Monday, October 13, 2008

bday bday~

HAPPY BDAY TO AH LIANG!!!! on the 13th of october~ hahaha keep cool ah!!! dont u go mental mental n datang period most the time..tho we educate u lots bout it~ XD well wat to say... thanx for sorta 'pushing' me at times... n errrm dunola.. tho sumtimes i get annoyed with u.. but its okla~ wat to do.. u amuse us at times XD hehehe syg u ahh~

HAPPY BDAY TO SOL aka TUI! on the 14th of october.. the youngest among the EEE 07 batch!!! wahahhaa u ah... always follow oz decisions~ sigh.. tumbuk u later then u know~ haah~ n soccer lover... his confidence would be out whenever he play soccer or ping pong~ hehe sometimes u gila also~ hehee duno u.. nonsense boy ah!! =D

weeeeell wish u both all the best ahh~~~ get gf soon? =D

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