Wednesday, December 19, 2007

my new hair!

there it is!! updating bout my new hair~~


after! (took it in hostel's washroom~ huhu ) doesnt have much difference eh?? i tink tats d point of havin 'tails' in front...

look at d back!! its short..... this is like d shortest haircut ever! in i duno how many years time..... hmmmm i know...i know.... i hav 2 tails in front yea?? hahhaa d thought of shir pops out!!!! definitely she'll criticize my new hair o laugh berabis!! hahahaha *mag has one tail at d back n shir said it was evil! now i hav 2X d evil...?@_@ n my front 'unblanced' hair~ aha-ha-ha-ha*

*when i hide my tails!*


hairdresser- nice ah! u see .. i give u short hair at d back n long hair 'look' infront... very flexible!

mama- ohh it's nice! short at d back n long in front to hide a lil of ur chubby face...

dad- @_@ *looking at me for quite sum time* owh... good la cut.....*continue watching tv*

bro- =/ u cut ur hair ah?

sis- =O hah? wahh... =O wat hair is tat? can la can la u get to cut!

ak.- *looked at me* *snickers* *looked away* -> waddaheck ?? dat facial expression is definitely negative!! @_@

analisa- ahaha! owh okla... not bad also? errr mayb u go cut ur tail la...

excapade's filipino waiter- nice hair, ma'am ( in my heart....-> waddaheck? is he being sarcastic??? @_@ bleeeh huhuhu)

hmmm so far la.. d comments i got...~ ^_^

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