Wednesday, December 31, 2008

bye bye 08 n hello 09~

31st December 2008

last day of 2008

new year's eve

im not too hyped up about it..

i was! but not today.. guess it's depression day for me

hmm 2008.. what have i achieved? (answers are not arranged according to importance)

-met more friends(thanx to RESCO, BJFA, OBBD~ =) n friends i just randomly meet in UBD =D)
-active in events (thanx to RESCO n BJFA~ =D)
-even more active in taking pics(around a few thousands(more than 50% are taken during events such as orientation, language and culture week, etc)...but never once i develop them -_- gah!)
-got myself a boyfriend =P and being honest with everything to him*hearts ya*
-getting more into depression! -_- (thanx and also sorry to those who could withstand my random attitude...~ thankful for u guys arnd... *psst u know who u r~)
-maintained my body weight (thank goodness!)
-better skin?(at least my skin has less pimples than before)
-trying out different places to eat for the first time (thanx to my sis, uncle, azri, lim han)
-learnt basic makeup (thanx alicia.. but would only use once in awhile....n err... see la if i rajin or not =P)
-developed eye bags!(thanx to all those late sleeping hours =/)
-listened to more english songs~ =p (what? i have been listening to japanese songs only what.. so this is considered an achievement!)
-spent the most number of hours in front of laptop in a year!! whooaa... can feel my eyes not really healthy XD
-Joined OBBD n did all the challenges! (thanx to mas for the attention of this event..n thanx for saiful for getting us a place in it! =p)
-errrrm...what other things i had done~? gaaah mental block...

hahhaa that's all for now.. the ones that got into my brain at this instant

in 2009... what do i want to do this time?

- be more active in UBD events(if there is) since i have one semester left in UBD
- hopefully able to 'fly' to UK successfully
- hope to struck rich in a sudden to support myself in overseas (XD... very not possible... =P)
- i want to know more people? =D (it depends on my mood too)
- do well in my studies...n not slack like what i did in my previous semesters *shrugs*
- dont ever procrastinate!!! gaah this has been an issue... n it has gotten worse! im losing myself to the devil...~ -_-
- be a better daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend~
- maintain my body weight.. if possible, lose weight!
- to exercise.. for real! (been stagnant in hostel life)
- make good use of time... (i love sleeping too much...=/)
- to improve myself...if possible...
- hope to be more rajin... im a very very lazy person... until i rarely watch anime!eversince i masuk UBD...-_- so if i rarely do the things i love.. what more doing the things i love less (such as... studying!!)? =p
- take better pictures
- just stay true to myself!

well there are other more things that i couldnt think of atm.. but so far.. thats it la... in a few minutes time... 2008 will end and 2009 will begin!!!! sooooooo LETS RAWK ON!!! XD

like this dude~ XD (got this pic randomly from my dad's camera... so no idea where he took this pic!! =D seems like perayaan..ah wells~)



WELCOME 2009!!!!!!

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