Monday, April 30, 2007

saturday morning, 28.04.07

well.. on saturday... went to razan's place at around 9am... to bake apple pie!!!! yayyy!! then waited for a little while.. wani and leena came... enjoyed the baking process!!!!
slicing and peeling 12 apples!! well... we were kinda good at it?? huhuhu

kneeding the dough for the crust... ~~~ then put into the fridge for half an hour

posing with the cinnamon powder and sugar solution... consisting of sugar, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, a lil flour....

mixing everything together with a lil lemon juice
errr pro at work??? huhuhu
helped to shape the apple pie~~

after putting the apple pie into the oven... pose pose abit laa.. then enjoyed ourselves talking and drinking milo and eating chocolate cake~~ hehe

it is finally done!!!! yaaaaay!!!!!!

enjoying the apple pie in the kitchen!!!

since we had leftovers.. we made another smaller apple pie.. while waiting.. we played the game above for the whole afternoon!!! had orange juice~~~ well razan and i had 3 wins, wani 2 wins and leena no win at all.. she was sooo determined to win at least one round that's why we kept playing until we malas go down kb to see the bazaar... but ah wellz.. we really enjoyed our time!!

ahhh our second apple pie is completed!!! looks better!! the taste is well... the same????

since the apple pie is soooo sweet... because...well... we used RED apples instead of GREEN apples.... sooo to counter that.. we put a slice of cheese and melted it sompletely!!! and we even added maple syrup at the top!! wahhahaa fattening... but nice~~~~

eeeee the cutey lil cat in razan's room!!! and yea choki!! ate a few sticks.. ughh.. more fats~~
well then.... at around 4pm.. wani and leena went home to bath while i bathed at razan's place.. luckily brought extra baju~~ then me and razan chit chat and around 6 something went to ogdc to see the pelangi thingy!!!

ok... end of saturday morning's story.... next will be bout saturday night!!

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