Sunday, October 5, 2008

no more holiday!

ahhh last day of holiday~~ 2mrw continue sem3!!! X-( what have i done so far in this holiday?? well just and eat(gained a lil agn)... updating blog..webcamming... hanged with alicia twice? both for awhile sja.. hehee we watched 'mirrors' together but not til the end cuz she had to go watched with bro.. the movie okokla... not that scary..but got shocked at times!! n those gruesome killing...=( ah wells.. enjoyed our outings...hehe n what else? been struggling to do my report... n at least abis!! wheeeee!! hmmm wish me all the best in my studies sjala.. cuz i realised ive been slackin n slacking n now totally lazy~ (as usual) ah wells.... lemmeseewaticando~

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