Wednesday, October 8, 2008

crappy service

this is what we learn in telecommunication~ lol! drawings contributed by chee n shan~

whooa shaaan~ ada apa? =D this was on a thursday b4 the mid sem break started... the girls had a craving to go got liang to bring us over there~

n he still shy to take any picss!!! i wana promote u waa....~ y u duwan?

we took our orders... n yea the waitress was taking orders n in break she was singing then taking our orders down agn~ then waited for them..

girls getting impatient owedi... irn now playin imaginary piano~~ n chee looking at her..

then me n shan mcam wanted to folo!! put our hands on the table~ hahaha we were bored wa... our drinks took ages to come when there was only one or two customers arnd!!!

then no more play piano..cuz bored liaw.. even liang was bored that he take pics of us liaw~

see what i mean?? he took our hp n took a pic~

then our drinks came!! n still he wanted to take pic.. n this.. promoting uni of glasgow..=P

there there our tall drinks!! choc milkshake...nyaaaaaaman!!! hhehee but ksian shan's drink.. a latte... n it never came til before we left! it was so uncalled for! service that day really crappy la.... shan specially was unhappy bout it=/

our food here... hot dog, salmon sandwich, chicken tuna sandwich, fish and chips, black pepper beef with rice and the last pic was..a pic of liang's plate of unfinished salad.. he salad dressing..inda nyaman.. ehhe

i was eating chips..from irn's~ well shan didn abis her meal cuz it was salty! n actually tat day not a good day for her lor... she ordered the rice then asked the waitress if she cud cancel it and ordered breadstick crumbs or something.. n the waitress nodded her head n she continued singing! then when we saw the rice.. we tot the waitress didn hear shan's request la.. then not long after.. shan's second order came! absurb ehh~ then we really bomb la.. but the waitress was like... 'but we made it already...' we-> no, we duwan it. waitress-> u could take away~ we-> nono..~ =P! she think we really rich kids isit? asked us to takeaway lagi..~ sorry la... u didn serve us customers right... ah wells.~=p

then we rushed back for our class at2! luckily sempat! cuz coffeezone really slooow in serving us... but cant deny that their drinks are good... ah wells...=/

irn u trying to be so innocent!! a min before u were 'doing something else with ur lappie'!! then when i took out my digi cam.. u switched back to ur work... hahaha

naaah.. im really doing my work kaliah irn~ u cudn catch me too~ XD

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