Monday, April 30, 2007

saturday night, 28.04.07

lepak around ogdc... yeaa i know.. i looked freaky~~~ what to do... the fringe iss sooo making my eyes look smaller that i hafta basarkan my eyes~~ -_-"

well then we reached ogdc.... and went around and was really disappointed in the night bazaar.. soooo little laa.. but sayang we didnt go to the other side.. cuz we thought they sell muffins only~~ huhuu so we went to ideal to eat and we saw anis carrying a cutey lil baby!!! well, it's not hers laaa... but she is getting married!!! eeee but congrats to her!!
razan and the adorable baby!! but the baby was about to cry~~ oooo sooo cutee

since we were early for the function... we pose pose our shoes~~~~ huhuu

well... our seats were good.. cuz quite front ... but the stage was kinda a little diasppointing!! sooo err small and short....

more pose pose~~

my turn!!

the band..'emergence'.. not bad.. for a group from temburong... both the male and female singers were actually singing in sync~~~ nice~~~~

bsp dancers~~~ good performance!! sooo energetic and happy!!!

the two djs.. with a local singer, maria... sooo lurve her performance!!! her voice is soooo nice... high pitch but nice!!!

when more ppl left.. we even put our feet on the chair... soo yeaa... boredom..

more prizes to give away!! but towards the end... the kids rushed to get them all!!!

everything finished.. ppl leaving....

before we left.. pose again... err... gila pose~~~ it was after midnight...~~ but really enjoyed that night... it wasnt as bad as i think it would be!!!! goshhh~~~ sooo tired....~~

saturday morning, 28.04.07

well.. on saturday... went to razan's place at around 9am... to bake apple pie!!!! yayyy!! then waited for a little while.. wani and leena came... enjoyed the baking process!!!!
slicing and peeling 12 apples!! well... we were kinda good at it?? huhuhu

kneeding the dough for the crust... ~~~ then put into the fridge for half an hour

posing with the cinnamon powder and sugar solution... consisting of sugar, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, a lil flour....

mixing everything together with a lil lemon juice
errr pro at work??? huhuhu
helped to shape the apple pie~~

after putting the apple pie into the oven... pose pose abit laa.. then enjoyed ourselves talking and drinking milo and eating chocolate cake~~ hehe

it is finally done!!!! yaaaaay!!!!!!

enjoying the apple pie in the kitchen!!!

since we had leftovers.. we made another smaller apple pie.. while waiting.. we played the game above for the whole afternoon!!! had orange juice~~~ well razan and i had 3 wins, wani 2 wins and leena no win at all.. she was sooo determined to win at least one round that's why we kept playing until we malas go down kb to see the bazaar... but ah wellz.. we really enjoyed our time!!

ahhh our second apple pie is completed!!! looks better!! the taste is well... the same????

since the apple pie is soooo sweet... because...well... we used RED apples instead of GREEN apples.... sooo to counter that.. we put a slice of cheese and melted it sompletely!!! and we even added maple syrup at the top!! wahhahaa fattening... but nice~~~~

eeeee the cutey lil cat in razan's room!!! and yea choki!! ate a few sticks.. ughh.. more fats~~
well then.... at around 4pm.. wani and leena went home to bath while i bathed at razan's place.. luckily brought extra baju~~ then me and razan chit chat and around 6 something went to ogdc to see the pelangi thingy!!!

ok... end of saturday morning's story.... next will be bout saturday night!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

friday, 27.04.07 taking pics at the traffic light junction~~

on friday morning... razan picked me and rachel m. up and we hanged out la! but before that... razan supposed to pick me up at 8.30am.. i was waiting and waiting until 8.45am, i messaged her. after awhile, she replied, "oh syt. i just woke up." wahliuuuu gilaa.... she didnt know again.. luckily rachel woke her up by calling her!! haha gila girl.. too much into maple la.... so yeah.. went to supa save to shop for ingredients to make apple pie for the next day.. and we both forgot to print the ingredients... so we were clueless a little on what to buy!! but still able to buy some.. huhuhu... then company rachel to make her baju then after that, went for lunch in wywy... enjoyed the food then she sent us all back cuz in the afternoon she had to go for dancing practise..

rachel's food... we called it the '3 flavoured chickens'!! -> sweet salty chicken sausage, salty butter milk chicken and spicy fried chicken!!
my fried tang hoon!! the beef is really good!! huhu... and oh no! i didnt take pics of razan's food! hers is the yummiest of all... sze chuan japanese tofu sizzling something something! ooooo ah wellz!!

razan's drink, ice bandung and rachel's drink, kuching teh c ping and mine, teh tarik india!! since mine's from india and rachel from kuching... razan was like.. i want to choose a country name oso!! but couldn't find any.. soo we named her drink... ice bandung brunei!! huhu

when i get back.. i wanted to go out again.. so i dragged my mom and did our chores... hospital closes every friday!!! we forgot...~~ ughhh then went over to her friend's place... while she was chatting with her friend.. i was bored so took pics of the cutey little bunny over there...~~~ lalala

i love the sky~~~ and this.. i was bored that time!!!

the cutey little bunny!!!but very aggressive!!!

i was distracting the bunny using the little teddybear~~~ and it was showing its fangs.. uhhh seems like it wanted to eat the little teddy bear out!!

went back then waste the other hours away.. then.. zzzzzzzzzzZzzzzz

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

halo halo~

today is nothing special... its very normal... normal to the max!! ah wellz.... woke up around 9 something.. then watched tv and had lunch and watched more tv... about pets!!! lots of cute doggies n cats...~~ eeeeee adorable~~~

cute doggie NO.1

cute doggie NO.2

since i cant watch too much tv(eyes getting dry) i went to sleep... til my parents went to hash... and i went to bath... since i was so bored... i couldn tahan.. so went out to seria plaza bought halo halo... gasppp... duno how loooong i haven eat it.... because my dad suddenly talk about halo halo... made me craving for it..!! huhu... but.... still got car park ticket... ughh.. went back and watched american idol.. then my bro came back and saw me eating the halo halo... and he was like... 'ohhh how sinful!! eating like that!!'.. wahhaha... yea... in halo halo... there is a scoop of ice cream, chunks of yam and the egg pudding or something, canned slices of coconut, bananas, sago, red bean, a scoop of syrup, lots of ideal milk, and there was something else.. i couldn remember.. but its nice in a way... i need to try wywy's halo halo, so i can compare!! huhuuhu.. ah wellz... i have to stand life like this for like how long again??? sighh.. -_-"

Shinkirou Loveholic

well.. to express my love for the ending song of 'black blood brothers'... i have posted the short ending video clip below... though it's simple but... nice...~~ enjoy~~~!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


i haven't been updating my blog.. so stagnant arnd here... huhu... nywayz... wat have i been doing?

on saturday night.. went to sharon's place and play lami with her and ze hong(im not sure how to spell his name) ahh!! at last i got to play!! but i still miss mahjong~~ though im not that good in mahjong but i still wanna play and improve my mahjong skill!! huhu

me and sharon~

then on sunday.. went to bandar with my parents... see see look look around jerudong beach there.. its really been a long time i never been there... ahhh blue blue sunny sky~~... and saw the fishermen with their cars, etc etc

me love the tree~~ huhu

after that.. went to seri q-lap and this time.. we did went in DAISO... where there were this guy wo actually shouted 'welcome' in chinese instead of japanese language... well he didn freak my parents out like what he did to my friends.... hahaha... well.... basically.. all the stuffs were sold at $3 each... then... went up to the cineplex there... and there was this cafe and i actually realised that one of the cakes which i saw on last monday and thursday... was still there!!! now i was freaked out!!... it looked soo yummy but since i saw it was there for such a long time... i felt disgusted... ugghh... people would want to eat fresh cakes baa... sigh no wonder that cafe has no business... good!!!

sushi~~ supposedly there was a little salad at the side but my mom gobbled it up so quickly that i couldn take one original pic of it!!!

then went jalan jalan larr.... bought sushi in a packet in hua ho, yayasan and it was surprisingly good!! next time when i go bandar... i'll buy!! huhuu and had lunch at the old 'thien thien restaurant' (near soon lee megamart) and i was disappointed... because the darn chilli that i loved most was not nice!!! ughhh..then jalan jalan and i saw one amusing stuff sold in the shop....

wonder if you people understand? first of all.. it's made in china... explains the english kena translated wrongly!!... supposed to be 'straw'!! not 'sucker'?? huhu... so expensive they sell again...

then we went to the new hua ho at bunut there... and the design is a little interesting? well its actually a little distorted... ah wells... its still good... then before we left... bought something from dq... -> 'triple chocolate utopia' and 'strawberry coated chocolate blizzard'(am not sure about the name) ... and i luuurve them both!! but then.. if only the chunks of chocolate are the ones that can melt when its inside your mouth.. then it would be sooo perfect!!!.... the triple chocolate utopia... has chunks of chocs, brownies, choc syrup.. i think that's all? but it's really nice... i wana try the others... next time!!

well.... i spent my time yesterday and today watching the anime 'black blood brothers'... well... its okay.... because i still prefer hellsing!!! its the best vampire anime ever!!... but i still prefer the manga.... ah wellz... but in black blood brothers... they kind of potray that 'sucking blood is more enjoyable than sex'.. O_o...the girl who got her blood sucked... was giving out sounds... like having orgasm or something... i had to switch the sound off... karan my mom thought im watching porn or something!!!! sighh no idea~~... but its the ending song that captivates me.... shinkirou by loveholic... sigh... sooo sad..... yet soo beautiful....~~ its posted in both my blog and my friendster!!! overall.. its nice la... but still!!!!!! HELLSING~~~~~ i soo luurve alucard~~

though this pic here is a little disturbing.. but believe me!! he is cool~~ one of my fav anime characters~~

well then... that's all....

Friday, April 20, 2007

new look~

well.... i as a blogger... gave wrong information!!!!! its a heinous crime of all!!!!!!! (exaggerating here..~) haha... well.. correction here sajala ... yeaa. leena's drink was actually vanilla shake instead of banana shake.... n yeaa.. did i forget to mention tat.... i prefer d popcorn of cineplex to d ones in d mall????? its really really really good!!! wangi n crunchy n buttered n sweet n.... yuuuum!!! haahhaa... wat else...? oh yeaaa... today is friday sooo got tamu!!! n my dad at last bought sumthin after a few weeks....!! i soo miss d food der....

one of my favourite kuih...~~ wassit called agn??? $2 for one packet....

slllurrrrp~~~ one of my fav fishie~~~ wadda u call agn?? i love to eat but duno d name... ughh silly me~

n dis morning... i went with my mom to cut our hair... n i err.... im not sure i like my current hair!?!?!?!? its sooo.... depressing!!!!!! my looong hair bcame short hair!! when i sat at d chair... she asked wat hairstyle i want.. n i said.. i want a different hairstyle la... cuz i owez hav d same look wa.. then she was lyk.. ok! i will giv u a different layer...~

one of my vain moments in d changing room~ nywayz!!! u able to see my hair ka??

hmmm my 'ex-hair' was sumthin lyk tat... long at d back la....

during d process... i took off my specs so it wont get in her way to cut my hair... then.. after arnd one hour.. she was lyk ok!! n when i wore my specs.. i was laughing sarcastically... giving d idea to her tat... i didn really lyk it~~~ n she was lyk.. its suits u eh.. nice..~~ n i was even laughing weirdly...~~ (depressing daughter~) n she was looking n said some reassuring words.. sigh.. cant do anythin but to accept tat.....wat is done is done..... sighh..... i can tell u tat my first reaction in my mind when i saw it was...... WAT???? it reminds me of my childhood days~~ haha... cuz got fringe waaa... n hair at d back was short.. so turned out tat i looked lyk a mushroom head~~ sooo i duno wat to say....~ well wat u guys tink?? gimme comments bout my new look...-_-"

my new look!!!!!... dis is sooo much better looking than when i first saw my hair!

to get rid of d fringe in front... i dcided to clip it up!! but now i look lyk amah..~~ ;'( sob sob~~

***wani... wo yao pao pao~~~ huhuhuu... ehh jgntah salah paham~~ =P!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

hanging out in bandar!!!

d foursome~~ ooopppss i mean.. four kawan!

d place where mary lives.... hehe exposed~~

ahaa!! 2day woke up really early to drive over to wani's place n folo joanna's transport to bandar~~~ sigh... tats d earliest tym i hav ever wake up in a few months tym huhu... well.. so me, leena, wani n joanna(sinah n lalai tak jadi~) went to bandar to pick mary first....looong tym no see her n she is still d same ~~... then went to itb to collect joanna, leena n mary's latters la.. wasehh their interview only a few days away~~ hope they will do well~ n not to forget.... joanna is really a good driver!!!! she expert~~ wahahhaa

d view arnd itb~
then went to seri q-lap to send mary to her work.. n since we were sooo xtremely hungry.. went to mamih cafe... i missed deir nasi lemak !! sooo went there n wani ordered watermelon juice, leena banana shake(look really good!), joanna teh-c ping n me teh tarik~~ n d food is as follows laar...
Nasi Lemak Mamih Biasa

Leena's Kuew Teow Basah n her Banana Shake

Joanna's Mee Mamak... wit tomatoes...-_-

Wani's Sweet Sour Prawn... 6 prawns inside~~

after tat... sooo kenyang laa... i finished my food!!! including d rice!!! wahaha... nyaman waa....n d oders tak berapa laa... huhuu.. then went back to q-lap to watch in d cineplex... n decided to watch 'SUNSHINE'!! well.. 5 bucks.. ok okla... since we had one hour to jln jln.. we went to shops n see see look look n tried jeans n cudn find d ryt ones...then mary joined us for awhile....
taking pic while on d escalator~~
they bought gelato... 2.60 bucks per falvour o sumthin,... reminds me of d ones in kl.. which was more delicious lookin!! wahhh miss kl~~~

hanging arnd d dream cones corner..~~

from wher me n wani sit... able to see joanna's car from der...(d first car on d right)

then after all those... we excort mary back to her work place.. then we rushed to d cineplex bcuz scared it starts early wa.. lyk tat tym they say start at 4pm but d movie started b4 4!... soo bot popcorn n drinks.... n went in.... n der goes d trailer of spiderman... then stu, scary, freaky trailer of hills hav eyes 2... ugghhh... then d movie starts la... n yess.... it was kinda scary.. cuz... 1) we were d only 4 ppl in d cinema 2) sound system is too good! cant escape by closing our ears but look at d bright side! we can make as much noise as possible...!! n luckily we didn watch any ghost movie such as 'jgn pandang belakang' o 'zombi kpg pisang'...oderwise we will leave d cinema!!! ... imagine.. u r d only ppl der.. n wat if u see sumthin tat sudn b der... n err... nvm.. forget it!... then later on.. 2 more men came in.. but still.... we were d only 6 ppl der..!! wahhaha

sempat ambil pic in d elevator~~

trailer of spiderman 3!

d beginning of sunshine~ n it looks lyk 'heroes' punya opening! huhu

well.. dis guy.. at first glance.. he is ok... then as d movie goes on.... makin ku suka~~~ ^_^

after d movie... n leena was acting crazy while takin pics.. hehe

d pwetty rotating light in mary's working place... chatted der for awhile...~~~

well.. we were blur at d beginning of d movie... but sumhow okla.. then makin nice laa... its really.. unexpected la.. got suspence la.. n got one part ah we were really scared.. cuz its lyk we r watching a serial murderer o sumthin~~ haha.. it was good!! n d ending...nice n left me feeling warm.... n i salute to all those brave ppl!!!! really my 'hero'... :D well.. left seri q-lap n went to vincci to serach for wani's heels... but no luck... so went to 'the mall'!! as usual...~ n jln jln arnd d shops... n to our disappointment.. cudn get any... but sumhow happy oso.. cuz got to save sum money..~~ whahaha

stolen shot in vincci~~

when we almost want to go back.. d gals tapau food.. n we shared in d car!! waseeeh sooo full laaa.... thank you gals!!! haha went back happily~~~... wit leena cracking up... agn~~ n yeaa they karaoke in d car abit... huhu.. then got drizzle abit.... n i drove back...

d wedges from kfc~~~

d japanese round thingy~~ n agn it reminded me in kl.... tats d yummiest ive eva tried... n d price of course.. very nice oso laa.. ;(

d driver while drinkin n eating... expert driver!!

n yeaa... enjoyed today!! n jus now went out for awhile alone.. n yeaa... overspent.... argghh!! im spose to save!!!! but ah wellz.... i cudn control myself... so weak... ughhhh!! ohhh yeaa... wani!!! i wan pao pao!!! huhuhu~~