Friday, October 31, 2008

feature feature?

this was the preparation for the opening of the convo....a day before it laaaa~ reached here after the pmubd raya.. n the place.. was in a mess! cuz everybody rushing last min wa.. n vc was checking the place out n give comments to improve n stuffs la..

a grp painting by the 1st or 2nd year students?? sure its a biggie painting

the BJFA booth~ so banyak ppl arnd~~ hahha... sure its a bz booth~ n merry too!

i was supposedly to test my camera lens... when... i didn realise i took this! got lim han's name in chinese some more! haha *sakai* n the drawings? sorry i know how to read simple chinese only~ XD

the uber kawaii lil cat!!!! gah.. when the head tilts from one side to the other *melts* XD n the kawaii lil patung n two mature looking geisha.. haha~

*when a cow meets a giraffe* dedicate to whoo??? XD who else but mas, the cow lover and chee, the giraffee adorer*is there such word XD* hmm the sname gets in the way! XD i wonder who the snake is?

*gasp* the giraffee came to life!!! it could stand!! n got bits of the tack on one side of it visible~ haha random eh~

whoooaaa~ this is the only pic featuring a lovely girl!! hahhaa diyanaaaaa~~~ u kahwin dgn siapaaaaaa?? how can? ba... bila lanja minum? XD

OBBD grp pic!

a pic of us on the last day of OBBD!!! hahhaa sorry i haven update bout it yet.. cuz there are soooo many other events i had to update first~ so yea.... soon la.. mayb next wek sja?? but as facebook... got more than enough pics to look at~ nevertheless~ its really good! haha for my opinion la.. ah wells~ =D

pmubd raya 08!

we were totally hyped up for the event!...why u asked? cuz there's gona be foooooooood!!! food!food!food! wahhahaa...n we were *ahem* again in charge of distribution of food? sigh... do we look like we are food caretakers or something? ah wells.. nvm... it would be feeding us real well~

then...i saw irn!!! she completely transform her outfit from casual in the morning to full baju krg n tudong! phhhwwweeeeet~ never see u so 'bright' wahhaa

as usual.. the girls couldnt resist to pose~ specially jannah~ she was like erm... hahha model! hehe hikmah as usual cute n hyper! n analisa... gaaah... i want ur outfit too! i want baju kebaya... hmmm when should i get one? XD cuz i want~~

rumah terbuka! haha i really didn know the malay word for open house is rumah terbuka! hmmm buka rumah..sure sounds better off with rumah terbuka! hehe

me n analisa~ but kachik n mat noor being the extras! n they claim they made this pic 'cuter'~ XD waddawadda

i didn notice these cute lil ketupat thingie earlier on....cuz hanging on top there wa.. like wat chee says bout me... 'not ngam eye level'! XD gah i admit im not tall enuf! *duh~ its a fact..i dun mind whahaa*

jannah! hahaha i find this two pics cute... at first she was not aware tat i was taking her pic.. the next moment..she turned n was shocked! asking if i was taking her pic... indeed i was!

lia, analisa n me~ gah... this time.. never got to go to her open house... her bakso~~ ah wells.. nvm.. i ate my worth when at irn's place..just that nada the meat balls~ XD *hint hint to irn~*

boss owh boss! wat u lookin at the top there? too bored to be at the front row?

the girl in purple.. 1st yr intake.. i tink her nick name was jimmy? ok im sorry girl.. but yea... i haven pass u this pic... sorry..~ haven been seeing u arnd wa~

after some speech... time to eat!!! kuih batik~~ XD n the tapak kuda.... it was overly sweet n thick! gah.. i had the taste preset in my mind.. then when makan.. wahlaaaau... cannot ahhhh~ hehe... then the food?? i kept eating satay sja.. cuz malas take plate n eat... ah wells.. ketupat~ i didn eat it too~ hmm..

well.. tho there's free food.. there are still stalls selling food... hmm we love the kebab stall.. n the other stall otw up to library... my fav from there.... the pohpiaaaaa~ *yuum*

during the karaoke session.. i fled to chancellor hall to help set up the resco booth~ n yea... got stories la.. such as.. thinkin we were sharing with this club.. then suddenly vc complained.. this club got pissed off... n took down all their deco.. leaving us the whole booth to ourselves...but originally the whole booth was indeed belonged to us.. but we didn mind sharing ba... but ah wells.. =p.. n i stayed in chancellor hall til like... night time??? went to giant n makan n balik! went back hostel only by 10something? gosh.. didn expect it to be this late.... hehe cuz was hanging out in BJFA booth... n lucky i stayed back.. cuz got to remodify RESCO booth with ayoy~

Thursday, October 30, 2008

convo convo convooooooo!!congratsssss!~

its convocation n how cud we miss not vandalising the kain putih???? wahahhaa i mean leaving our notes n thanx n wishes n everything else ther??

here's mine in green... peace to ya all!!! n enjoy this convocation as much as u can!!!

suzy's fren drew this.. i forgot her name.. cute right?? i like i likeeeee

i have no idea who wrote this.. but its simple n impactful... laaawaaaa

lia's message.... even bigger n more impactful n colourful!! waseh catches attention eh.. hehehe syooook to write ehh..~ hmmm nxt yr... dun tink i can leave any msges there tho.. hmmm.. ahhh.. ahh wells.... happy convo! (is there even have such word... wahahhaa)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

siew chee's bday present~

one night.. she jus called us over to her room.. n we saw this humongous ....not one..but two teddies!!! wohooo sooo cute la... all from her IM peeps... hahahaha laaawaaa

the lil one.. her sis bagi.. hehehe.. the two roses frm her IM peeps too... they even compiled a book...with pics n msges for her! soooo nice!!!

her rosary... of all places she put it there... really cute laa..

the white teddy is the most famous among us.. simply tat its uberly cute!!! n it was given by a guy called sky? we were teasing her berabis!! hehehee

n look how we teased it back.. wahhaha... totally adorable.. n sowi for censoring someone's eyes.. hahhaa... the main character is the teddie waaa~ xD

Monday, October 27, 2008

halloween day~

it was on 11.10.08, we celebrated halloween in advance held by KBH4... in labi as usual... n we parked the car outside n had to walk into the site la... then we passed the tree trunk..where they kinda deco it? but i dun tink many ppl would notice it =P

the trail leading to the site... got put minyak tanah along the way tat when night.. they light up..n ta-daaah romantic light~ XD

the site... got built up this tall thingie thing for fire lagi!! mcam worshipping ah~ hahaha but cool la...

i was up this hill where they build up tents to overnight so that they wont need to drive back when drunk...~ steady lagi they made a lil trail just in case if raining n the rain flow through the lil 'longkang'

the baju for the day!! hehe i tink its cute..but ksian the latecomers... they either have no shirt of their size(specially for ladies... oversized shirts left) or abis stock... hmm... ~

the guys... dragging draggin n pulling pulling stuffs...

tadah! its a generator~ rajin they all... they even hired this dj or someone from bandar n that night...the music was totally loooooud~ basaaaar~ thus syok! hehehe

ppl dressing up for the part..specially this guy.. his makeup done by his kid... hehe cute... n notice the black spider? he was scaring anyone who passed by him~ hehe.. n my dad.. pakai the hat sja... hehe

got disco light lagi! n the headmistress cooked the whole buffet for everyone! her food....spicy n nyamaaan!

the headmaster! waseh... he specially bought the skull kain n asked tailor to jahit la.. n he bought the black pirate thingy with the hat... cheers to him!

then suddenly...we saw even higher competition!! more creative la.. some of them.. this was after our run....

we started going in at 6pm... n me, my mom n other ladies... were the second grp in where the first grp was the guys... then.. since one hand holding my digi cam n another holding my headlight(tak biasa put on top of my forehead)..i didn touch any tree branches n stuffs... n surprise surprise! the committee added slimy glueey stuffs on n red colour lagi.... then along the way... ppl jump out n tried to scare us.. but not me... i was like.. using the headlamp n flashed them n greeted them! one of them ksian eh.. tried to scare but terjatuh n messed himself up(the floor was yea...=p) n one of them.. a plastic snake on tree trunk.. haha enjoyable laa...but shicking at times.. but there was this dude who kept throwing the mini fire cracker to the ground..n always kna nearby my dad's leg.. luckily nuthin terrible happen... n then n then... towards the end of the trail... they offered a shot of vodka...i rejected..of course! i dont want to pengsan inside the jungle ahh~

the party is on!!! n errrm.. i duno wat to say bout this ehh.... they seemed soo.. haha tired? hmm fun nevertheless~

after resting, eating, mingling, hash circle n dancing n dancing.. its game time!!!! this is the condom game~ where the 'daring' guy would stretch a good quality condom using his two hands n put it into his head, just right under the nose~

n try to blow the condom til it burst! n again.. good quality condom... not easily break~so u could see the long weird translucent tube above the guy's head.. n at burst! wahhaha u tink its easy? i think it could make u out of breath eh...but yeala.. not many played this...cuz the thought of putting a 'condom' on ur head....its no funny thing eh...-_- it would take more than guts to do it! XD

another game.... a group of four... who finish the beers first...are the winners la...n the prize?? more beers! =P

time to dance again! this time... the workers warmed up n began dancing together....! n they were doing the hindu style dancing??(didnt mean to sound racist here~ =P) n yea... the point was everyone should have fun sja! XD

well.. i couldnt resist but to drag my mom n myself to dance also! wahhaa random dancing eh.. i myself duno how to dance... dad.... was malas ... he mcam duwan to dance.. but he did! hehe we should loosen up once in awhile.. but mine... i was still able to keep my top! =) nada strip la... i myself takut kaliahh~ wahaha

dad was smoking at this moment while he took this pic... hehe... cool looking? specially with the tall dude with his fake hair dancing like that kan? =D overall... one nice event!