Monday, December 24, 2007


woke up quite late.. n suddenly.. got to go miri!! haha for a brief while oso... sigh
owh... tried a lil colour swap here.. but somehow i like this pic though its a lil 'course' looking feel in d sky... haah! i know..... im just very d experimental~ ah wells.. this was otw to d sg tujoh post la...

normal n common simple pic of d branches....

d clouds today r like soooooo nice!!! love them love them love them!! hahaha...

had dim sum for lunch in grand palace hotel... lama no eat~ n it was... nice!! hahahaha

when we were half abis.... there were xmas carol!! cool!!! nice!!!! i was singing along too!! hahahhaa ~

i had tat facial expression... just because! i waited for my dad to take tat perfect shot.. but err ah wells! i was tired holding d peace sign... so muram me~ bleeeh

was making a call back to hometown in w.msia... and chatted with grandparents... n agn.. while waiting... me play arnd agn~~ haha me like d foot prints~

went back around evening time... erm not much shopping... cuz time limited n too many choices n too many ppl oso... sigh... and d moon is soooo round!!! wat to do.... ystrdy was 'guo tung zhit'... erm.. chinese calender event wa! dun ask me though im chinese.. im also a lil clueless bout chinese events n stuffs...@_@ *ignorant* T_T

while waiting agn..... tried to play arnd wit lights... n i did an inverted cacat heart with d moon... yeaa for those who dun notice.... d white light at d top is actually d moon n d lights below was...d cars lights n stuffs...

oooOoooOoooo todays razan's bday!!! soooo leme dedicate a love love pic for yaaaaaa!! HAPPY BDAY RAZAN!!!!!! I LOVE U!! AISHITERU!!!! SARANGHEYO!!! WO AI NI!! AKU CINTA PADAMU!! hahahahaha waddaheck me type... huhuhu

went for dinner in tai hwa.... then balik n had tang yuan!! yaaaay!! glutinuous rice balls... but too bad.. mama malas...sono filling in d centre~~ hmm ah wells.... I LOVE MY FAMILY!!! hahaha

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