Tuesday, April 24, 2007


i haven't been updating my blog.. so stagnant arnd here... huhu... nywayz... wat have i been doing?

on saturday night.. went to sharon's place and play lami with her and ze hong(im not sure how to spell his name) ahh!! at last i got to play!! but i still miss mahjong~~ though im not that good in mahjong but i still wanna play and improve my mahjong skill!! huhu

me and sharon~

then on sunday.. went to bandar with my parents... see see look look around jerudong beach there.. its really been a long time i never been there... ahhh blue blue sunny sky~~... and saw the fishermen with their cars, etc etc

me love the tree~~ huhu

after that.. went to seri q-lap and this time.. we did went in DAISO... where there were this guy wo actually shouted 'welcome' in chinese instead of japanese language... well he didn freak my parents out like what he did to my friends.... hahaha... well.... basically.. all the stuffs were sold at $3 each... then... went up to the cineplex there... and there was this cafe and i actually realised that one of the cakes which i saw on last monday and thursday... was still there!!! now i was freaked out!!... it looked soo yummy but since i saw it was there for such a long time... i felt disgusted... ugghh... people would want to eat fresh cakes baa... sigh no wonder that cafe has no business... good!!!

sushi~~ supposedly there was a little salad at the side but my mom gobbled it up so quickly that i couldn take one original pic of it!!!

then went jalan jalan larr.... bought sushi in a packet in hua ho, yayasan and it was surprisingly good!! next time when i go bandar... i'll buy!! huhuu and had lunch at the old 'thien thien restaurant' (near soon lee megamart) and i was disappointed... because the darn chilli that i loved most was not nice!!! ughhh..then jalan jalan and i saw one amusing stuff sold in the shop....

wonder if you people understand? first of all.. it's made in china... explains the english kena translated wrongly!!... supposed to be 'straw'!! not 'sucker'?? huhu... so expensive they sell again...

then we went to the new hua ho at bunut there... and the design is a little interesting? well its actually a little distorted... ah wells... its still good... then before we left... bought something from dq... -> 'triple chocolate utopia' and 'strawberry coated chocolate blizzard'(am not sure about the name) ... and i luuurve them both!! but then.. if only the chunks of chocolate are the ones that can melt when its inside your mouth.. then it would be sooo perfect!!!.... the triple chocolate utopia... has chunks of chocs, brownies, choc syrup.. i think that's all? but it's really nice... i wana try the others... next time!!

well.... i spent my time yesterday and today watching the anime 'black blood brothers'... well... its okay.... because i still prefer hellsing!!! its the best vampire anime ever!!... but i still prefer the manga.... ah wellz... but in black blood brothers... they kind of potray that 'sucking blood is more enjoyable than sex'.. O_o...the girl who got her blood sucked... was giving out sounds... like having orgasm or something... i had to switch the sound off... karan my mom thought im watching porn or something!!!! sighh no idea~~... but its the ending song that captivates me.... shinkirou by loveholic... sigh... sooo sad..... yet soo beautiful....~~ its posted in both my blog and my friendster!!! overall.. its nice la... but still!!!!!! HELLSING~~~~~ i soo luurve alucard~~

though this pic here is a little disturbing.. but believe me!! he is cool~~ one of my fav anime characters~~

well then... that's all....

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