Monday, April 16, 2007

bandar trip~

one of d views of manjaro
hmm today... accompanied ak to smsa to collect his certs but only got his a lvl cert.... then went to bandar to send his ucas form.. but since we r hungry.. went to eat at manjaro~ (in kiulap area... nxt to big papa's restaurant) nice atmosphere!! nice songs too!! all slow slow songs but then listenin to slow songs wit a guy is a bit... weird.. in a way?? wahahaha im d weird one here~~

ice lime n ice blended mocha(?)

ak's sizzling wok bla bla chicken wit soup n rice

hmmmm d pix says it all?? huhuhu

n d menu was lyk... i cudn make up my mind!! n since d stuffs r quite costly..(but worth it) n since i shud b saving my luilui... i ordered d set lunch...which is sumthin chicken oso wit ice lime~~ cheaper wa.. then ak ordered d sizzling wok sumthin chicken..(i didn pay attention 2d name of d food) n err ice blended mocha o sumthin oso?? wahahaha... im a teruk blogger!! cant advertise food la if lyk this!!

d view outside seri q-lap~
well.. after tat... went to seri q-lap to see wat movies available... n ak was lyk wanted to watch mr bean's holiday... but had to wait til 4pm!! cuz we hafta go moe later... then went to d mall to survey oso.. n d movie starts at 5.45pm which was far more worse!! then we dun care n survey gems/crystals for awhile.. then went to moe la.. otw there there were traffic jam laa... sighh... n in moe ahhh oso lyk shopping mall lyk tat.. all d cars park here n der lyk nobody's business!! apalaaarrr...!!!

teabox interior~~ eee they hav d notes sticking der!! but didn leave a msg der... (was tokin bout it wit ray n shir in miri... but we were tokin bout ppl leaving pix in d cafe~~ cool~)

after tat... we went back to seri q-lap... n bought d tix... n since we had nuthin to do for an hour.. we hang out at teabox ... had desserts der oso... ak ordered d brownie thingy which i wanted to order oso!! but i had to give it up for sumthin else... huhu.. wana try oder stuff.. n we chatted der laa... n he was being a pinoy...~~ yes he sounds lyk one!! no offence!!!

brownie sumthin sumthin.. but i tink svenson's more attractive lookin n of course more costly~~

ak's drink n my peppermint tea~

my simple dessert~ i actually didn eat ice cream for lyk a month?? ooo my peppermint n choc ice cream~~

then when almost tym we went to cinema 3!!! n d darn movie started owedi!!! it wasnt even 4 yet!! sighh.. but d movie is okoklaa.. mr bean's facial expression is soooo stu waaa!!! n yeaa.. his idiotic level is to d max!! felt geram bout it.. but sum part nice laa.. n i enjoyed d cineplex chair!! very comfy~~~ n same price as d mall i tink?? soo okoklaa

ak wit d view of seri q-lap cineplex..

mr bean's holiday~(stolen shot)

after tat.. then balik terus~~ n otw back... i forgot we shud turn to jerudong n we jus went straight to airport...!!! arrghhh stu me!!! i kept apologising to ak...!! n i felt soo bad inside.. cuz.. it was NOT my first tym doing tat.... i did tat to my mom too!! wahaaha.. took d looong way... n d entire trip balik.. i was really quiet.... i shud learn from my mistakes.. but no~~~ instead i did it agn.. ugghhh waddaheck...!?!?! n wat was more geram when he spose to give me back my money he owed... it was $12 short!! n he said.. oh pay for fuel laa... n i was sooo blur!!!.. after tat i msged him sayin.. u ripped me off!! n summarising it... d luilui ended up as his bday gift... sighh i was... s.p.e.e.c.h.l.e.s.s... ughh..... arrgghhh!! tats bout it...~
pssst!: sum pix r blur.. cuz der were taken by SE fon.. soo no complains!! huhuhu...!!

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