Saturday, December 29, 2007

first meeting with ashley

on saturday.. woke up extremely laaaate as usual~~ nothin much but hang around at home.... owwwh went to meet up with ashley for d first time... apparently she knows me thru roger's friendster's friends list... n she saw my blog.... then anna told her bout my blog... n somehow we got to know each other thru blog~~ cool!! bloggie frens.... check out her bloggie!! me labbie it!! hahaa i guess we r fans of each other's bloggies..~~ ^_^

met her in d billionth barrel monument arnd 4.40pm.... first time i saw her.... she was wearing red.... hahahha... when i was driving... things popped out in my head like... shoot... how i know its her..or... where will i see her... n how wud i react when i see her??? hahaha... all those thoughts la...ahhhh weellsss... we both saw each other for a brief moment... then then then... i parked my car.. n she sat next to me... we said hello... n she was like..... its my first time meetin ppl like this.... wahahahahaa we both nervous laughter~~~ wahliuu.... crazy... wat to do... we wanted to meet each other jus because of photography...~ wana take pics togetherr.... but somehow....d weather wasnt tat promising.... its was drizzling... n at times its just cloudy... we took a walk in ogdc... n chit chat...

went to d beach.... not much to take pics... there's just nooo sun!! a dull day~ hahaha but getting to know her is... just nice! ^_^.... n she even has a gift for me!! me so paise.... no get ready a first meeting gift...-_-... am sowi ashley~ but thanx for ur chocs!! n well... we both also shy shy ppl... but got tok tok la...haha n her first impression of me is.... mature...! d way i tok english is high-class like?? @_@ haha thanx~ but me very d mixed type la... huhu... n my first impression of her??? whooooaa... this is how she look like in real life?? tall....! hahaha... n her voice.... sounds like yahui.. a member of bjfa... i kinda like her voice tho... ^_^... then... her face sooo smooth!! so youuung!! hahah~ n erm erm...~~ what else?? -_-...she reminds me of anna a lil~

went to wywy yam cha n chit chat further... then took some pics!!

a nice girl.... at first i felt nervous... then after talking... i felt comfortable around her la... but still its cool~ huhuhu

didnt take much pics cuz i dun hav my digi cam wit me... was using slr takin pics... hahaha heavy-> malas to camwhore.... waaaahhhh *reasons* huhuhu
then sent her back home.... supposed to go for a party... but i knew d party gona hav looots of drinkin~ so as not to spoil my parents nyt.. i dcided not to go.. n cooked instant noodles n macaroni n ate with my sis n bro~ n watched sahara... then just my luck(sis left...leaving me n bro)... then the perfect catch~(me alone watching) til 1 am?? hahaha then sleeep~~ goshh... lama no watch any movies eh... *happy~* ^_^

Emblem Party 07

friday!!! first would like to say sowi to pratz, siew chee n azlina for not able to hang wit ya ppl~ cuz gotta help papa take pics for d big event waaa...... next week k?? sure got chance~~ ^_^

okok... now its the real deal.... emblem party 07...~ d end year party!! weeeeee~~ hahaha though im not a worker o what... but its fun~~~ ngehehehhhee~~~
i sooo love the ceiling~~~ ngaaaaah!

plenary hall of icc~ *speechless* eeEEeEEeee syg its blur... hahhaa

very d grand~~ last year was empire.. but i didn go since d space very limited.... heard its grand... but this year... definitely more luilui used~~

the menu for the night.... its totally @_@.... yummy!!!!! yummy berabis!!! need i to say more??? =D... didn get time to take pics of d food cuz i was busy... eating them~~~ =) n oowwwwh!! i drank cream of mushroom soup..~ razan's fav!!!! owwwh razan~ dun u jealous jealous of me drinking it~ =D i know u love rbc's cream of mushroom soup..X-D!!

photographers getting ready for d guests to arrive~

sis ~

me~~~ we both took turns taking pics... hahaha both very d pemalas... kept pushin each other to take pics~

eileen thien!!! hahha surprised to see her there.... apparently she is working in sks...~ huhu do ur best gal!

food~~~~ totally satisfied~~ ^_^

YMCA~ huhuuhu some dance performances~

yoyo performance... won d most popular act or something... they are talented!! did d michael jackson moves n swinging n this n that of d yoyo~~

enjoying ourselves~~ n also relaxing!

during singing time... bro n his friend gave flowers to their fren... somehow they are more excited than him??? X-)

duet singing... chinese+malay duet~ romantic~ hahaha

UWAAAA~ white light across them~

d dancers~ surprise surprise~~ neva knew wud able to see amirah n shimah here (both my ex-classmates in sas~)... as usual nancy's dancing~

after d event.... after hard work... there shud b vaining time for photographers!!!huhuhu we just loooove to take pics~

shooting here n there ... u shoot me... i shoot u back!!! papa-> eh eh eh... enough u all ah.... take so many pics for wat???'

taking down d huge curvie balloons!!!!! i was sooo excited when it was comin my way...~

i didn waste any time... n terus asked d guy whether i could hold it~~ i was so extremely happy~~~ hahaha had to use some effort to hold d tali ehh... ppl always say helium-filled-balloons will lift u up..but then nola.. i think? not enough to carry 'me' off...~~ @_@

partners in crime/ daddy.daughter know how to pose!! ah wells... i didn update much bout d party cuz there's too many pics.. mayb around a total of 1000 pics? n most r work related stuffs.. u readers wont want tat, wud u??? ^_^

HAD FUN!!! me..that is...=D

oooh!! there was d emblem party in ICC(international convention centre)... n my dad was asked to take pics n he brought me n sis to help him out.... well arrived there early... around 4... and tried to take sample shots to warm up with using the cam... and i get to fool around ~ wawawa~~ ^_^ n owwwh b4 that... went to ubd... saw d supp list... six of of seven of us eee have to retake d java programming.... ah not surprising! =)
hah! no ngam lighting...~ dim~~ huhu

try out~ but blur pic~

haaah!! am a 'very d limited type' poser...~ @_@

yesh pa.. am waiting for u to shoot~

ok..ok.. im not sure wat the heck im doing... showing sumthin?? speaking of which.... giegel gona give birth soon!! next month!!! cant wait to see~~ giegel~~ mish mish yaa! ^_^

this is when the whole event is oveeeer!! at arnd midnight.... gosh... after standing around for quite some time... time for me to loosen up!!! huhuhu

took my papa's tripod.. urm.. no.. not tripod... no three leggies there.. so should i just call it...'monopod'??? @_@... err nvm... jus call it 'kaki' sajala.... =P

when all d guests left...leaving d committee ppl n us behind~

a carnation...anybody??? haaah! still semangat~ duno y.. am still soooo high~~ pssst.. did not take any drugs o alcohol laaa....

finally.... calmed down....sigh.... i think i've vained enough~ tu-taaaah~

Friday, December 28, 2007

Tigarah- The Bizness Lyrics

okokok.... now ive updated d song featured in ma blog..... its tigarah agn~~~ hahaha i looove her unique sounds... very different from many other artists ehh.. me like~~ baa lemme post d lyrics... huhu

The Bizness

From Brazil to America, Tigarah came to Japan
In any country, this business is not that sweet
If you lose it, you're out
If you don't want to have bad luck
You have to be ready for that
Chorus 1:
If you want to stay in this game
You have to use your brain
That's what I want, I'm ready for that
I got strong soldiers on my side
And I'm not stupid too
I finally came over here, so I just have to do it
After putting together a website
A couple months later
As expected the phone was ringing
"You're awesome!"
"You're gonna be the next big star!"
"We're gonna make you a star!"
Industry people are good at talking
"But you have to change this and that…"
"It's not good enough yet…"
"Why don't you work with this guy and that guy…"
And they tried to make me do what they wanted
Chorus 2:
If you're not satisfied in your environment
You have to go change something
Action is going to change things
Having soldiers on your side is better than going alone
You can fight any crisis
I finally came over here, so I just have to do it
I'm not like one of those idols
My dad is not ready to go to court
If you want to talk business, please go to my agent in Hollywood
My manager said: "The people who you meet here, they just want to make money with you", maybe it's true
but my attourney said: "They want you so bad."
Maybe both are right
It's because I'm Tigarah!
Chorus 1 + Chorus 2

huhuuhu enjoyyy~~

Thursday, December 27, 2007

matila matila matila matila x4

ahhh...bloggin bout yesterdy n today's stuffs...(wed n thurs)...


analisa supposed to come today!!!! but she didnt.... T_T so.... thought it wud b another boring day... then mama asked me out to pay some bills.... then otw back... ak. msged if wana go jln in kb for no specific reasons... since i had nuthin to do.... myt as well go la.. but apparently.. he was owedi outside my place when i reached home... hahhaa jumped into his car n off we go to kb n round n round n round~~ wahahahhaa its not bad tho.... at least there's a driver tats willing to drive arnd n waste his fuel!! *oooOOoops sorry ak.,!! =P*

after driving n getting some stuffs from mum's bakery.. went back my place n let him online for awhile... sighhhh ksian see him kena tortured by d loss of wifi arnd his home~plus! he wana see see look look his cbox in his bloggie~ hah! and yeaaa... at d same time i let him listen to d tigarah song i just downloaded..... "Roppongi-Dori" i sooo lurve d beat... but its also annoying cuz she kept singing matila matila matilaaaaaaa @_@... n i kept telling ak... if u duwan to listen liaw just close it k??? he was uhm~~ n d song kept repeating n repeating.... uwaaaa... me d one got a lil stress...... ah wells.. lemme post d song n d lyrics for u ppl to 'enjoy'~~ huhuhuhu

(copyright Tigarah 2005)
roppongi-dori is working today too
bringing new encouters
it's about time that everybody comes here
looking for stimulation they don't find in ordinary days

a brazilian girl, matila, came tonight too
again to this street
with long thin legs and a pretty face
she's wearing cool pants and makes noise

marila, matila, matilia, matila
marila, matila, matilia, matila
marila, matila, matilia, matila
this is the story about a girl who came to this city

yes, she is the most popular model in those magazines
all the young people wanna be like her
once she walks on the street
everybody who passes by, looks at her

after the photo shooting in the studio
she chills out in a hip place
and goes to the vip party
and get some cute boy easily


this is about lucky matila, who is having fun in tokyo
but her parents work in a factory in the country side
and support their family in brazil forever
it's a strong latin relationship
their family in brazil bought bread to eat today with this money


then had to chase him out since i had to go hashin wit parents.... the hashin place was in mile 20 aka the firing range...(training place for soldiers/gurkhas) ooooh.... luckily they no trainin atm... otherwise we wud hav been shot!! @_@ n gooooosh d trail today was... errm very very 'wet'...-_-""" there was one part of d trail.... we were practically walking inside a river... n d water is up til.. below my gearbox~~ *gasp* luckily! i dun bring 'spare' wit me wa.... and was in the jungle til night... when i couldnt see anything... even with d help of a headlight... my eyes were strainin to try to avoid myself from tripping.... there was this boy... ksian wa him... always slide off o trip down cuz he used d regular sport shoes.... me d one feel pain for us... nyeeeeh~

then finally am ouuuuut!!! one n a half hours.... hmmm not bad la.... owhh we had rice with daging....with sambal n timun n halfed hard boiled egg.... nyaaaaaman!!!! got a lil kuah agn tat~ X-D!!!! i just cudn resist food with d ever licious gravy~~ *yuuum*

there were bees there... they were actually fighting each other???sigh annoying.. n one of them actually stung my dad... he terkejut la of course... luckily there's ubat for him~ =/

while d a'dults' went chatting... i was admiring d skies n playing..agn with my cam... *i soo lurve my cam!!!* there were soooo many stars tat nyt.... it was pretty~ i tried to take pics of them but i just cudn cuz not enuf light... ah wells.... took d clouds instead....

3rd consecutive night drinking... hahaa my mama d one brought this vodka ice... n gave me to drink~~ ah wells.... mind u... tho i drink.. i dun drink aLOT...

notice d moon o not??? sooo small... n no d white stuffs arent cloud.... it was d smoke from burning d egg tray to ward mosquitoes away... its useful ya know???

went back home n had a loooong nice bath.... n once again chee chee knows me best!!!! everytime...(well.. almost everytime) she caught me appearing offline!! she wud msg me... 'appear offline agn??'.... hahhahaa d only person who knows... ooOoooo stalking me...arent u??? *winks winks* (n no... im not learning d winking skills from mr winky guy) nyways... she went webbie cam wit me to shor her treasures for xmas!!! >=/ haaah! then she was like... wana see ur gift??? ooOOOoooo i have a gift???? hahahahhaa thanx chee~ *try guessing which one is mine?* hint.... -> malau....wahahaaa etaranya my hint...*

frowning chee chee~cuz it seemed as if im unhappy with my gift~ hahah nowaaaa... me labbie it to d max....~~~ (just few weeks ago... razan sent me a postcard with d picture of a ...malau ..too!! hahaha.... thanx girl!!)

ahhh...woke up late as usual..... almost noon.... hmmm continued writing my letter to razan... then had lunch and then.... went jln with ak. again... sigh wat to do... we both were uber bored!! this time he was fast!!! usually he made me wait for like half an hour or more?? -_-"" then went to soon lee n roamed around again..... ohhh yesssshh rojak!!! i was like... owhh wana eat rojak??? n ak...agreed~ hahaha lama we no eat rojak waa...

birdies waiting for their turn for food??? X-) keeeeewt~~~( still remember sir nfr8s/timun/gay daddy was sooooo excited looking a flock of them feeding on d rojak...=))

drinks arrived.... ak. is sooo into his drink......

talked too soon... now bz with his hp~he seemes soo excited o.O

aaaaahhh yummy rojak.... n one more was cucur keladi..... yummy too!!!! hahahaha

the new..'ikea-like' light post?? it was kinda weird.... i duno... its just not right liddat.... ngeeeh

was raining n raining n raining n.... ZzZzzzzzZzz... nice weather to sleep... but i slept too much!! cant sleep agn...

ooooooops! did i see ak's 'baby bumps'??? =P oooopsss sowi dear dear~ dun marah mrah yeaa? hahahhaa( my habit on calling ppl my dear dears~~)

after tat... went back to my place to let ak watch d first episode of hanakimi.... wat to do... there were loootsa cute boys there tat he myt b interested.. but i know Y will always b his... original specimen....~ huhuhu... then then then.... shir called me up!!!!!!!!!!!!! i missed tat girl soooo much.... i wanna see her face to face but apparently she is too bz... =( nicer to tok to her face to face waaaaaaa..... if phone ah.... i cant see her expression... haahhaa missed her overly exaggeratin face~ but she seemed tired over d phone too.. ksian... ah wells... after tat... we abised d 1st epi. n went to browse his blog n other blogs.... n i discovered sumthin.... huhuhuhu.... interesting!!!

p.s....-> ak..!!!! dont u b overly mean!!!! >=/ be nice la abit..gosh... =P

after a looong reading n stuffs.... time for him to go back n pack his stuffs for his trip 2mrw.... then i bathed n d aunties came to choose pics to b developed... they laugh loud...@_@ uwaaa....~~ but its alryt!!! happy atmosphere~~

somehow it lead us to drinking.... hahaha 4th consecutive night usual... minum a lil saja.... *yuuum* me love bailey~~~ (bailey-> coffee liquor) and errrrm.... nuthin much la.... ^_^


Tuesday, December 25, 2007


oooooo its xmas eve! n there's celebrations everywhere! my sis has party in bandar.. my bro in somewhere n my parents n i in kb~~~~ waaaai! ^_^

its a potluck thingy so had to prepare food~ me n mama made a dish with mashed potatoes with shopped mushrooms with tuna n mayonnaise etc etc~ n finally topped with cheese... made extra for bro too~

there u r!! =P!

reached there arnd 7.30? we were r dressed up in red with d xmas hats~ wawawaa... we still look fresh in d pic above...~

hmmmm?? ohhh yeaaa love d decor there~ different colours of light~ la-la-di-da~~

ok.... my drink!! bacardi mixed with mirinda~ me love d colour!!!! it tastes good! ^_^

my dad's red drink n my green drink... specially these two colours simply because its xmas!! but owhh dad's drink more concentrated.... me no really like~ T_T

oooops... i kinda finish more than half of it.... @_@

with d lady of d house~~ n my mama's back in d background~

preparing more food in d kitchen for d hungry ppl outside~

me labbie labbie this one! d lady of d house was in melaka when she asked for it to be customized

after bacardi... vodka!! with cool lemon o sumthing...but its not tat good... hmmm... gosh we look so drunk like tat liaw.. mama drank so much more... ermm contreau mixed wit limau kasturi...

grp picture time! this pic only d red shirts ppl in... there were more ppl.. but who ask them not to wear red?? so no pics for them!! wahahahaaha

huh?? wat wat?? owhh yeaa... b4 tat... they were like gambling n gambling(13 cards)...well... actually me oso but..... it was my papa's money tat im losing... wahahahha~ sowi sowi...~

moments after d countdown... ppl r still bz taking pics! ^_^ papa my dear dear~~ ah wells... went back arnd 12.45?

ahh its xmas...~~ fill d stocking pls? mr santa? pwetty pwetty pls??? huhu... but it was nice when... i was sleeping n suddenly my sis msged arnd 9 somethin...sayin there's pressie underneath my bed...eeee!!! labbie her~ hahaha its a plushie~ d moose like thingy ^_^ thanx sis!! ah wells... i got her a green polo t-shirt~ hope it fits... =P!

the next morning, we went to dad's colleague's place for open house... agn we all wore red! hahah semangat ppl we are~ n gosh d food was like... heavenly! hahaha masakan kpg eh... still its nice! *slurps*

unofficial family pic...~ wawawa d adorable lil kid is d colleague's child....~

she is just too PLAYFUL!! darn playful n energetic n hyper n etc etc.... running arnd n walk here n there n non stop talking... soo active!! when my dad keep taking her pics... she starts to model! haaha she luuuuuurves d cam!! haaaha cute to see her tat way la... n she no shy shy wit strangers... she gladfully welcome anybody n treat them like someone she know.... aaaaw~

d adorable kid kept them entertained~ hahahaa right hand side guy... a japanese... look at his expression! LOL!

after that.. went to my uncle's place to test drive d sport car... gosh... my hair totally messed up riding in tat car..T_T but ah wells.... uncle got new lcd!! @_@.....

so wat if i dress so red?? i can represent hotlink, 3g bmobile, airasia's colours! b proud of it!! wawawaa~~ hmmmm around 3 something.. went to supa save with ak. to buy some stuffs.... as usual... i didn buy anythin n ak. bought la... of course! huhu then balik after tat... since he had to go bandar~ aha! enough time for me to edit n upload pics~ ^_^

after parents came back from hashing n bathed.... went to nancy william's place.... n owwwh lama no go there liaw... when uncle william n papa recalled about their times when i was so young n naive n short n we usually party outside..~ haaaah! n they exagerrated how fast i grew~ @_@ -_-""

drunk ppl(dad's colleagues) ~ first pic- left-chinese, right-japanese, second pic- japanese... whoaa their english r neither good nor bad... it was ok.... jus need to concentrate a tad more to understand them......

relaxing~~ i rather sit there chatting normally... rather than going into d other private room where there's thick cigarrette smoke n more alcohol waiting...n MORE ppl gathered there... -_-" but syg d band not playing tonyt... they shud be! such good band! hahaha wat to do... conquered by looots of ppl!.... n owh owh owh!!! guess wat??? of all ppl.... met ang ang there!!! soooo unpredictable!! i was like....EEEEHHHH???? @_@ ur here??? hahaha n he was wit his normal bangang face.... hah? ... ^_^ ah wells.... a great xmas to alll!!!!!