Sunday, December 14, 2008

OBBD - The Dinner

on 13.11.08~ a gathering for all the OBBD ppl~ first...of course... pose pose before going out in mas room~ =) pics taken from my camera n mas's camera... sowi some of my pics teruk... nada external flash... hehe

the venue was in saffron~ it was a buffet for 17bucks per person... apparently.. we didnt need to pay....cuz... it was already within our fees we paid i guess...~

wasehh...they had a setting for us owedi~~ it was cool looking at it.. me la.. very sakai looking.. fen booked the place n got everything ready for us.. thanx fen... u make a good organiser! n semangat too!

the menu~ kna printed lagi.. u say grand or not la! n only now..i realised.. its serving more onto like le taj's menu..but this one has been more 'westernized'~hmm is there such word? XD

we arrived quite early.. thanx to airah who drove us there~ hehe then after some time... ppl starts coming in! n actually we almost had everyone there.. but some had to leave early thus the grp pic later on..wasnt that complete~

big thanx to fen for making this really cool pic using different materials... i recognise la... from shabby chic kan?? hahaha it got airah teary .. wait ..was it dewi? haha... ah wells.. got us..'touched' nevertheless... thanx for ur hard work!

there there.. more ppl posing with that memorable picture of us during the OBBD~

the guys... with our grp's instructor, hj kassim! yaaaaaaay~ hehhehe having him there was good~ whheee...

ahh ahhh ahhH!!! we were all soooo hungry!!!!!! n waited n waited n finally our soup is here!! chicken sorbaaa~ i can remember the name... cuz well... psst.. tell u a secret... in cantonese... souba means broom~ soo it sounded like it la... souba-> sorba... i was joking with it..naming it the chicken broom..-_- *lame* hehehe

me complaaaaaain!! so small the portion!! hahaha cuz... still hungry waa.. it was kinda strange the soup.... at first..i didnt really like the tast.. but after few sips... i guess i got used to the taste... it was a lil unique... a lil.. sour, salty... n somehow... hmm... u should try for urself... try once is enough actually..XD

our main course!!!! everything in one small pallette just like that!! shocking or not???? we were all... WAAAT?? this is our buffet???? sooo SMALL!!! SO LITTLE!!!! we all grab all the food like we haven eaten for a very long a moment the food were finished... n we were alil...disappointed... hehe then someone blurted out... that we could refill.. *gasp* heaven! hahaha rupanya can refill.. btw the food was very nyaman... we love the luleh(guess it was kambing) then i personally love the mix veggies curry~ the beef was good too! i didn eat the chicken.. cuz tak sempat makan.. haha did i say the nasi briyani was good too? ehhee

we had extra food coming in! it was the fish skewer~ not bad la... nothing special... its just 'fishy'~ =P

we posing with our food~we were satisfied with our food..yuum yuum~

after the main course... we walked arnd..n take more pics... noticed this time... im in most pics?? but of course! i normally behind the camera... but now...lemme pose pose also la..after all i love posing! hahaha n surprised with az where she soo lovie dovie with chee~ envious! hahaha they baru know how long?? XD n ana~ she very the cool~ haha *wink wink*

posing with nina nadz n liyana...with ana stealing the scene~

finally the desserts arrived!!!the tart look alike is the fruit salad... it was not bad... n the tart is actually edible chocolate... but i didn like it... not really chocolatey~ so ate abis the fruit salad sja... then the medium height one is the mango pudding which was my least favourite... there was noooo mango taste at all!! it taste more like the artificial thing that made it 'pudding'... *shrugs* and lastly but not the least.. the trifle, which was the best! it was sooo yummy! that i wanted a second serving..but when someone ordered they took all three out agn.. then i was like...nvm.. i couldnt abis them~ btw the trifle... very chocolatey n there was this crunchy taste somehow... it was good la... very worthy~

this was... someone's second serving... look how the trifle kna eaten ?? n the mango pudding not touched at all? XD n the fruit salad... if u eat too much... it doesnt taste that good anymore~

time to vain agn... we were suppose to act like we had 'attitude' ~ n somehow the rest joined at the back~haha ah wells.. i love how nadz look so... hmm~ boss-alike- aura~ haha n mina with her serious...bodyguard-aura? XD n me... errr...just trying to act sexay? XD okai..its not.. i was retarded looking wawaawwaa~

*ahem* mas with the boysssssss~ wheeeee~

and more of the peeps together~~

natural models~ =D just suddenly thought of taking their pic behind those lovely partitions~

okai.. im getting too hyped up in taking pics~hehe a very candid pic of us~ airah took this if im not wrong?

uwaaaa wat u looking at??or ur trying to strangle urself? XD

az~ posing with the mango pudding... she is just so model-looking~ =) n her actions... very..girly! could get ppl attracted... no wonder she attracted chee...*sulk* @_@

ooOoOoOoo tiqah showing her matching sexay heels? n az with her matching wedges... n liyana? an extra head for deco =D wahhaha *sorry*

mas agreeing on how she really did enjoy~ haha... n btw.. we were all rajin drinking tea n coffee.. cuz we had to burn midnight oil to finish some unfinished uni work!!

mina is soo cute here~ n me... haha scared by her cuteness??!?!? X - @

tajul trying to 'scare' ppl away by standing next to the lovely lantern... a lost spirit perhaps? =P

and the photographer for the day~ let him do all the work sja... me only relax at my seat..n take pics near my seat XD

before we balik to hostel... took pic outside saffron~ a memorable outing with the peeps~

taken from fathi's facebook... our group pic... wheee~ it was real fun...specially when everybody roaming arnd the place like it was our place n vained even more! =D

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