Wednesday, December 31, 2008

bye bye 08 n hello 09~

31st December 2008

last day of 2008

new year's eve

im not too hyped up about it..

i was! but not today.. guess it's depression day for me

hmm 2008.. what have i achieved? (answers are not arranged according to importance)

-met more friends(thanx to RESCO, BJFA, OBBD~ =) n friends i just randomly meet in UBD =D)
-active in events (thanx to RESCO n BJFA~ =D)
-even more active in taking pics(around a few thousands(more than 50% are taken during events such as orientation, language and culture week, etc)...but never once i develop them -_- gah!)
-got myself a boyfriend =P and being honest with everything to him*hearts ya*
-getting more into depression! -_- (thanx and also sorry to those who could withstand my random attitude...~ thankful for u guys arnd... *psst u know who u r~)
-maintained my body weight (thank goodness!)
-better skin?(at least my skin has less pimples than before)
-trying out different places to eat for the first time (thanx to my sis, uncle, azri, lim han)
-learnt basic makeup (thanx alicia.. but would only use once in awhile....n err... see la if i rajin or not =P)
-developed eye bags!(thanx to all those late sleeping hours =/)
-listened to more english songs~ =p (what? i have been listening to japanese songs only what.. so this is considered an achievement!)
-spent the most number of hours in front of laptop in a year!! whooaa... can feel my eyes not really healthy XD
-Joined OBBD n did all the challenges! (thanx to mas for the attention of this event..n thanx for saiful for getting us a place in it! =p)
-errrrm...what other things i had done~? gaaah mental block...

hahhaa that's all for now.. the ones that got into my brain at this instant

in 2009... what do i want to do this time?

- be more active in UBD events(if there is) since i have one semester left in UBD
- hopefully able to 'fly' to UK successfully
- hope to struck rich in a sudden to support myself in overseas (XD... very not possible... =P)
- i want to know more people? =D (it depends on my mood too)
- do well in my studies...n not slack like what i did in my previous semesters *shrugs*
- dont ever procrastinate!!! gaah this has been an issue... n it has gotten worse! im losing myself to the devil...~ -_-
- be a better daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend~
- maintain my body weight.. if possible, lose weight!
- to exercise.. for real! (been stagnant in hostel life)
- make good use of time... (i love sleeping too much...=/)
- to improve myself...if possible...
- hope to be more rajin... im a very very lazy person... until i rarely watch anime!eversince i masuk UBD...-_- so if i rarely do the things i love.. what more doing the things i love less (such as... studying!!)? =p
- take better pictures
- just stay true to myself!

well there are other more things that i couldnt think of atm.. but so far.. thats it la... in a few minutes time... 2008 will end and 2009 will begin!!!! sooooooo LETS RAWK ON!!! XD

like this dude~ XD (got this pic randomly from my dad's camera... so no idea where he took this pic!! =D seems like perayaan..ah wells~)



WELCOME 2009!!!!!!

day out to relax~

on monday, a holiday.. n i drove out just before noon to marilyn to meet up with azlina they all but when i reached there i saw eileen... we talked n settled at a table in marilyn n while waiting for the rest, we talked mostly abt the sks annual dinner that time in empire.. it was grand~(saw from the pics..i didnt go) n all those stuffs then azlina, sc n pratz arrived...

my hot vanilla was too sweet n it wasnt hot =( but got satisfaction from eating..XD prats offered her french fries n sandwiches among us n azlina didnt like her potato salad... so me n sc helped her out... syg some of the girls couldnt join us for the outing..

we then went to the boutique above iora... pratz got to buy a white pants from there..n we met ms chia n ms wann ching there too, browsing through dresses i guess.. we just said hi and they left since they couldnt find anything they wanted...

azlina sitting down while we waited for pratz to change into a dress~ she promised me in bandar to try on a dress n show~ but she didn find any dress suitable.. n finally... she got to wear a dress~

there!! hahhaa actually not bad because she is thin.. n the dress really follow her shape la... n after i took this pic... the girl forbidded me from taking pics.. hehe sorry.. i forgot that i cant take pics... =/ n we left for mom's bakery as azlina had to get something there then we left to taman jubillee~

hahaha the sexy feet~ eileen with her white heels n azlina with her black long pants n pratz with her lipat antam-ly jeans n sc with her flip flops~ we didnt went to the sandy areas since it was showering n eileen was wearing heels n me wearing sandals that are not meant to go to the ssandy area~

hahhaa a lonely pic of my feet stepping on grass!

so we went to the playground n lepak for awhile... wanted to lepak there til jas arrived... but since it was showerin.. we asked her to meet at ogdc

before that.. we just hang alil while at the playground

hahha they the only ones rajin to walk over there while me n eileen stayed over at my side sja~

azlina walking over....then sc..(sorry dun have ur pic)

n pratz with her er... okai... i duno wat expression XD excited ah?

then that we went to ogdc.. orded a hot choc with ice cream n goodness it was sooooooooo sweet!! tat i ended up taking a spoon n dip n lick n dip n lick -_- ah wells cant complain since pratz lanja..haha n we kept eating cheese meat balls~ n owh realised... the portion of the spaghetti now lesser!hmm ideal food in seria not too good owedi @_@ then we got company... andrew n justin came in pursuit of...*ahem* hahhaa ah wells.. we didn care abt them so we went jln jln with sc, pratz n jas....sorta ksian azlina ...we abandoned her~ =p

played swings n gosh i didn know got new basketball court!!! sooo sakaaaai~ n its nice la the colour.. can do photoshoot here... but didnt...because it was sooooo darn hooot! we were sweating n stuffs~

managed to take this pic sja... then we went back to ideal... whooa... sweaty ahh... after chatting and a few awkward moments...(we not close to the guys wa....n stu la... we talked abt 'teeth'~ someone's teeth was yellow la..kinda not nice to see..then pratz i think.. hinting abt the teeth XD jahat we all =p) we all balik n boy.... my sleep that night was soo good til i didn wana wake up =p

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

open house in lysa's place~

me bangang face~XD actually i baru abis makan ba.. n had to 'clean' my mouth alil..hahaha! owh... i woke up arnd 11 i guess.. then stayed at home n do stuffs... n reached lysa's place by 12.45... i was there n the other girls werent there yet.. thank goodness jasmin n her siblings n arthur n edwin they all were there...n gooosh the kids have grown!!! now im sounding like on of the uncle aunties exclaiming how tall they have grown n the changes they have in their voice! XD then i went to the kitchen to get some food(catering from procter and some malay restaurant-lys wats the name agn?) n met suan loong...apparently he remembers me~ hahaa i really thought he wouldnt remember me~ we greeted n i went for the food.. the house totally packed! i met quite a number of familiar faces n i dont think they remember me...why i thought so? they were teachers and principal of a certain school~=/ n the teachers there were never my in they never teach me back in F6 la... soo.... i walked passed them swiftly..they didnt notice also because they were busy chatting away~ =p

waaa hostess~~~me see u~~ using face shop nail polish~ XD hehe thanx for checking on us once in awhile though ur busy~ n so good serving the boys shandy n beer~ =)

eyeeeer...soooo cute, adorable, all smiles, etc etc miss sunshine!! =D

jasmin~ trying to shoot.. gah...who agn? i forgot who was holding my camera... one of the twins? the youngest bro? @_@ errrr..ah wells..not long after they left~ =/ then i was aloooone~

owh whoo dat hand?? who dat to my rescue of loneliness?

its saraaaaaaaaaah~ hehee uve grown...n ur soo pretty~~ tergoda ku~ XD ooops... im not being a paedophile~ hehehee... ah wells... went into the house n look arnd... n sat in the living room...watching tv.. then asked lysa to transfer files... n there! something to do! transfer pictures... then filling lysa's survey thingie for her project about domestic waste.... wasehh really fill my time... then i raised my head n i saw.... FAM in disbelief!!!! fam nyuk laaaaaaaaaaan~~~ hahaha lama no see herrrrr... so surprised! then i ignored the girl behind her.. then when sat properly n i realised... fam nyuk waaaaaan~ wasehhhh her new hairstyle waaa... made me didn recognise her at all~ hehee lawa laa

then the two girls came!! n chatted with fam they all... haha they were shocked too lookin at both the sisters~ =)

then the hostess came by agn with the 'angelic' look~ XD

after eating n with more ppl coming into the kitchen..we moved back out to the living room n saw gloria thereeeee~ wheeeee~~ n we chatted agn n took pics...

there! me n gloria~ the last time i saw her... was in march! when in ubd the jap language & culture wk..where she was sitting at the green tea booth~ =D

gaaaaah wats her name agn??? forgot to ask for her name.. so we all just called her 'girl'! hehe i was taking pics.. then she came by n started posing in front of me...then she attracted my attention to her...n i took more pics... n since she loves to take pics so much...

we asked her to take pics with us!! we called..'girl girl~ come...take pic with che che, ok? come come girl girl~' wasehh she sooo darn friendly with everyone~ guess she loves taking pics~ hmmm..future model? =D

then... we realised... she looked like a particular someone.... THEEEERE!!! look like alicia nooo?? their baju got similar colour lagi~~ seeee?? hehee so they can pass to be siblings or mother n daughter ah?? i prefer the second idea...XD

we had so much time there...n since the hostess didn halau us.. so we just use our camwhore abit~ hehehe fish~ i think u look just nice~ but like u said...everyone has different yea... if u dislike it...u could try to do something abt it la.. but for me... advantage of ur highlight not too that ur safe to go into the government offices n stuffs la.. plus ur gona be working lady soon~ duno where u be working plang... ah wels... best of luck!

us agn~

aheeeeeeem! 'S' is here~ (hehe yea.. im not suppose to post ur pic.. n here..i did it agn =) i love u too much to not to post it waaa =D) then she had josh to come over...(finally) hahha he was shy with us ba.. he not used to be arnd us i guess...

'S' had to go sooo soon that we took pics together before she left.. naaah the official picture of the day that u approved XD (gah... noo~ dont hit meeee~~ =p)

then then... azwina n arina heeeere with their friend, zuriah~ n lysa's cuzzie liley was there~ gaaah lama no see theeeem.. we asked the usual questions such as... 'u married/engaged/got anak owedi kaaa?', 'where u work/ studies?' n stuffs la.. dig info.. keep in touch~ hahaa somehow this open house sorta became a mini gathering among sas classmates~

then annabella arrived!!! just woke up from her sleep n there she iss~ n terus join us for the photoshoot...haha n she was bangang la.. but still joined us n managed to pose~ =D after tat we went back to chatting n the aunties came n changed the channel showing the makings of histeria... it was sooo gory... blood spilling everywhereeee as in the head, inside the car, the jungle n stuffs, plu shte uniform... mcam sas uniform! but with school logo imprinted tho~ =p

then time for awin, arin n zuriah to balik~

seeing them abt to leave... we also left together with them since it was late already, around evening~ the open house was good la.. n sorry lysa for orderin u arnd for drinks..XD didnt mean to~ =) enjoyed this outing! once agn... merry xmas to all!!! and new year is coming reaaaaaal 2mrw's new year's eveeeeee!!! wheeeee cant wait for 2009!!! =D

Sunday, December 28, 2008

xmas in alicia's place!!!

fish picked me up from my place arnd 11.30 on friday... n when she saw me wearing formal.. then she remembered that we were having this 'formal' thing..n she forgot to wear formal wear la.... ah wells~ she was busy online when at alicia place.. n i got alicia to teach me the basic things of make up because i dont have much knowledge about them! if alicia didnt get me that make up set..i guess i wont bother learning..XD thanx agn alicia~ then she showered n changed into her (according to shir) 'slutty' santa costume~ XD

while waiting for the girls to come(specifically ..shir!)...we took more pics ourselves since we had interesting outfits and plenty of time~ then only to know she was coming alil later, following lysa... gaaah~

yesh pretty ssantaaa~ u are gorgeous~ XD after all those taking pics..(which we were still not bored with) we continued our unfinished movie, saw V. the ending?? gaaaaah the killer should die already at the end...!!!! sucky laaaa... got us hanging! but the movie was good...! interesting! thought finally the culprit could be caught once n for all! but but... with those twists n turns... ksian la... i guess i like the movie cuz on how it slowly 'climax' and stuffs~

after the movie... we off to play mahjong.... lama no play!! n its alright!!! fish won the most... then alicia... n i didnt win any rounds...hahaha but i like playing...=D i didn win cuz... i couldnt remember how to play on some i had to ask..n thus they know some of my tiles.. n prevented me from winning!! =p

after playing few rounds of mahjong.. we stopped because they wanted to rest...n only me semangat wana play~ XD then we waited at the veranda for the pretty ladies to come by~~ wait til alil take pics agn... hehee the pic with 3 of us... we looked retarded! XD

finally they came!!! lysa n shir!!! shir brought some of her home made cupcakes with cream cheese toppings!!! =D i have never eaten cupcakes with those toppings.. and i liked it...~ maybe cuz its shir who baked them =) thanx shir...~ my xmas pressies for them? one can of tiger beer for each~ please forgive my simple gift...but i couldnt do a proper shopping n also of my 'budget'~ n thanx for the photo frame n the mirror compact thingie from lys, the huge ring from alicia, the strawberry cake made from towel from fish n face shop nail polish from shir~~ n seriously...shir!! do i remind u of pink??? got me all 3 pink nail polishes(different shades)~~ =p

fish distributing beers for us~ but with those yummy liquors that shir brought... haha we rejected them...~ i brought mint choc bailey~ shir brought malibu n this liquor which was quite strong... so i sticked to malibu mixed with pepsi and the bailey =D

pairing pics~~ =)

we ordered two pizzas over! anrd 40 bucks...~ate til leaving one last slice which i brought it home.. we were hungry that time its better to eat then we drink... otherwise..mabuk easily...

after eating.. they chatted abt bags, makeups n stuffs... n i just listen..(interesting to listen to) but im not really into those.. or lets just say i cant afford those stuffs....thus not interested =p then they played a drinking game... which they revealed some ickie facts among us~ XD

then fish taught us 'menilik nasib' using cards... quite interesting! n shir was reallll excited! =) hmm speaking of this.. i haven try this at home! XD see when la rajin~

then a grp pic of us before we left alicia's place~ its been a very looong time we didnt have a gathering like this specially with shir! =) then fish sent me back n lysa n shir back to their place...

back home... parents still at hash.. n i took my time resting and showered late n just online~ hmm i think im getting sick

*just stay as yourself..don't ever lose youself, LcK. it is okay to be different~*

Friday, December 26, 2008

hanging out with the malauz~

(on wednesday)after we had our brunch with azlina, kenny, pratz, jas, sc, rachel and halim... we walked arnd the mall and bought some stuffs then waited for the other girls to come...n there they are! alicia, felicia and allysa!! we waited in the food court (second time sitting arnd there =p) then they had their lunch and we had some light snacks... jollibee's cheesy fries...yummy! i prefer that to kfc cheesy wedges...cuz jollibee's cheese is 'lighter' =)

lysa promoting jollibee~ n soooo nice to see u after few months time!! =D

felicia looking real smart with her smart attire~white shirt, black pants and red pointed heels(not exactly heels..sorry my 'fashion dictionary' not too good =p) n lysa just couldnt resist taking pics of her..XD n owh seems like lysa love taking lotsa pics already =)

the advantage of being in the middle... can be in the centre of attention! XD not long after prazt, jas n sc finished their food...they went back with azlina back to her place to watch dvds with the rest....~ then after the malauz finished their food... we went to check the cinema.... wanted to watch yes man... but somehow... the title,'histeria' caught felicia's attention! eyyeeeeer...lama no watch horror movies... dont dare...

posing under the red light and asked them to pose having the movie 'histeria' feel~meaning a scary look la... n erm... scary ka? O.O ah wells.. later saw mas n zanie~ was excited to see her that i forgot to compliment...her new hair!! hahaha then later on she pulled me to one side and asked me how she looked... wahhahaa kna complained i was not observant enough..(like how it happened to chee's hair...that one i really didnt know XD) sorry wa... too distracted....her new hair lawa laaa....n yea officially met her dahling =D

then walked arnd n who i saw next..... THEO!!!! hahaha lysa was like... hey is tat theo? then i saw n went over n said hi.... waseeeeeh she hugged me real tight n lama!! hahaha missed her sooo~~ n she is as hyper as ever!!! love ya babe! n hope u would have a nice permed hair the next time i see u~ =D

then we vained for abit and chit chatted... then i felt bad for her bf waiting for her... so we let her go~ XD we would see each other agn babe and we shall talk! =D merry xmas to u~~ =D

then we went to seri qlap to watch yes man... n the popcorn there nyaman =D n the movie was good!!!! real good!! it was not too over the top~ as in the acting la... n jim carrey could sing..XD i really enjoyed the movie... =D its highly recommended!!!! n rupanya tajul, baz, sam n the 2sisters were there!! so glad to see them...! if tajul didn yell my name.. i wouldnt notice..=D glad to see soo many peeps that day~

after that... we wanted to go to the communist shop and saw the dim sum restaurant just opened on that day... so we went to communist shop and quickly got what we wanted (got bangkok dangerous and the house bunny) and went to the place... wah... so blank the place.... somehow... they didn advertise enough to attract ppl over... btw.. its HALAL~ so...should be able to attract more ppl to try out their dim sums!!

we were amused with the lightings arnd the place... they used the steamer baskets to cover the light bulbs and got the environment looking 'dim sum-mey'~ cute~

the menu..quite normal as usual... n we took quite some time to look arnd the menu.. then i heard the chef conversing in cantonese then it caught my attention.. n asked him if he has this dish..n he explained it was not on the menu yet since the restaurant is new...n its consider lucky that his restaurant could be opened yeala... we chatted a lil.. then we got alil warmed up.. n thus started to pick the dishes we wanted

the chef with the helper...~ the preparation of dim sums could be seen throught the clear anyone who is curious could see them doing their 'thang'~ =)

got enough waiters and waitresses to serve us on the go~ hehe n the roasted ducks n chickens look yummy... but we didnt wana order it that time since we wanted dim sum... those are alil heavy..

while waiting... it was photo session agn...taking pics of each other~

lysa with alicia n me with felicia~

then food came! we had siu mai, the yam dumpling, the fried carrot cake, fried wanton, lo mai kai(glutinous rice with chicken), chicken leg, har gow(shrimp dumpling)...hmmm what did i miss out?

pineapple fried rice with alil of chicken floss... quite fresh... not bad la...we enjoyed this...=) overall... the rating was just average... it tastes like i have eaten it before... nothing special... but its worth to come here specially with your muslim friends and just enjoy this chinese cuisine without worrying whether there is pork inside or assured! =)

then we went to giant for awhile cuz i need to get my mom the bread she wanted...but it sold out!! @_@ then i saw lim han with yi yii and fen~ hahha we chatted happily....~~ lama no see them la... =) n han said something that he has new camera equipments... but i couldnt get to see cuz i duwan to make the malauz wait... then i rushed to the carpark only to know they went down already! haha walked arnd n balik..... towards seria highway... we then started karaoke-ing... it was fun =) thanx fish for the ride =D