Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fashion Cabaret Giveaway!

Ever since I am back in Brunei from UK, I always had difficulties in finding clothes that I like just because UK has so much shops to spoil our needs! (More like useless needs but essential to me=p) That is why it sucks when I needed my retail therapy, I just have limited choices!

Well, I have tried finding for local online shops but nothing catches my eyes.. except one; Fashion Cabaret. Last year, I stumbled upon their website and the layout totally caught my attention and I was getting frantic like if this is really based in Brunei. And I further browse through their items and gawd, love them so much! I have found myself new love! I have then visit the website regularly and liked the facebook page in hope it would update soon but I was left disappointed and soon forgotten about it....until there was a new notification on Facebook =D

That is right, Fashion Cabaret has finally updated their items for pre order! Hurray!! Totally overjoyed and quickly browsed through the album and I fell in love again *lol*! Not long after, I was heartbroken upon seeing the prices for the items *fail* and the deadline, just simply I have placed orders on wigs and lolita shoes just few days back and I have no budget left to grab new items *cries*!

Anyways let me tell you what my favourite pieces from the set are! (All pictures below belongs to Fashion Cabaret's! I downloaded them from their Facebook, hope that doesn't offend anyone =.=)

 This was the very first picture I saw when Fashion Cabaret updated in Facebook. and I was like OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! so gorgeous! so badass! so fairy kei! This picture is like multiples combos lol! I'm not that good in exaggerating but I try my best =p

I love to look at antlers and pastel stuffs and this, both combines! *faints* it looks so super comfy and carefree and cool and pretty and love the model's hair as well~ so perfect~

this mini dress looks comfy as well and looks like it's made of skin friendly material =p 

That clutch is just wanting us to drool over it! Look at that! How can you not that thing? D=! Anywhos, please take a look at their pre order items okay? 

Then yesterday night, Fashion Cabaret posted this up.... like woooot? You get to stand a chance to win such a sexy faux leather jacket??? That is so very sweet! So what are you waiting for? Go SHARE, RETWEET or INSTAGRAM the picture above! I hope I be the one to win though *snorts* Okay la, at least I still share and spread the word about this giveaway okay?? And it is open to people residing in Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia! Ba....Good luck people!


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