Monday, October 27, 2008

halloween day~

it was on 11.10.08, we celebrated halloween in advance held by KBH4... in labi as usual... n we parked the car outside n had to walk into the site la... then we passed the tree trunk..where they kinda deco it? but i dun tink many ppl would notice it =P

the trail leading to the site... got put minyak tanah along the way tat when night.. they light up..n ta-daaah romantic light~ XD

the site... got built up this tall thingie thing for fire lagi!! mcam worshipping ah~ hahaha but cool la...

i was up this hill where they build up tents to overnight so that they wont need to drive back when drunk...~ steady lagi they made a lil trail just in case if raining n the rain flow through the lil 'longkang'

the baju for the day!! hehe i tink its cute..but ksian the latecomers... they either have no shirt of their size(specially for ladies... oversized shirts left) or abis stock... hmm... ~

the guys... dragging draggin n pulling pulling stuffs...

tadah! its a generator~ rajin they all... they even hired this dj or someone from bandar n that night...the music was totally loooooud~ basaaaar~ thus syok! hehehe

ppl dressing up for the part..specially this guy.. his makeup done by his kid... hehe cute... n notice the black spider? he was scaring anyone who passed by him~ hehe.. n my dad.. pakai the hat sja... hehe

got disco light lagi! n the headmistress cooked the whole buffet for everyone! her food....spicy n nyamaaan!

the headmaster! waseh... he specially bought the skull kain n asked tailor to jahit la.. n he bought the black pirate thingy with the hat... cheers to him!

then suddenly...we saw even higher competition!! more creative la.. some of them.. this was after our run....

we started going in at 6pm... n me, my mom n other ladies... were the second grp in where the first grp was the guys... then.. since one hand holding my digi cam n another holding my headlight(tak biasa put on top of my forehead)..i didn touch any tree branches n stuffs... n surprise surprise! the committee added slimy glueey stuffs on n red colour lagi.... then along the way... ppl jump out n tried to scare us.. but not me... i was like.. using the headlamp n flashed them n greeted them! one of them ksian eh.. tried to scare but terjatuh n messed himself up(the floor was yea...=p) n one of them.. a plastic snake on tree trunk.. haha enjoyable laa...but shicking at times.. but there was this dude who kept throwing the mini fire cracker to the ground..n always kna nearby my dad's leg.. luckily nuthin terrible happen... n then n then... towards the end of the trail... they offered a shot of vodka...i rejected..of course! i dont want to pengsan inside the jungle ahh~

the party is on!!! n errrm.. i duno wat to say bout this ehh.... they seemed soo.. haha tired? hmm fun nevertheless~

after resting, eating, mingling, hash circle n dancing n dancing.. its game time!!!! this is the condom game~ where the 'daring' guy would stretch a good quality condom using his two hands n put it into his head, just right under the nose~

n try to blow the condom til it burst! n again.. good quality condom... not easily break~so u could see the long weird translucent tube above the guy's head.. n at burst! wahhaha u tink its easy? i think it could make u out of breath eh...but yeala.. not many played this...cuz the thought of putting a 'condom' on ur head....its no funny thing eh...-_- it would take more than guts to do it! XD

another game.... a group of four... who finish the beers first...are the winners la...n the prize?? more beers! =P

time to dance again! this time... the workers warmed up n began dancing together....! n they were doing the hindu style dancing??(didnt mean to sound racist here~ =P) n yea... the point was everyone should have fun sja! XD

well.. i couldnt resist but to drag my mom n myself to dance also! wahhaa random dancing eh.. i myself duno how to dance... dad.... was malas ... he mcam duwan to dance.. but he did! hehe we should loosen up once in awhile.. but mine... i was still able to keep my top! =) nada strip la... i myself takut kaliahh~ wahaha

dad was smoking at this moment while he took this pic... hehe... cool looking? specially with the tall dude with his fake hair dancing like that kan? =D overall... one nice event!

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