Friday, January 16, 2009

on the 10.01.09

it was a rainy rainy day that i was still stuck on my bed til rachel called me n stuffs... got my parents to send me over to her place..n my feet wet... cuz flooding owedi.. -_- rachel n i went to orchid room waiting for lysa.. when suddenly knew last minute that the kitchen closes at 2pm so no orders!!but it was too late knowing that they dont accept orders cuz we ordered hot chinese tea for ourselves and lysa was waiting for us in jee juan.. so both of us were being so 'romantic' spending time there drinking chinese tea =) (hot eh the chinese tea...cant would be pure suicide X-() thus off we went to jee juan.. n im shocked with my kolo lao xu fen... the egg was cooked as 'bull's eye'.... wah shocked... mcam like not normal..haha i very rarely eat there wa... hmm...not bad.. but the noodle too sikit! then we finished our meal baruta rachel m. arrived... then we had our time~

and companied lysa to have her hair chopped! =) while waiting, rachel a. and m. went walking arnd the town and me with lysa..know the auntie chatted abit~

i was half chatting and half concentrating on how the girl chopped lysa's hair... its enjoyable! =D like to see how they cut waa~

after arnd 30min to 40min.... abish!! n voilaa!! shorter hair! haha lysa was complaining alil on how her hair appear to be much shorter than she wanted XD nvm... will grow back =)

before we balik... spent some time taking pics~ was my first time taking pics in the streets of kb town streets~ guess it was our first time having pics taken in the middle of the streets! haha well introducing the two rachel's'

then me n rachel a.~ checking out rachel m. 's lil pinkie bag~ ah this was the time i still had my longe rhair hehe

lysa saw her fren along the streets... then we took a pic together... i forgot what's her name..=/ sorry~

waah this sooo artistic.. hahaha showing our legs?=)

all the pics taken by rachel m.~ haha big thanx to u!!! =) haha its err very candid haha i was on the phone with my sis i guess~

*sweeto* i seemed like i loss my control n grab hold of lysa to maintain my balance... on careful observation... we were being boobies to boobies? =D

i know my camera heavy la.. only me can carry one handed like that...=D n thanx to lysa's fren who took our pic together~

then rachel sent me back.. n agn... flood flood flood~ n there was strong wind.. can u see how the tree bend in the other direction? -_-

we were in seria.. n ray was like... woow look behind us! very bright~ haaa scary in a way~

reached london saloon... first time there... cuz sis ask mom to dye her hair there... n there my mom looking like a red riding hood =p

n there i was... couldnt decide whether to cut my hair or keep it the way it is... as i was waiting... my sis terus signal the lady to snip snip my hair..-_- ah wells... dun care what hair to cut... so asked the lady to just cut anyway she like =p

hmmm cny decos arnd~ its sooo soon~ one week away~~~ hmmm i think i bought myself baju liaw~ hahaha got buy baju.. but mcam not cny baju hahaha ah wells~ dun care dun care~ XD

btw i was researching stuffs abt cosplay... i think i just gona go with normal bajus n if got props... then can consider a costume liawww! =) gaaah... back to thinking abt my project~ gaaah wat ideas for that gladiator project ahh?-_-

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