Friday, December 26, 2008

hanging out with the malauz~

(on wednesday)after we had our brunch with azlina, kenny, pratz, jas, sc, rachel and halim... we walked arnd the mall and bought some stuffs then waited for the other girls to come...n there they are! alicia, felicia and allysa!! we waited in the food court (second time sitting arnd there =p) then they had their lunch and we had some light snacks... jollibee's cheesy fries...yummy! i prefer that to kfc cheesy wedges...cuz jollibee's cheese is 'lighter' =)

lysa promoting jollibee~ n soooo nice to see u after few months time!! =D

felicia looking real smart with her smart attire~white shirt, black pants and red pointed heels(not exactly heels..sorry my 'fashion dictionary' not too good =p) n lysa just couldnt resist taking pics of her..XD n owh seems like lysa love taking lotsa pics already =)

the advantage of being in the middle... can be in the centre of attention! XD not long after prazt, jas n sc finished their food...they went back with azlina back to her place to watch dvds with the rest....~ then after the malauz finished their food... we went to check the cinema.... wanted to watch yes man... but somehow... the title,'histeria' caught felicia's attention! eyyeeeeer...lama no watch horror movies... dont dare...

posing under the red light and asked them to pose having the movie 'histeria' feel~meaning a scary look la... n erm... scary ka? O.O ah wells.. later saw mas n zanie~ was excited to see her that i forgot to compliment...her new hair!! hahaha then later on she pulled me to one side and asked me how she looked... wahhahaa kna complained i was not observant enough..(like how it happened to chee's hair...that one i really didnt know XD) sorry wa... too distracted....her new hair lawa laaa....n yea officially met her dahling =D

then walked arnd n who i saw next..... THEO!!!! hahaha lysa was like... hey is tat theo? then i saw n went over n said hi.... waseeeeeh she hugged me real tight n lama!! hahaha missed her sooo~~ n she is as hyper as ever!!! love ya babe! n hope u would have a nice permed hair the next time i see u~ =D

then we vained for abit and chit chatted... then i felt bad for her bf waiting for her... so we let her go~ XD we would see each other agn babe and we shall talk! =D merry xmas to u~~ =D

then we went to seri qlap to watch yes man... n the popcorn there nyaman =D n the movie was good!!!! real good!! it was not too over the top~ as in the acting la... n jim carrey could sing..XD i really enjoyed the movie... =D its highly recommended!!!! n rupanya tajul, baz, sam n the 2sisters were there!! so glad to see them...! if tajul didn yell my name.. i wouldnt notice..=D glad to see soo many peeps that day~

after that... we wanted to go to the communist shop and saw the dim sum restaurant just opened on that day... so we went to communist shop and quickly got what we wanted (got bangkok dangerous and the house bunny) and went to the place... wah... so blank the place.... somehow... they didn advertise enough to attract ppl over... btw.. its HALAL~ so...should be able to attract more ppl to try out their dim sums!!

we were amused with the lightings arnd the place... they used the steamer baskets to cover the light bulbs and got the environment looking 'dim sum-mey'~ cute~

the menu..quite normal as usual... n we took quite some time to look arnd the menu.. then i heard the chef conversing in cantonese then it caught my attention.. n asked him if he has this dish..n he explained it was not on the menu yet since the restaurant is new...n its consider lucky that his restaurant could be opened yeala... we chatted a lil.. then we got alil warmed up.. n thus started to pick the dishes we wanted

the chef with the helper...~ the preparation of dim sums could be seen throught the clear anyone who is curious could see them doing their 'thang'~ =)

got enough waiters and waitresses to serve us on the go~ hehe n the roasted ducks n chickens look yummy... but we didnt wana order it that time since we wanted dim sum... those are alil heavy..

while waiting... it was photo session agn...taking pics of each other~

lysa with alicia n me with felicia~

then food came! we had siu mai, the yam dumpling, the fried carrot cake, fried wanton, lo mai kai(glutinous rice with chicken), chicken leg, har gow(shrimp dumpling)...hmmm what did i miss out?

pineapple fried rice with alil of chicken floss... quite fresh... not bad la...we enjoyed this...=) overall... the rating was just average... it tastes like i have eaten it before... nothing special... but its worth to come here specially with your muslim friends and just enjoy this chinese cuisine without worrying whether there is pork inside or assured! =)

then we went to giant for awhile cuz i need to get my mom the bread she wanted...but it sold out!! @_@ then i saw lim han with yi yii and fen~ hahha we chatted happily....~~ lama no see them la... =) n han said something that he has new camera equipments... but i couldnt get to see cuz i duwan to make the malauz wait... then i rushed to the carpark only to know they went down already! haha walked arnd n balik..... towards seria highway... we then started karaoke-ing... it was fun =) thanx fish for the ride =D

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