Saturday, October 18, 2008


from 18th til 20th october... i would be in temburong joining the OBBD with other 31 ubd students.... inclusing mas n yen chee!!! =D would be taking pics...IF ada enough battery~ wahahha well just another random post for random viewing~ ok wat me toking...hehe

this was one of the times when i couldnt get any inspiration to do any work at home(aka lazy).. i was holding my semiconductor notes... then went to the kitchen..n saw this brownie mix.. i terus abandon my notes n start taking the utensils out~

very easy... just water, veggie oil and 2 eggs..but i added 3 eggs instead... to get it a more cake-y feel~ (haha yea its spose to be brownie, the crunchy ccrunchy style...but dunola.. i ikut mood wa)

and stir stir... a lil more watery cuz got extra egg...ah wells.. split into 2 pans, one rectangular and one round~

bake it until its dry-to check it.. use toothpick n poke it.. if it comes out clean then its ready to be taken out! if its not clean... bake further... i didn put high temperature tho.. a lil mild la.. but time taken to bake is longer la.. haha i dun folo the baking instructions wa... just do watever sja.. haha..

tadaaah~ the inside is alil like cake but the top is crunchy like brownie~ hehhee nyaman~ n my bro the number one customer la.. makan sja~ =p hmmmm i wana try baking the chocolate lava cake!!! where i saw from here!! wohooo... looks good~ hmmm no dark choc at home... =( nid to buy....but not anytime soon~ hmm~

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