Tuesday, October 14, 2008

mi loves~

woohhhooo~~ im here to declare my love for aya kato's art~~~ soo lawaaaaa~~ u can check her websites at google laa... but in here... u'll see some of her works.... but her official webpage is here...~

this is the illustrations she did for the valentines 07...for chocolates!!! lawaa~ i want~

this is too illustrations for valentines 08 for chocolate ...sigh... i have no words to describe eh~ haha enjoy the art urself..~

this is illustration for the first album of Japanese electronic duo 'suilen'~ hehehe i like i like.. hmm the songs.. some okokla... well check them out in their myspace~

this one... hehehe her art is used in many ways... skins for ipod la.. psp la..~ hehehe cool~~ then i saw the video clip she illustrated- tori amos - sleeps with butterflies~

so pretty~ n it took a few times for me to fall for her song.. haha lawa eh~ ah wells.. might not 'work' for some ppl~

then from there... i hunt for her other songs! n i love 'spark' and 'a sorta fairytale'~ not sure of her other songs.. i have yet to explore =D

video clip for spark

i love this video.. it seems sad...it meant a lot for her i guess.. it was about her miscarriage... and that.. towards the end of the video was a depressing... something like other ppl dont care about other ppl's problems... they mind their own business ya know? well its reality~ its kind of my style too~ in certain situations la... so we have to know when to care and when not to... ah wells.. see the video for urself laaa~ n psst.. got one part of the video she wrote 'skeeter' it was the supposedly name for her unborn baby... so yea.. jus a pc of info

video clip for a sorta fairytale~

hahhaa definitely the weirdest video clip ive seen... but its a nice one! n adrien brody is there... he look so... XD i duno y.. i find him handsome tho~ hehehe see la for urself~

hmm.. her lyrics...actually i dun really get it~ haaaah~ n i dare to post about it eh~ sigh... but i like... what can i doooo?? hahhaa ah wells... her videos here is a must watch!! o else i wont post them up maa~ right? =) enjoy~

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