Friday, December 28, 2007

Tigarah- The Bizness Lyrics

okokok.... now ive updated d song featured in ma blog..... its tigarah agn~~~ hahaha i looove her unique sounds... very different from many other artists ehh.. me like~~ baa lemme post d lyrics... huhu

The Bizness

From Brazil to America, Tigarah came to Japan
In any country, this business is not that sweet
If you lose it, you're out
If you don't want to have bad luck
You have to be ready for that
Chorus 1:
If you want to stay in this game
You have to use your brain
That's what I want, I'm ready for that
I got strong soldiers on my side
And I'm not stupid too
I finally came over here, so I just have to do it
After putting together a website
A couple months later
As expected the phone was ringing
"You're awesome!"
"You're gonna be the next big star!"
"We're gonna make you a star!"
Industry people are good at talking
"But you have to change this and that…"
"It's not good enough yet…"
"Why don't you work with this guy and that guy…"
And they tried to make me do what they wanted
Chorus 2:
If you're not satisfied in your environment
You have to go change something
Action is going to change things
Having soldiers on your side is better than going alone
You can fight any crisis
I finally came over here, so I just have to do it
I'm not like one of those idols
My dad is not ready to go to court
If you want to talk business, please go to my agent in Hollywood
My manager said: "The people who you meet here, they just want to make money with you", maybe it's true
but my attourney said: "They want you so bad."
Maybe both are right
It's because I'm Tigarah!
Chorus 1 + Chorus 2

huhuuhu enjoyyy~~

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