Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First try with digital scrapbooking

Yesterday I was experimenting with digital scrapbook-ish style when I purchased Florabella's Light and Sunflare Overlays with their discounted codes and I got their Retro Holiday Papers for free! I wish I am rich to purchase more stuff from them but that's it for now! *empty wallet*
There was this urge to try make something and the picture below is the outcome~ Included below are the links to where I got stuffs and tried to compile them together. Enjoy~

Frame around the font - Label Frames No. 12
Paper on the left - Florabella Retro Taupe Solid
Picture on the left - Taken at Calton Hill in Edinburgh - Processed with Florabella Colorplay and Florabella Light and Sunflare Overlays


Thursday, November 22, 2012

First full body outfit post~

Heya! I was like super excited yesterday! Because... this lovely faux leather jacket just arrived yesterday at the post office! I won this from Fashion Cabaret when they were hosting this giveaway. I shared multiples times on my wall, instagram it and even wrote a blog post of it (If you have not read it, it's here)! Had my mom to help collect the jacket ( since I am at work) and I couldn't wait to try it on! The size is just right (except the arms..it's a lil tight since i have erm..'muscular/fattie' arms)

Just posted a pic of it on instagram this morning~
 After work without wasting time, I just put on circle lens, makeup, prepare outfit and camera, went outside to post against the cream wall. It's my first time doing a sorta photoshoot outside by myself. There were people looking, I got shy after that but tried to compose myself lol

I got this dress from Full House II in Miri!! By the way, the shop is in Bintang Megamall, Miri at the second floor (2.09-2.10) at the old wing. It was love at first sight~ I also set my eyes on another dress (dark pink with interesting print (repetitive cameo like) and interesting back design) but then I could only get one, so this is the winner! and actually this is the first time I wore it for the longest time, just could not find the time to actually wear this dress XD

*Oh just ignore my muscular/fattie arms and legs~ I must try to take pictures without me looking larger than I already am. Maybe next time I will take it from a higher perspective lol*

Once I put on the jacket and a hat, look how it totally transform the outfit from a soft look to a tough edgy look!  

 It's a jacket with asymmetrical zip placement with two zip pockets and detailed cuffs and a faux waistband~ The jacket is totally lightweight but it can be 'hot' if worn outdoors in a climate like Brunei. I was really sweating on the inside plus it was quite humid plus the nervousness of people able to see me *lol*

There it is, a simple outfit post! Oh the red circle lens.. maybe it's better to keep them for cosplay purposes, I find the look can be quite intense for normal outings. Maybe more natural colours like light brown is nice. I only used it because it's comfortable and the other circle lens are irritating my eyes!

Circle Lens- Blingcon
Faux Leather Jacket-Fashion Cabaret!
Dress-Full House II


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lulu & Arthur

Just uploaded an album on Lulu & Arthur's wedding. I just edited on a few photos and post them on Facebook. This is my second time being a second shooter for Devin Kho Photography and again I would like to say thanks to him for giving me the opportunity to join him on this wedding. Please do take a look at his work here and here. =)


Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Etude House Collection

This is a post about how I got addicted to Etude House *lol* It was purely accidental~ I have heard of them but never I gave in to enter their shops since I don't feel like getting stuff and if I do, I'd get hooked *fly money.. fly!*

Anyways it happened on 21.08.2012. I remembered it clearly because Anna and I went to Miri to sort of celebrate our birthdays (Anna-20.08, me-22.08) by going shopping~ When we reached Seria, Anna said she wanted to take a look at Etude House and recommended their hair dye, so off we went. By the way, the picture above is my outfit for the day XD 

Upon reaching the place, we were greeted warmly by the staffs and I realised their packaging are so cute and there is something about this shop that sets its tone differently from the other existing shop, maybe of its bright, pink themed, cute interior. I can't remember how it happened but I got introduced to this orange cream choux blusher by Princess Tara! I wanted to try but don't know how but she kindly showed me by removing my existing makeup on my left face and applied BB Cream and then applied the blusher.

It was an instant W.A.N.T! lol! I guess providing good service does matter! It makes you want to purchase the products immediately lol! I bought the blusher, the BB Cream and another impulse buy was the hair dye that Anna was raving about *lol*

When I got back home, I went to apply the blusher on my other cheek and I fell in love. It is my favourite blusher like serious like crazy lol.

Left is the blusher, right is that BB Cream. Before this, I have only tried on a BB sample from other brand which made my face look more onto grey-ish and when I got introduced this, I was like, 'Why not?'. It's actually the first BB Cream I own.

This! *can you sense my orange addiction..sorta?* haha I quickly dyed my hair just because it's my birthday the next day what~ Since there was no celebration, I had to celebrate for myself which isn't a bad thing XD

On my birthday, I vained *chuckles* Well, you could see there's not a big difference of colour to my hair since my hair colour was like dark brown. There was a subtle change though but I realised after a few washes, my hair colour did lighten a bit which I think it's not bad; lighter but not that light, just right =p The above pics were taken indoors.

This was outdoors, you can see it's slightly more orange, due to the reflected sunlight~ By the way, was using the newly purchased BB and blusher =p

Another birthday photoshoot during the weekend, also using the blusher and BB Cream. There was a story to all these. Since my birthday fall on weekday, my family decided we celebrate on the weekend and my sister couldn't get the cake I wanted so I went to bake some cupcakes and wrote greetings for myself, then went on to take out my mom's vintage tea set, took out the cupcake stand, dad saw and he took out his camera, then I was like why not an impromptu shot? So I went to change and did makeup while mom took out a black cloth for background and there we had it* lol*

Okay okay, let's give them some ratings~


Bubble Hair Colouring #5 Sweet Orange:
Easy to use, nice colour BUT it dried my hair up! (had to use conditioner every day for weeks! I tried not applying for a day, I had difficulties with combing my hair! Really damaging, I recommend using John Frieda's *super love*)

Cream Choux Blusher#1 Miss Tangerine:
Easy to use (normally dispense a bit on the back of my hand and use fingers to dab on it then onto my cheeks), the orange may be 'scary' at first but once applied it actually looks quite natural (if you want, you can intensify the colour by dabbing more onto the cheeks!)
Rating-10/10 =D

BB Magic Cream:
Easy to apply and blend onto skin since it is sort of watery, light coverage (dealt wit my uneven skin tone but didn't cover much of my blemishes), didn't really 'dehydrate' my skin (thank goodness), it does compliment the skin tone and would make me appear fairer BUT after using few times, realised I can appear 'cakey'(powder-ish) like if I used direct flash onto my skin, I would look horrible *lol*Also, it could make me feel a lil greasy (might be due to the hot weather that forces you to sweat lol)

I couldn't stay away from Etude House for long as there were also promotions going on, so I had to go back and see what I can bargain =p Simple outfit and again with the blusher =p

My collection was definitely growing in a short period of time =p. Got that Goodbye Pore Ever and Miss Tangerine Veiling Powder (it was so cute I couldn't resist!). Since I could accumulate the amount of money I spent on Etude products, I got myself a cute membership card! I'm entitled to 15% off whenever I were to buy from them, which is good!=D Since it's my birthday month, I got one free mask, one small sample of precious mineral BB Cream, sample Nymph Aura Volumer and sample Nymph Jelly Tint Blusher.

I asked for erm.. free samples and I got this and sunblock since I wanted to venture what other sunblock I could use as I am required to work under the sun ><

No rating since I have not used it yet.

 Goodbye Pore Ever:
It's a primer and looking so cute, you just can't resist it! It is easy to apply, smooth and matting. After using a few times, I guess it's not compatible with me as everytime I removed my makeup and washed my face, I had more white heads or something popping out~ *cries* I need to wait for few days without makeup to have them cleared from my face D=

During raya, I paid a visit to Etude House in Times Square with Fai and there she was again, Princess Tara! She was the one that got me addicted to Etude House and she is really really helpful, informative, cheerful and pretty too~=D

Never pose within the place, so why not?

>///< so we spent quite some time there and talked lots and bought stuffs as well D=

And so, I went indulging again, these babies were on sale! Who would resist? They really really have nice colours!! I couldn't make up my mind thus I bought both! No regrets there! 

They are not really lipstick, not really lip gloss but something in between.,When I used it directly onto my lips, the colours actually doesn't look too even so I used lip brush to apply them on and it was just nice =)

Cute cute wonder pore freshner which is a toner that can also be used as a face mist (I have yet to try this XD). I was advised to use this only two times a week since it might dry up your face. At times, when I use this, I deliberately placed the cotton pad with the toner onto my face like a face mask and it feels so refreshing! I quite like the fragrance and felt my pores do tighten up.

I can't remember when I got these, jelly tint blusher samples one pink and one orange. Have not tried them so no ratings yet.

Fresh Cherry Tint samples, lip gloss and they do look delish! and they are now on sale in Etude House, anyone a fan of lip gloss go grab them now!!! No ratings.

Another sample, again have not tried to use it.

I guess I am a fan so there I went to their facebook page and I see... contests!!!!! YEAY! Maybe I have chance to win something for free right =D

What's more appropriate than posing with one of my favourite product from Etude House right? So this was my entry for the contest~

TA-DAAAAH~~ I was one of the winners and got this! I was super excited when I knew I won something so I went during my lunch break to claim my prize *squeals*

During work I felt so uneasy just because I really want to try that mascara out! Rushed back home and applied it, trying to achieve that model's eye look... Hmm.. close enough? @.@ 

Application was easy enough, there is two wands; one for upper lashes, another for lower lashes. I always have difficulties with applying mascara to my lower lashes (I have short lower lashes =( I tried but ending up smudging those black-ish stuffs) and this works! After application, it dries up and wouldn't smudge further. Apply few more times and you get longer lashes ^^ Note that I couldn't remove it with eye makeup remover, just rub warm water over them and they will come off.

Used it whenever I want to achieve dolly look =)

Another contest! Definitely a must *lol*

Since I don't own any eye shadow from Etude, I went ahead to grab one and guess what, orange.. again~ not surprising anymore is it? =DDD Anyways love their simple yet cute packaging. Would say they are more onto glittery than solid colour=/. I wanted more orange than the shine though. Otherwise it would be perfect! (Then I realised again, Korean cosmetics really love glitters! XD)

My entry =D

 WON AGAIN!!!yipeee!! super happy can?? =D

The two choices of eye shadow I picked are Coral Cherry and Purple Berry! I have tried the Coral Cherry, as usual more glitter than colour, same rating as the orange eye shadow I bought earlier So it's 7/10~

Then there is Lash Perm-Volume Mascara, a very cute mini sized Precious Mineral BB Cream-Sheer Silky Skin (very convenient to carry it around in your bag, genius!) and Mini Size U gift set (heard it's good for combination skin and that I have to try!)!

Recently just last week, I indulged on this~ There was 25% off its original price! yes! I got it for less than BND10. It's primer for the eyes~ since the eyeshadow colour is not that strong, was advised to apply this before applying eyeshadow. I super adore the casing, it is similar to Majolica Majorca or Anna Sui~ Have not tried them yet ( super difficult for me to try to use them you know~ since I only apply makeup when I go out on weekends ='() So no ratings yet.

Two days ago, there were clearance sales going on and this caught my eyes~ Since the primer I had from Etude House was unsuitable, I want to try this one out. Again Princess Tara was serving me and we talked lots again =D Anyways, she applied on onto the back of my hand and it felt really smooth and is quite refreshing~ EEEE I'm sold! Lucky this was on sale, so got it for BND8.90~ and I stopped there, almost wanted to get eyebrow pencil but the colour suitable for me was out of stock~ *phew... felt relieved XD* I hope this will be good *crossed fingers*

So there you have it~ My Etude House collection..which is not really a collection much~ but it's dangerous, to have purchased these much in a short period of time. I am thankful though to Etude House for being part of my mini birthday 'celebration'. They made it 'special' and 'fun' for me XD Oh the pic above, I am using their BB Magic Cream, Dual Show Mascara, Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips #1 Sweet Berry Blossom~^^

Well, til next time =D