Sunday, October 12, 2008

30th anniversary~

tadaaaah!! my dad's gift for mom on their 30th anniversary this month~ hehe gold n silver ring and also necklace..... n one necklace for me too! it was my 21 bday gift..i tot they wud gimme a 'key' to mark my independence..suddenly mom said...nah its not the 'in' thing liaw~ i still wan tho~ =/ ah wells~

there it is... my necklace(4 strands of gold n silver) mom was 6 strands~ hehe well..i dun biasa wear this kind of necklace..but still..a gift..hehe thanx 'lou dau'(old dad) and 'ma ji'(mom)

celebrated their anniversary at jolene restaurant in kb... cuz dad wanted it there...'old place' to eat wa.. so here we pose pose~~gah i look fat~ hahha~ not sitting properly i guess~ wawawa~ but no other terpaksa put tat in loor~ =p

first of all... its the fish maw soup... n darn it was a turn off!! disappointed! it was filled with 'fishy' smell.. clearly showed that the fish maw wasnt treated properly.. they might have left it at room temperature too long that got smell.. we complained n they say 'it's like this one..' and we said its smell quite strong..'she was like.. saying' even our regular customers never complain' -_- then i replied'maybe they dont dare to complain!' then in my heart i was thinking(if its that good..sure got new faces in the restaurant la...mana will got only regular customers sja? *dun mind me... i was feeling a lil crappy~*) then she was like...'cant do anything... so how?' dad was like.. 'nvmla..its ok..' hmm~ ended up put more vinegar lor.. but mom didn drink it at all..

then we had deer meat- tender but not enuf flavour, chicken(cooked in i-duno-wat-its-called-way) - it was the best dish of the night la.. nice..., butter prawn - not enuf flavour too.. i guess its good la... it over salty we dun like also! hehe so add soy sauce sjalor..., then sayur..-normal dish.... nevertheless we got to eat all of them la.. then there was a dessert~ not bad.... n overall it costs about 80bucks... hmmm ah wells..~ might not go there anytime soon.. we shall hunt for other place to eat..=p

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