Friday, October 31, 2008

feature feature?

this was the preparation for the opening of the convo....a day before it laaaa~ reached here after the pmubd raya.. n the place.. was in a mess! cuz everybody rushing last min wa.. n vc was checking the place out n give comments to improve n stuffs la..

a grp painting by the 1st or 2nd year students?? sure its a biggie painting

the BJFA booth~ so banyak ppl arnd~~ hahha... sure its a bz booth~ n merry too!

i was supposedly to test my camera lens... when... i didn realise i took this! got lim han's name in chinese some more! haha *sakai* n the drawings? sorry i know how to read simple chinese only~ XD

the uber kawaii lil cat!!!! gah.. when the head tilts from one side to the other *melts* XD n the kawaii lil patung n two mature looking geisha.. haha~

*when a cow meets a giraffe* dedicate to whoo??? XD who else but mas, the cow lover and chee, the giraffee adorer*is there such word XD* hmm the sname gets in the way! XD i wonder who the snake is?

*gasp* the giraffee came to life!!! it could stand!! n got bits of the tack on one side of it visible~ haha random eh~

whoooaaa~ this is the only pic featuring a lovely girl!! hahhaa diyanaaaaa~~~ u kahwin dgn siapaaaaaa?? how can? ba... bila lanja minum? XD

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