batch~ all possessing unique qualities n personalities~ sigh.. few more months and some of us would go on separate ways.. =( n me.. somewhat still stuck between two paths of nz n uk...=/

oz~ lemme feed u~~~~~ dont shy shy laa u need 'experience'~ XD

special performance by abg boy for us =D

liang's love for oz... whole package of kinder~

after eating the cake..(which was actually good but too sweet in a way) we relaxed n hang aarnd the lab by watching youtube with some funny n entertaining clips shown by irnnie, a die hard youtube fan~ XD ok.. im exaggerating~ =D

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