Saturday, January 3, 2009


this post happened during new year eve... since it was a wednesday... parents brought me to hash... n lama i dont exercise....thus... torture! XD luckily the trail was short la... could get out in 45 minutes time... but in the process.. i wanted to vomit but it was unsuccessful.. cuz before that.. ate abit of maggi mee XD

sis was otw home... but she dropped by to see how we were doing... n she first saw me.... was this pose~ =O a very mampus expression~ XD exhausted wa... plus i think the beginning i rushed too sudden...cuz under pressure wa..the uncles behind me...wana potong jalaaaan~ =p

wore baju n baju~n realised..... we all wore yellow!!! XD me n sis same baju, parents same baju... hahahha

this will and always bestie!! sighh nyamaaaan~ after a tiring hash session....!! wheeeee

hash circle... lotsa virgins that day... n did the usual 'down down' ceremony... n usual... building fire up~ chit chat randomly~then..

EAT!!!! it was...potluck day! mom made the chicken with rice with red dates n something else.. i have no idea what it could be called...its not those chicken rice la.. this is different =P my favourite dish... i think i liked the potato dish..=)

n as displayed by my dad... curry puff!!! BIG.... not bad....spicy~ =) got choc cake from supa save...which we all ate some

the firecrackers hanged by the innocent tree aka RED SNAKE~ haha they hanged it in such a way... mcam snake wa..when looked from afar...XD so after we abis makan n stuffs.... we...

lit it up! n yaaaay~~ NOISY! loud bang here n there...hehehe nice to hear... n nice to see!! XD mcam we all chinese new year already eh =p

towards to end of the 'snake'~ wahhh mcam volcano larva~ =)

next one... fireworks!!! think it shot 36 times? or was it 24 times? haha i couldnt remember.. what i remembered was... someone tried to lit it up as soon as they could and ran away from it! *dangerous waaa* hehe though we couldnt go empire n see fireworks... but this... more than enough la...=) yaaaaay! 2009!!

later on... we just continue doing our own 'thang' n chit chatted... then packed n went back home...~ gahhh tiring~

to start off 2009? i painted my nails bright pink!!! XD the nail polish given by shirley~~ =D daring la to do that XD but i dont mind trying out new things =D

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